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  1. Swissboy

    Abbe-Koenig prisms in x32 models?

    Are there any binoculars with Abbe-Koenig prisms that have objectives of less than 40 millimeters? I have several Zeiss FL models, but despite being excellent, the "non-Abbe" x32 strikes me as so much less exciting than the x42 models with Abbe-Koenig prisms. I understand that there is the...
  2. Swissboy

    Quick-find Index for Birds of Argentina ....

    Here is the index I had announced, using a separate thread to make it easier to find it in the future. It can be printed and glued on the inside covers if one so desires. It's a bit a tight fit, but it should work. Please let me know if you should spot mistakes. The numbers shown are PLATE...
  3. Swissboy

    Birds of Mongolia

    I don't recall having read much - if anything at all - about the FG to Birds of Mongolia. A quick search here did not bring any results. So I'd like to ask what is known about this book. Edit: I just found out that there are two different ones with the same title: A: Book by Dorj Ganbold and...
  4. Swissboy

    SASOL guide Birds of Southern Africa 5th edition

    This new edition is, apparently, available. But how much has really changed? It's clear that the blurb on the front cover makes you feel you need it. So for those who own the previous (4th) edition, should they buy it? I got my copy of the 4th edition in April 2012, and it is still pretty much...
  5. Swissboy

    QUICK-FIND INDEX to HMW Mammal Checklist

    Here is my just compiled Quick-Find Index to the Lynx Illustrated Checklist of the Mammals of the World. As outlined in previous posts on similar bird lists, it is a compilation based on my personal needs. But I am again posting it here for anybody to use freely if one wants to do so. And as a...
  6. Swissboy

    All the Birds of the World: QUICK-FIND Index

    Like I often do, I compiled another Quick Index. This one for the new "All the Birds ..." single volume Lynx_HBW book. The pictorial compilations on the inside covers are fine, but by necessity non-alphabetic. and the fonts are not exactly eye-friendly, to put it mildly. In fact, for my...
  7. Swissboy

    Great Zeiss Switzerland service again

    Had to send in my wife's Victory 10x40, almost an "oldtimer" one could say. The original strap fastening was worn out such that the strap could accidentally unhook. Instead of simply providing new fasteners, Zeiss had some time ago decided to convert the attachment to a more traditional lug. At...
  8. Swissboy


    As you may know, NHBS presently has a sale of a fair number of books, and while looking for some I had on my radar, I also came across some I had not even known of. One of these has opened a whole new world for me...
  9. Swissboy

    Oceanic Birds of the World

    This is a new photo guide by Steve Howell and Kirk Zufelt: https://www.nhbs.com/oceanic-birds-of-the-world-book It is working with photos and assemblages of single bird pictures. Thanks to peterginsburg for pointing out this fine book to me! It is an intriguing volume with some shortcomings...
  10. Swissboy

    Lumix FZ200 EVF disintegrating

    I have an older Panasonic Lumix FZ200 camera with strange things happening to its EVF. In early February, I first noticed a change in the view through the EVF. The picture was a bit smaller than usual and it had a bright blue frame all around it. Things were fine on the outside LCD. That...
  11. Swissboy

    Albatrosses, Petrels and Shearwaters of the World

    I'm trying to get an overview of the tubenoses of the world, in particular also of their identification. Thus HBW and their Illustrated Checklist (which I all have) are not really optimal. What about the Helm FG to this topic...
  12. Swissboy

    Birding guides in the El Calafate area?

    I'm still planning for a visit in the general area of El Calafate in mid-late December. And I wonder whether there are any birding guides that can be recommended?
  13. Swissboy

    Birding around El Calafate late December

    I'm planning a short stay in the El Calafate area in late December. The idea is to see at least Perito Moreno Glaciar and the Magellanic Plover that I hope to see along Lago Argentino. I'm open to suggestions of other things to see/visit. El Chaltén is not on the agenda as we will already have...
  14. Swissboy

    Admiral manufacturer?

