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  1. Pavel

    Large Falcon, Bulgaria

    Please ID, captured today in NW Bulgaria. Record shot by Leonora Shtarkova
  2. Pavel

    Sparrow hybrid, Bulgaria

    Hello, please help ID this Sparrow, captured today at Durankulak, NE Bulgaria.
  3. Pavel

    Chiffchaff ID - BG

    Which subspecies of this Chiffchaff - please, help ID! Photo from today Lake Durankulak, NE Bulgaria. Dark breast, white supercilium and throat. Your comments are well appreciated!
  4. Pavel

    Flycatcher ID - BG

    Hi there, Could it be a young male Taiga Flycatcher? Photos taken today, 02/05/2021 at Durankulak, NE Bulgaria. Your comments will be much appreciated!
  5. Pavel

    Hawk ID, Bulgaria

    Looks a bit strange for a female Sparrowhawk, any comments would be well appreciated? Photo taken today, 23/04/2021 late in the afternoon, flying along the northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, village of Krapets. During flight the hawk being attacked by different passerines, including Swallows.
  6. Pavel

    Pipit, Bulgaria

    Please, help ID. Looked smaller than Tree Pipit (shorter tail). Record shot from yesterday, 22/04/2021/ in a ploughed field adjacent to Lake Durankulak, NE Bulgaria.
  7. Pavel

    Acrocephalus ID, Bulgaria

    Hi, Help me pls. ID this Warbler, photo taken today, 17/04/2021 at Lake Durankulak, NE Bulgaria. Looks like Marsh W. but strange pale neck collar and pale rump as well. Thanks for your comments.
  8. Pavel

    Plover ID, Bulgaria

    Switch to waders now with this most likely but very distant LRP from yesterday flying high of shore, in line with Shabla beach, NE Bulgaria. My first impression was for a large wader (Golden Plover-like), but now I have some doubts. Help ID please and sorry for bad quality of these record shots!
  9. Pavel

    Common Gull, Ssp. ID - Bulgaria

    Hello, very pale common gull from yesterday, with amazingly orange bill and very pale iris, need your help please. Durankulak beach, NE Bulgaria. Thanks for your comments!
  10. Pavel

    Phylloscopus Warbler, Bulgaria

    From today, 6th March, 2021, Durankulak, NE Bulgaria - ID please, could it be ssp. tristis, no yellow hint at all?
  11. Pavel

    Gavia, Bulgaria

    Hi Guys, hope all is fine for everybody. Please, help me ID this Diver from today, captured at Shabla Lake, NE Bulgaria. Most of the features match Red-throated to me, however bill and back pattern are a bit confusing - possible hybrid? Your comments would be well appreciated, as usual!
  12. Pavel

    Gull ID - Bulgaria

    From today, Black Sea shore of Durankulak, NE Bulgaria, any comments will be well appreciated.
  13. Pavel

    Skua ID - North Macedonia

    Hello, Friend of mine asked help for ID this Skua photographed a couple of weeks ago by Ksenija Putili at Veles lake, central part of North Macedonia. Thanks for your comments!
  14. Pavel

    Caspian or YLG, Bulgaria

    Please help ID this leucistic gull observed today in the Black Sea shallows of Durankulak, NE Bulgaria.
  15. Pavel

    Hoopoe overwintering in NE Bulgaria

    Most unusually we have had a Hoopoe overwintering already three months near Durankulak lake in NE Bulgaria! It has survived snowstorms and temperatures as low as 16 below. Today I observed it regurgitate a largish pellet and captured a poor distant photo of it. Is this normal behaviour? It also...
  16. Pavel

    Pipit ID

    Hi, could you help ID the Pipit on the right. The bird to the left is a male Lapland Bunting, which is a mega rarity for my country. Photo taken today in the Pontic steppes along the North Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.
  17. Pavel

    Diver ID

    Please help ID this Diver from today, North Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, thanks!
  18. Pavel

    Black-throated or Red-throated Diver?

    ID please, from today off shore in line with coastal Lake Durankulak, NE Bulgaria.
  19. Pavel

    Thrush ID

    Please help ID this Thrush, very possible Redwing but quite pale, not so rusty and not so striped. Distant photo taken today near Durankulak Lake, NE Bulgaria. Sorry for bad quality of the picture.
  20. Pavel

    Falcons ID

    Taken today in Durankulak, NE Bulgaria. Are they both Peregrine? Thanks!
  21. Pavel

    Skua ID

    Today, 21.11.2020, my friend Valentin Katrandzhiev took this photo (possible Pomarine Skua??) offshore in the Black Sea, located in front of Shabla beach, NE Bulgaria. ID please! Thanks
  22. Pavel

    Feather ID, Bulgaria

    I would like to know what bird this came from? Found today, 7.11.2020 on the Black Sea shore of Durankulak, northeastern part of the country. Any comment will be much appreciated!
  23. Pavel

    Oenanthe sp., Bulgaria

    A possible hybrid Wheatear captured by my friend Dimitar Dimitrov on 27.08.2020 near Cape Kaliakra, northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Please help ID. Many thanks!
  24. Pavel

    Gull ID

    Please, help ID this gull, captured today at Tyulenovo, North Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Thanks!
  25. Pavel

    Acrocephalus Warbler ID, Bulgaria

    Dear colleagues, please help ID this Warbler spotted yesterday (11 August 2020) at our backyard in Durankulak, NE Bulgaria. We are located 400 meters from Durankulak Lake and 2 km away from the Black Sea shore (as the crow flies). Thanks for your comments!