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  1. Swissboy

    Leica APO Televid 77

    Aside from the weight (also an issue with age), my main problem was insufficient eye relief with the zoom ocular. I am forced to use my eyeglasses when using optics, so as my eyes deteriorated, the problem became worse. However, I recently had a chance to use the scope's smaller 62mm sibling...
  2. Swissboy

    Your favorite books of 2021

    Quoting from the Lynx website: Taxonomy The field guides in the collection all follow the same design, in order to facilitate their use, and this homogeneity includes the taxonomy, which is that of the HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. To give more...
  3. Swissboy

    Birding around El Calafate late December

    We had to postpone this trip as the main purpose was a cruise to Antarctica, and all such activities had been cancelled. However, we managed to get on one of the first such cruises with our ship from Oceanwide Expeditions leaving Ushuaia on 26 November 2021. As I had planned all around the...
  4. Swissboy

    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    First time I chose to use that option. It is just a waste of time going through all of that nonsense. Being gone for several weeks, mostly with no access to the internet, makes me now more aware of how much time can be wasted due to compulsive writers.
  5. Swissboy

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    It was definitely a great tour, yes. As for doing a write-up or showing some pics, that is open at the moment. I must add that getting some nice BIF pictures was one of the goals, but by far not the only one. I'm presently going through around 15'000 pictures! The reason being, I was mostly...
  6. Swissboy

    CL Curio 7x21: protection for apparent metal

    I also try to do improvements to my personal needs if I see a solution. Only, sometimes, the potential resale value is neglected. I think you have done a very good job. I guess, you should have chosen a slightly different heading for this thread, though. Actually, not the protection for the...
  7. Swissboy

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    I have just come back from a 38 days trip to Antarctica and Argentina. I had specifically bought the RX10IV for this trip for BIFs from the ship, plus trying it on hummingbirds in the Jardin de los Picaflores in Iguazú. Have not been able to evaluate all the results, but two basic points seem...
  8. Swissboy

    All the birds of the world

    That's what was to be expected! Unless they would have commissioned some extras. But the additional costs would hardly be covered by the low selling price of this book.
  9. Swissboy

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    One point that might have caused it to go: Birds are often startled by fast movements. And from my own experience, I know I'm less careful with my movements after the pictures than before. So maybe you put that camera down just that little bit too fast?
  10. Swissboy

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    What ISO setting did you use? Bird came out really well. Very nice that you provided both the original and the somewhat sharpened crop.
  11. Swissboy

    All the birds of the world

    Extinct species are illustrated, except for those that are only known from fossils or from bones only.
  12. Swissboy

    just curious : re Nikon Fieldscope II ED60mm

    I got my EDIII which was very new then in 1999 or very early 2000. Not sure whether the ED II was still in production though. Don't remember prices, however.
  13. Swissboy

    Victory FL discontinued?

    The red variant can show a much more powerful glow at the rims, however, as shown here. This is when the light comes from behind the observer. And that is when I complain. So it's by no means a constant problem. (One needs to click at the thumbnail picture to open it!)
  14. Swissboy

    Victory FL discontinued?

    Here are two comparative pictures of my FLs, with the 8x32 and its reddish coating at the top. The bottom one is a 8x42 model with earlier purplish coating that comes without irritating me at times.
  15. Swissboy

    Europe's Birds: An Identification Guide

    Thank you John, a most impressive comparison here! I have since received my copy as well. I am very much impressed over all with this tremendous collection of photos and the various comparisons. I think that the very short text is no major problem as long as the book is meant for birders with...
  16. Swissboy

    Best bird guides by region...Asia

    The wording would mean it is in the book. But that also precludes a very detailed part, as they emphasize the book's portability.
  17. Swissboy

    Magnification of handheld binoculars

    I don't think so, my wife and my daughter chose 10x because they rarely use a scope, whereas I chose 8x originally because I regularly carry a scope along. I have since also bought 7x and 10x, but 8x clearly is the most used one (all of them FLs by the way).
  18. Swissboy

    Victory FL discontinued?

    Lucky you! Must have been sitting on a shelf for a while. I had tried to get one of the demo models (instead of my new one) which had the older version, but no luck. Maybe they were already promised to someone!
  19. Swissboy

    Victory FL discontinued?

    Unfortunately, for my situation, Zeiss had changed the coating at some late point. (I don't mean the Lotutec addition.) So since then, the coating has a reddish-orange shine that can irritate when illuminated from behind the observer. It's particularly a problem when wearing eyeglasses, I think...
  20. Swissboy

    Oh crap, the diopter knob is gone

    I'm not so sure whether the Leicas are really much better. Nine years ago I had taken my UV10x25 along on a trip, meant to serve as a spare, just in case. So the model was stored in a soft pouch in a bag. Apparently, some heavier bag was put on top of it in the trunk. So when I checked some week...
  21. Swissboy

    Any good bird books for Norway?

    Pretty steep prices, indeed. But even new, this book was not a bargain. When I got mine in 2013 from NHBS it cost me £54 including postage. That was about 80 Swiss Francs at the time.
  22. Swissboy

    Abbe-Koenig prisms in x32 models?

    That is actually my question. Is the felt difference simply due to the objective size, or is there more to it, i.e. an influence of the prism types as well? It may well be that the modern binoculars can compensate earlier shortcomings of the SP types. Nevertheless, the Abbe-Koenig prisms have...
  23. Swissboy

    Abbe-Koenig prisms in x32 models?

    Hi John, Thank you so much for the detailed documentation. I always find it hard to see how those slim tubes (barrels) could accomodate prisms. The documents don't specifically mention the prism type, all I find (unless I overlooked something) is "Dachkant-Prismen", which, I believe is any roof...
  24. Swissboy

    Abbe-Koenig prisms in x32 models?

    Are there any binoculars with Abbe-Koenig prisms that have objectives of less than 40 millimeters? I have several Zeiss FL models, but despite being excellent, the "non-Abbe" x32 strikes me as so much less exciting than the x42 models with Abbe-Koenig prisms. I understand that there is the...
  25. Swissboy

    All the Birds of the World: QUICK-FIND Index

    Gern geschehen, ich hatte es ja eh schon für mich gemacht. also nur noch an alle weiterreichen. :D Translated: I had done it for my own needs, so the only extra is to post it for everybody here. So just happy if some others like it as well.