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  1. Peter Kovalik


    cclark, thank you for sharing, this article is very interesting: Yvonne Lawrie, Thomas Shannon, Arturo Kirkconnell, Christopher Clark, Martin Collinson, Guy Kirwan. 2021. Systematic placement of the Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) (Aves: Trochilidae) and potential consequences for...
  2. Peter Kovalik


    Jaime Gerardo Morin Lagos. A comprehensive mitogenome phylogeny of the avian tribe Arini (Arinae: Psittacidae) with emphasis in Pyrrhura species. Master’s thesis, 2021. Abstract: The tribe Arini is the most diverse group of Neotropical parrots, and it includes approximately 158 species...
  3. Peter Kovalik


    Benjamin G. Freeman, Jonathan Rolland, Graham A. Montgomery, and Dolph Schluter. 2022. Faster evolution of a premating reproductive barrier is not associated with faster speciation rates in New World passerine birds. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, published 05 January 2022...
  4. Peter Kovalik


    Cecilia Estalles, Sheela P. Turbek, María José Rodríguez-Cajarville, Luís Fábio Silveira, Kazumasa Wakamatsu, Shosuke Ito, Irby J. Lovette, Pablo L. Tubaro, Darío A. Lijtmaer, and Leonardo Campagna. 2022. Concerted variation in melanogenesis genes underlies emergent patterning of plumage in...
  5. Peter Kovalik

    Two new bird species from the Meratus Mountains

    Irham, M., Haryoko, T., Shakya, S.B. et al. Description of two new bird species from the Meratus Mountains of southeast Borneo, Indonesia. J Ornithol (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10336-021-01937-2 Abstract: We describe two new bird species from the Meratus Mountains of southeastern Borneo...
  6. Peter Kovalik

    New bird taxa

    Martens ,J., and N. Bahr. 2021: Documentation of new bird taxa, part 15. Report for 2019. Vogelwarte 59: 87–106. Abstract This report is the fifteenth of a series and presents the results of a comprehensive literature screening in search for new bird taxa described in 2019, namely new families...
  7. Peter Kovalik

    Gruiformes and Charadriiformes

    Päckert, Martin. Free access of published DNA sequences facilitates regular control of (meta-) data quality – an example from shorebird mitogenomes (Aves, Charadriiformes: Charadrius). Ibis. https:doi.org/10.1111/ibi.13005 Abstract Online repositories of DNA sequences are a rich and...
  8. Peter Kovalik


    Christopher J. Clark, David T. Rankin, and Carl E. Rudeen. 2022. Banding data show hummingbirds have high rates of hybridization. Ornithology 139. Banding data show hummingbirds have high rates of hybridization Abstract We estimate hybridization rates among hummingbirds using nearly a million...
  9. Peter Kovalik


    Schreiber, A. 2021. Identification taxonomique de la Gélinotte des bois Tetrastes bonasia dans le nord-est de la France. Aves 58: 25-49. https://www.aves.be/fileadmin/Aves/Bulletins/Articles/58_1/58-1_25.pdf Abstract The hazel grouse populations in north-eastern France and adjacent regions are...
  10. Peter Kovalik

    Markham's Storm Petrel

    Norambuena, Heraldo V., Reinaldo Rivera, Rodrigo Barros, Rodrigo Silva, Ronny Peredo, and Cristián E. Hernández 2021. Living on the edge: genetic structure and geographic distribution in the threatened Markham’s Storm-Petrel (Hydrobates markhami). PeerJ 9:e12669: 1-23. Living on the edge...
  11. Peter Kovalik

    HBW and BirdLife Taxonomic Checklist v6 (December 2021)

    In short Species added: Oreotrochilus cyanolaemus Campylopterus diamantinensis Campylopterus calcirupicola Ducula nicobarica Cuculus optatus Rheinardia nigrescens Cacatua citrinocristata Glaucidium sylvaticum Species deleted: Calendulauda alopex Mirafra ashi Acridotheres tricolor Acridotheres...
  12. Peter Kovalik

