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  1. J

    Dunlin ? South of France

    Hello, Is this a Dunlin amongst the Grey Plovers ? With the rufous upperparts and black belly.
  2. J

    Warblers, South of France

    Hello, Still struggling with this kind of warblers...Are these just all Reed Warblers ? Seen on september 2nd. 1-2) Same bird 3-4) Same bird
  3. J

    Shelduck ?

    Hello, Is this a Shelduck ? Seen in the south of France on september 2nd.
  4. J

    Bar or Blacl Tailed Godwit ? South of France

    Hello, My first encounter with godwits. 1 and 2 are two different birds. Third picture shows both of them. Seems like I can see a black and white tail, and the tibia are somewhat long. But the strong supercilium of one of the bird bothers me.
  5. J

    Skylark or Woodlark ? South of France

    Hello, These larks were seen in the south of France on september 1st. I know they have different tail length but I can't really assess that.. 1-2) Same bird. Skylark ? 3-4-5) Same flock. Seems like I can see the pale-dark-pale patter, leading to Woodlark ?
  6. J

    Raptors, south of France

    Hello, Two raptors seen in the south of France on september 5th. 1-2) Montagu's Harrier ? 3) Really crappy photo...Is it possible to give id just based on shape ? This bird was seen in Les Alpilles.
  7. J

    Terns, South of France

    Hello, Some Terns from the South of France (Camargue) seen on august 31st. 1) Black or Whiskered Tern ? 2) Common Tern ? 3) Common Tern ? 4) Whiskered Tern ?
  8. J

    Waders, South of France

    Hello everyone, More waders from the south of France (Camargue) seen on august 31st. 1) Grey Plover ? 2)2 Greenshanks with different postures ? 3) 2 Wood Sandpipers ? 4) Marsh Sandpiper ?
  9. J

    Sanderlings ? South of France

    Hello everyone, I am back from a birding trip in Camarge, South of France, and I'll have quit some ID request for you as it was my first experience with waders and shore birds. Sarting with this small waders seen on August 30th. I feel like their are all Sanderlings based on bill length, but...
  10. J

    Which Pipit ? (South of France)

    Hello, Bird seen in the south of France (Camargue) on August 30th. Most common is Tawny Pipit (Richard's more rare). Dark loral stripe seems weak. Could the bill shape be of any use to id ?
  11. J


    Hello, Bird seen in the south of France (Camargue) on August 30th. Pale median crown stripe + shape of bill = Whimbrel ?
  12. J

    Siberian Chiffchaff ?

    Hello, This bird was seen on 29/03 this year in France (Doubs, 25) near water. Unfortunately the bird was silent. Is it still possible to say if it is a Siberian Chiffcahff or not ?
  13. J

    Mysterious sound

    Hello everyone, In the attached audio file you can hear a strange sound at 00:05 and 00:16. I don't even know if it's a bird or even an animal. The recording was made in France (Doubs (25)) on June the first this year, at 6pm. Alt approx 1000m. The sound was coming from a wood pile in a field.
  14. J

    Reed or Marsh Warbler (pictures and recordings)

    Hello everyone, I am not used to these birds so I come here for advice. These 3 birds (Bird01/02/03) where seen at different locations, but all in France (Doubs), in may. There were not in reed beds but in bushes not far from water. They were calling/singing while moving within the bush. 1)...
  15. J

    Tanzania, Rattling Cisticola?

    Hey everyone, Bird seen in northern Serengeti. Is this a Rattling Cisticola?
  16. J

    Tanzania, Zanzibar

    Hey everyone, Two birds seen in Zanzibar on the 25/08/19. 1) Purple Banded Sunbird ? 2) Which Tern is that ? Julien
  17. J

    Tanzania, Serengeti NP 2

    Hey everyone, More birds seen in the northern part of Serengeti NP. Still struggling with larks/pipits... 1-2) ?? 3) Rufous Naped Lark ? 4) Grassland Pipit ? 5) Tree Pipit ? Thanks !
  18. J

    Tanzania, Serengeti NP

    Hey everyone, Birds seen in the northern part of the Serengeti NP (close to the Mara River) on the 20/08/19. 1) Pale morph Tawny Eagle (vertical nostril) ? 2) Wahlberg's Eagle (round nostrill) ? 3) Long Tailed Cisticola ? 4-5) Imm. Eastern or Dark Chanting Goshawk ? Imm. are supposed to...
  19. J

    Tanzania, Lake Manyara

    Hey everyone, These birds were seen in the Lake Manyara NP on the 17/08/19. 1) African Grey or Pale Flycatcher ? 2) Grassland Pipit ? 3) African Grey or Pale Flycatcher ? 4) Can't really see the mantle with this angle but Red Billed Firefinch ? Thanks !
  20. J

    Tanzania, Grumeti Hills

    Hey all, Birds seen in Grumeti Hills (north Serengeti) on the 20/08/19. 1) Rock Loving Cisticola ? 2) Martin sp ? 3) Square Tailed Nightjar ? 4) White Headed or Speckled Mousebird ? I know White Headed is supposed to havepale bill but this heavy black mask is throwing me off 5) Bearded...
  21. J

    Tanzania, Serengeti NP

    Hey all, Birds seen in the south of Serengeti NP on the 19/08/19. 1,2) Well streaked underparts and spotted wings points toward Cardinal Woodpecker. But the crown going from red to black on the bottom bird from the first pic is bothering me. 3) Marico Sunbird ? Julien
  22. J

    Tanzanie, Ngorongoro NP

    Hey all, These birds where seen in the Ngorongoro NP on the 18/08/19. 1) Rattling Cisticola ? 2) another Cisticola sp 3) Rose Breasted Longclaw ? 4) Female Lesser Masked or Speke's Weaver ? 5) ?
  23. J

    Tanzania, Marera Village

    Hey all, These birds were seen at Marera Village (alt approx 1400m). 1,2) Immature Grey Capped Social Weaver ? 3) ? Julien
  24. J

    Tanzania, Lake Burunge Lodge

    Hey all, This bird was seen at Lake Burunge Tented Lodge (alt 1000m). I am thinking of a female quelea/bishop/widowbird but I don't know which one.. Julien
  25. J

    Tanzania, Tarangire NP, Raptors

    Hello everyone, Birds seen in the Tarangire NP on the 15/08/19 1,2) Barrings on tail makes me think of Steppe Eagle but dates and short gap don't match 3) Tawny ? 4) ? 5) This one looks smaller, Wahlberg's ?