    We have a trading company here in Switzerland that is well known for selling decent, yet relatively cheap optics, in particular binoculars. They run under the trade name Admiral. I wonder whether anybody might be able to at least guess on the manufacturer. I think the models come from China...
  15. Swissboy

    Has Zeiss marked the Lotutec models from the beginning?

    I found a 10x42 FL model offered with the claim it had Lotutec coating, and it also has a little pendant on its side saying so. But the "umbrella" over the number 42 is missing. So my question is whether Zeiss has not added that "umbrella" line from the beginning of the Lotutec addition?
  16. Swissboy

    How to fix loose hinge?

    I have a Greenring 6x30 model that I really cherish. Just compared it in twilight to a roof 8x32 Zeiss FL, and the Leupold actually was brighter and looked sharper. Though at 6x vs 8x, there was a clear advantage of course. It also has a very comfortable feel thanks to the rounded smooth body...
  17. Swissboy

    Red lens-coating irritation?

    I have recently bought a new 8x32 FL. And unlike my older 8x42 FL or the 8x32 FL demo model I had while waiting for the new binoculars, this new one tends to irritate me every once in a while with a very intense orange-reddish shine before the binoculars are on my eyes. The only explanation for...
  18. Swissboy

    Book on optics by Holger Merlitz

    It is interesting, birders usually use binoculars even more than FGs, yet, on first impression, books on binoculars are no topic here. I'd like to at least post a link that corrects the strange dichotomy to some extent: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=374710 The OP calls it the...
  19. Swissboy

    Comparing Zeiss and Swarovski 32 /30 models

    This might have been discussed before, but with the relatively frequent updates by Swarovski, I have lost track. I'm trying to replace an older Leica 32 model, and in the end, I have narrowed my choice to the two Zeiss FLs 8x32 and 10x32 plus the four Swarovski CL Companion 8x30B and 10x30B and...
  20. Swissboy

    Alula reviews of Zeiss 8x32 FL

    I have been looking for Kimmo's articles on the Zeiss FL 8x32 and 10x32, with his comparisons. Unfortunately, the links I could find are no longer working, and on the Finnish BirdLife page, there are only the Finnish language ones that I could open. I had copied a number of such articles in the...
  21. Swissboy

    Tikal February 2019

    I posted a trip report about our short stay at Tikal here: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3823787#post3823787 Go to posts #11 and 8, in that sequence. I had accidentally deleted the text so had to re-do it again, but posted the photos anyway. It was only a three-nights extension...
  22. Swissboy

    Yucatan birding in January 2019

    I have posted a trip report for our 11-day Yucatan birding tour here: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=3822773#post3822773 Posts #1-5. This was a non-commercial tour, and we concentrated on the endemics in the provinces of Yucatan and Quintana Roo, plus Cozumel.
  23. Swissboy

    Birding in Yucatan (Mexico) and Tikal (Guatemala), January/February 2019

    I had the opportunity to go on a 11-day birding tour to the Yucatan peninsula with emphasis on the local endemics. Thus, the island of Cozumel was part of the tour as well. This was not a commercial tour. Rather, we had Bev Scott, a Canadian friend of one of our Swiss friends (who also happens...
  24. Swissboy

    Birds of Bolivia Quick-Find Index

    Once again, I compiled a Quick-Find Index for my new FG. I rushed with it, as I think it would be great if such an index would be added to the revised printing announced by S.K. Herzog. Please let me know of any necessary corrections. Thanks. I made it as comprehensive as possible, but if you...
  25. Swissboy

    Birds of Nicaragua A Field Guide, a review

    This is a brand new addition to the Zona Tropical Publications, and it is patterned along the lines of the previous FGs in the series, Birds of Costa Rica and Birds of Panama. Illustrations are by Robert Dean as in those previous books. And where possible, the publishers have essentially used...