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  1. JoeRawles

    Warbler, E. Sussex, UK

    Stumped on this one! I was taking pictures of Chiffchaffs this morning when this warbler popped in for no more than 10 seconds, a quick preen then off. No pictures/view of the back or feet unfortunately so only these to go on. Thanks in advance!
  2. JoeRawles

    Unknown small bird, Sussex, UK

    A group of 4 of these flew over just now. Metallic sounding call, calling in flight regularly as passing over south. Flight was even, not undulating, but fairly stuttering, not constant flapping. Didn't recognise the call and can't get much from the pics but hoping someone can help! As you can...
  3. JoeRawles

    Buzzard, Sussex, UK

    Just wanted to confirm that this is a Common and not a (wishful thinking) Rough Legged Buzzard. First impressions as it made its way over was very long winged (I thought possible Osprey initially) and then realised as it was closer it was just a 'Buzzard'. It hovered for a while, though I know...
  4. JoeRawles

    Warbler, Sussex, UK

    Hi, This was spotted in a garden in Beckley, East sussex. We've had a suggestion as to what it could be but will wait to see what you lot say! Thanks...
  5. JoeRawles

    Which Weaver, Kenya

    Hi all, One of my business partner's pictures from last year in Kenya, he has it down as an African Golden Weaver but google doesn't show any of that species with the white belly. I thought it was possibly a Village Weaver?
  6. JoeRawles

    Hawke Sapphire ED 8/10x42 Review

    Hi all, Having spent a few months getting to grips with these bins, I've finally got round to reviewing them. They recently were awarded 'Best Birding Binocular 2013' by bestbinocularsreviews.com, in my opinion it seems well justified...
  7. JoeRawles

    Birds with dogs heads

    Possibly the strangest thread title you'll ever read on birdforum... Anyway, what's the bird?
  8. JoeRawles

    Viking Vistron Pro Review

    Viking don't get as much credit as I think they perhaps deserve for mid price optics, I like their EDs and the new Vistron Pro models are a good step up from the normal Vistrons. Lightweight, decent kit and good all round performance for a good price. Read the full review here
  9. JoeRawles

    Ducks, East Sussex UK

    Hi All, Ever the optimist with my ID queries! I know this another tough one with little to go on. No call and direct, purposeful flight south-west-wards. Seem to have distinct dark heads with paler throat/ belly. Plenty of Mallards around here as it's shooting season, but don't want to dismiss...
  10. JoeRawles

    Wader - Sussex, UK

    I'm no good with waders, have a feeling this is most likely Golden Plover but the distinct white rump is putting me off, can anyone confirm?
  11. JoeRawles

    Skein of Geese, East Sussex, UK

    A big ask I know, but this skein just flew over heading roughly south west. Any ideas? :h?: Close up of above:
  12. JoeRawles

    Birds and Butterflies Collage

    Here's another quiz for those who have the time! I haven't counted how many species they are in this one and you can ignore the pictures of myself and Allan, just name the birds and butterflies...
  13. JoeRawles

    Unknown in Sussex, England (Not british bird!)

    Hi All, Had this picture brought in by a customer who had this in his garden last year (not sure when). Someone told him it was a Redstart but the head isn't right so I think it is something more unusual, hopefully someone can help! Thanks.
  14. JoeRawles

    ED-X vs Countryman BGA HD vs Hawke Frontier ED

    Hi all, Just thought I'd share my review to see how these 3 fared against each other. http://www.shop.featherswildbirdcare.co.uk/reviewEdxCountrymanFrontier.html I know the Hawke's have always received some outstanding reviews, comparing them to the 'alpha' brands at a fraction of the cost...
  15. JoeRawles

    Opticron Discovery vs Viking Vistron

    Thought people who are considering any Opticron binoculars would perhaps want to see how they fare against similarly priced competition, so with both binoculars to hand (8x42 models) I did a comparison. It was certainly interesting, as both are probably two of the best selling bins under the...
  16. JoeRawles

    650D opinions?

    Anybody had the chance to play about with one of these yet? Have used a 20D for years and this Christmas is time for an upgrade. Have used the 550D and was very impressed, apparantly the 600D is hardly much of an upgrade and first online reviews of the 650 seem to be pretty complimentary about it.
  17. JoeRawles

    Photoshopped UK Hybrid Species!

    Ok, so something a little bit out of the ordinary. Done these before on our facebook page, a lot of people struggled so thought I'd test you lot with them. To start you off, there are 4 UK species mixed together in this image, can you tell me what they all are?!
  18. JoeRawles

    Feathers Nature Area/ Hide

    Hi all, Nice to see the Sussex group on here is fairly active, we all know it's one of the best parts of the country for birding! Just thought I'd mention for those near enough we have a small Nature Area and hide for watching garden birds. We're based in Salehurst, nr. Robertsbridge (around...