    HBW and BirdLife Taxonomic Checklist v6 (December 2021)

    HBW and BirdLife International (2021) Handbook of the Birds of the World and BirdLife International digital checklist of the birds of the world. Version 6. Available there
  13. Peter Kovalik


    Robert P. Prŷs-Jones & Clive A. Slater. The composition of the syntype series of Pitta gurneyi Hume, 1875, and the publication timing of the associated plate. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club Dec 2021 Vol. 141, No. 4: 470-474 The composition of the syntype series of Pitta gurneyi...
  14. Peter Kovalik

    Pogoniulus tinkerbirds

    Alexander N. G. Kirschel, Michaella Moysi, Sifiso M. Lukhele, Matteo Sebastianelli, Tsyon Asfaw, Louis Hadjioannou, Kim G. Mortega, Ara Monadjem & Robert G. Moyle. Taxonomic revision of the Red-fronted Tinkerbird Pogoniulus pusillus (Dumont, 1816) based on molecular and phenotypic analyses...
  15. Peter Kovalik

    Rock nuthatches

    I don't have access.
  16. Peter Kovalik

    Rock nuthatches

    Can Elverici, Banu Ş. Önder, and Utku Perktaş. 2021. Mitochondrial differentiation and biogeography of Rock Nuthatches. Ardea 109:1-13. Mitochondrial Differentiation and Biogeography of Rock Nuthatches Abstract Rock Nuthatches comprise two morphologically similar species: Western Rock Nuthatch...
  17. Peter Kovalik


    Irina Marova, Irina Ilyina, Pavel Kvartalnov, Vassiliy Grabovsky, Maryana Belokon, Eugenia Solovyova, and Vladimir Ivanitskii. 2021. From the Bosporus to Kopet Dagh: morphological, genetic and bioacoustic variation in the Chiffchaff in Turkey, the Caucasus and Western Turkmenistan. Ardea 109...
  18. Peter Kovalik

    Cyornis flycatcher

    IOC Updates Diary: Dec 3 Move White-tailed Flycatcher from Cyornis to the newly described genus Leucoptilon (Sangster et al. 2021). Note change in gender ending to neuter.
  19. Peter Kovalik

    Cyornis flycatcher

    Jimmy, can you send me this article too?
  20. Peter Kovalik


    Jha, A., Seneviratne, S., Prayag, H.S. et al. Phylogeny identifies multiple colonisation events and Miocene aridification as drivers of South Asian bulbul (Passeriformes: Pycnonotidae) diversification. Org Divers Evol 21, 783–794 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s13127-021-00506-y pdf here
  21. Peter Kovalik


    The proposal 926 was changed to: Change linear sequence of species in Epinecrophylla Proposal (930) to SACC Revise generic limits in the Lesbiini: A. Expand Oxypogon to include Oreonympha and Chalcostigma, and B. Modify linear sequence
  22. Peter Kovalik

    Grey-faced Petrel

    Proposal (929) to SACC Treat Pterodroma gouldi as a separate species from P. macroptera
  23. Peter Kovalik


    Proposal (928) to SACC Revise generic limits in the Helianthini: A. Treat Heliodoxa schreibersii in the monotypic genus Ionolamea; and B. Subsume Clytolaema into Heliodoxa
  24. Peter Kovalik

    Coal Tit

    Hannes Wolfgramm, Jochen Martens, Till Töpfer, Melita Vamberger, Abhinaya Pathak, Heiko Stuckas & Martin Päckert. Asymmetric allelic introgression across a hybrid zone of the coal tit (Periparus ater) in the central Himalayas. Ecology and Evolution, First published: 24 November 2021...
  25. Peter Kovalik


    Proposal (927) to SACC Recognize new genus Phyllaemulor for Nyctibius bracteatus and change linear sequence of species in Nyctibiidae