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  1. Tully

    Glossy starlings in Gambia in March

    Having difficulty with my Glossy Starlings from the road to Tendaba in the Gambia in March. Thought Purple on this one Thanks
  2. Tully

    Gambia 9th -16th March 2017 Guide Ebou Barry

    Trip Report by Mate and Fellow Traveller Garry Wilkinson "Hello Bottles" This may seem like a strange title for a report on our field trip to Gambia 9th March- 16th March 2017 but the reason for it will become clear. Trip participants were Nigel Moore, Martin McClenaghan,William Smiton and...
  3. Tully

    LBJ near Tendaba, Gambia

    Help needed to ID this small bird seen by a friend near Tendaba, Gambia last week. It was skulking in the scrub. Robin sized with a pale eyering. Sorry about pic quality. Behaved like a Robin and reminded him of a Red breasted flycatcher. Thanks
  4. Tully

    Canon repair

    Has anyone any experience of a company called CPES who do camera and lens repair. My insurance company want to send by damaged 500 f4 to them to fix. I'm very uncertain of not using a Canon Authorised Repairer.
  5. Tully

    Warbler Mallorca late July

    Found this warbler at the dam end of the Cuber reservoir a couple of weeks ago (late July) near the refuge. Tending towards a female Moltoni's Warbler. Views please. Thanks
  6. Tully

    Wader on shore of L Neagh N Ireland

    Waders not my strong point. Probably something straightforward but wondering about Pec Sand. Taken this evening. Sorry about pic quality
  7. Tully

    Birds in French Alps

    Any birding skiiers out there. Over the years have had Snowfinch, Alpine Chough, Alpine Accentor, Citril Finch and even a Golden Eagle when skiing. Heading to La Plagne at the end of the month and wondering if anyone has any local info of what might be found there. Cheers
  8. Tully

    Israel, Kfar Ruppin pt 2

    Confirmation please. Taken last week around Kfar Ruppin 2 Willow warbler 1. Isabelline Wheatear Thanks
  9. Tully

    Israel, Kfar Ruppin ringing station

    Need help with these taken last week at or around Kfar Ruppin 1& 2 I make a shrike but which. 3 possibly eastern stonechat? Thanks
  10. Tully

    Transporting a 500 f4

    How do you users of large lenses such as the 500f4 carry your lenses with other equipment. Can you get it into anything which will carry other stuff such as bodies and still travel as carry on handluggage for air travel
  11. Tully

    Holub's Golden Weaver

    Having had the ID of this one confirmed it might be useful in the database as there don't seem to be any other pics. You can choose from three. They were taken in the garden of the Fairview hotel, in Nairobi, Kenya Cheers
  12. Tully

    Grey-crested Helmetshrike

    I haven't been able to find a pic of this one on the Database. Probably spelling something wrong. Here is one I took at Nakuru, Kenya in July that I wanted to compare with something. Maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong Cheers
  13. Tully

    Amboseli Kenya

    These were taken in early July in Amboseli. The best attempt I can make without any great confidence would be Two-banded Courser. Any help would be appreciated Cheers
  14. Tully

    Kenyan Weavers2

    Another couple from garden of Fairview Hotel in Nairobi in early July My attempt for 1,2,3 Holub's Golden Weaver Am stumped for 4&5 Help required Cheers
  15. Tully

    Kenyan Weavers 1

    Need a little help to ID / confirm some weaver species found in the garden of the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi in early July. For 1 and 2 suggest Baglafecht Weaver race reichenowi male For 3&4 same species female Thanks
  16. Tully

    Virginia Thrush

    Having difficulty making much headway on this one. Possibly Hermit thrush but no real conviction. Taken in June in Virginia Sorry about pic quality Cheers
  17. Tully

    Northern Mocking Bird?

    I have put this one down as a Northern Mockingbird but I am worried by the end of the tail on the first pic. Maybe it is just the angle of the photo. Any thoughts? Thanks Sorry, taken in Virginia in June
  18. Tully

    Help with Kenyan bird

    The lighting may be a bit off on these. Possibly a Lourie of some sort. Taken in Kenya in August Thanks
  19. Tully

    Sparrows in Virginia

    Help required with the ID of these two sparrows taken in June in Virginia Thanks
  20. Tully

    Virginia Queries

    Help to ID the attached 2 birds seen in early June at the State Arboretum in Virginia would be greatly appreciated. My effort would be Cactus Wren for the first two pics and Eastern Wood Peewee for the other Thanks
  21. Tully

    ID on bird in Virginia

    Hi folks, I was sorting through some pics and I found the attached poor specimens. Sorry for the quality. They were taken in some woodland close to a pond behind the motel in Luray Virginia,in early June I do not remember much about the bird I'm afraid. My best shot at present is a Gray Catbird...
  22. Tully

    ID Query

    This bird was on a bush near the waters edge at the Barmouth river estuary in N Ireland. There was a Sedge Warbler singing in a bush slightly earlier. Could this be it? Thanks
  23. Tully

    Help with LBJ

    This little one was in our garden yesterday. I suspect it might be a young Dunnock. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  24. Tully

    Pipit Help

    Hi I am looking confirmation of my Id of the attached pics. They were taken at Portmuck harbour. The birds were flying back and forth between the shore and the fields behind. My Id is plumping for Rock Pipit due to dark legs and darker plumage. However, the light can do funny things, so help...
  25. Tully

    Little Yellow Job in Kenya

    Saw this at the edge of our camp just outside the Masai Mara in Kenya in August. My limited literature and ID skills suggest Yellow Canary. Any help would be appreciated Thanks