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  1. Jasonbirder

    Help with a Couple

    Couple from last night I'm struggling a little with... Do I have a Common Rustic, a Small Dusty Wave and a Coronet ? Thanks in advance!
  2. Jasonbirder

    Variable Damsel?

    Can anyone just confirm my ID on this one...looks bang on for Variable (broken anti-humeral stripes and abdominal markings) and it had the right "jizz" darker, more delicate than accompanying Azures... BUT the ruddy coloured eyes have thrown me... Cheers in advance!
  3. Jasonbirder

    River Severn Clubtails

    Planning a trip over to the River Severn for Clubtails over the Bank Holiday... I've got Hampton Loade, Atcham and Severn Valley park at Alverley as possible sites... Anyone have any other suggestions or finders tips? I've sadly neglected Dragonflies over the years...leaving them to play second...
  4. Jasonbirder

    UK Dragonfly Websites

    Do people want to recommend a few good websites/blogs/groups etc I should be looking at for Sightings News/Photo's/News/Sites etc etc For this years Dragonfly season? Thanks!
  5. Jasonbirder

    Red Squirrel Sites Wester Ross

    Going to be staying up at Gruinard Bay next week...with the parents along... Its not an area I know particularly well (I've only really been up there for Sea Eagles) and I know my dad would really like to see Red Squirrel... Any sites in the area where they're reliable?
  6. Jasonbirder

    Hertfordshire Bird Sighting (GWE?)

    I'd post this in the Hertfordshire Forum...but with no posts since 2013 I thought it might go un-noticed! I saw what appeared to be a Great-white Egret in a ditch in Roadside Horse fields just East of the A1 on Hertford Road today at approx 2:00pm (I'd just come out of a meeting with Tesco's)...
  7. Jasonbirder

    RFI Otters Oban/Fort William

    Does anyone have any recommendations for good Otter Sites in the Oban/Fort William Region... I'm traveling up to the Glasdrum Wood, Allt Mhuic, Glen Loy area for Butterflies over the weekend and wouldn't mind any recommendations... I wonder if Pine Martin is out of the question too? Feel free...
  8. Jasonbirder

    Wood Whites : Salcey Forest

    After only getting the most dismal record shot of a wind-battered Wood White at Branscombe last week I was hoping to get better views and more compliant butterflies in the sunshine later today... Was going to visit Salcey Forest for Wood Whites...but its a large area for one person to...
  9. Jasonbirder

    White Point or Clay?

    Is this a White Point? (I favoured White Point over Clay - but wanted confirmation given its status) Trapped at Light Holme Next the Sea Monday 8th July http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e1...708_120938.jpg
  10. Jasonbirder

    Is it possible to ID from poor Photo?

    Sorry its a poor photo...but is it possible to ID this Noctuiid? Taken at light on Thursday night (30/9) Nottinghamshire Garden I was thinking of Blair`s Shoulder-knot...but i`m knot sure ;)
  11. Jasonbirder

    My first Moth Photo`s

    Any critique on these - I seem to be struggling with depth of field a bit...any tips? I was lucky enough to have a couple of very photogenic species for my first attempt! (And both new for the garden to boot!)
  12. Jasonbirder

    Have I left it too late?/Macro Photography Tips...

    With typical forward thinking and planning i`ve left it till the very end of the Season to acquire the necessary photographic Kit for Moths..Just taken delivery of a Coolpix 995 with the Coollight SL-1, so i`m in the digi-pics business - whilst my trap is down to less than a dozen moths a...
  13. Jasonbirder

    Idiots Question re:Flash Memory Cards

    As the soon to be (I hope) owner of a Nikon 995 and associated gubbins...I`ve just got a question about the Memory Cards - when i`ve loaded an image to my PC and messed about with it in The Gimp (!!) or Photoshop to make it look super-dooper - can I write it back to the Flash Card or do I need...
  14. Jasonbirder

    Ruddy Duck Cull

    Following on from the recent RSPB poll, can anyone who feels strongly anti-cull Discuss it here, As i`ve a few very simple things that people can do to help me out... (Very little time and no money required so don`t be shy!!! ) I have a few ideas of things that can be done to torpedo the cull -...
  15. Jasonbirder

    Non HD Opolyth TBS80 for Digiscoping

    Just in the process of acquiring a Nikon 995 for Digiscoping, by the time i`ve bought camera, memory cards, extra batteries, adaptor, cable release etc etc etc...The last thing my wife will consent to is me purchasing is a new scope...(The Bank of Wife has a far tougher credit policy than the...
  16. Jasonbirder

    My mental Day! Somerset, Devon, Sussex and Essex in one go!

    Saturday 24th July As ever an early start beckoned! We were away from my house by 4:30am and heading south – both to pick up a friend and to ensure that one of my companions for the day secured his first lifer of the trip! Magna Carta Lane – Wraysbury Nestled in amongst the gravel pits of the...
  17. Jasonbirder

    Scotland Trip - May 2004

    Scotland – Highlands and Islands Friday 14th May An eagerly awaited trip back up to Scotland beckoned – I was hoping to catch up with the birds I`d missed on my previous jaunt north of the border and also to pick up some of the summer visitors, now that they are settled on their breeding...
  18. Jasonbirder

    For Stonechat

    400 by the time you`re 35 - go for it! No harm in setting your sights high is there! Good luck.....
  19. Jasonbirder

    Help! Vapourer won`t eat its Greens!

    Can any entomological experts help me out! I acquired a beautiful looking Vapourer Caterpillar yesterday (what a stunner by the way!) - it was actually crawling on top of the petrol pump at the garage yesterday! Rescuing it and taking it home (and not in anyway motivated by the thought of...
  20. Jasonbirder

    Global Conservation

    Call me parochial but I feel theres a tremendous amount still to be done in the UK, in Europe (particularly the new Eastern European countries) and in the African wintering grounds of our Summer visitors - so when someone comes rattling a tin under my nose (metaphorically speaking of course...)...
  21. Jasonbirder

    Nikon 3100 for Moth Photography?

    My local Jessops is flogging off Nikon 3100`s for £150 - i`m assuming they are either discontinued or soon to be so... Does anyone have any idea whether they`d be a worthwhile purchase for taking Moth photo`s at that price?
  22. Jasonbirder

    Help needed with Moth Eggs

    I picked up a Silver Y on my way out of the house to work this morning....put it in a specimen pot in the garage to release on my return...On the walls of the pot are about a dozen tiny (1mm) white dots - am I right in assuming these are eggs? If so any advice to rearing them - first question...
  23. Jasonbirder

    2 Quick Questions?

    2 Quickies..... Is it too early to get a Dark Arches in my trap? I had what I was 99% sure was one this morning but UK moths gives it a July-August flight time....Though Waring et al says June - August Is Varied Coronet one I could reasonably expect in my trap? - More like 85% sure on this...
  24. Jasonbirder

    Moth Help - no photo (sorry)

    After my first ever nights trapping (hooray!) there are a couple that are troubling me - no digicam so a description will have to suffice.... Bear in mind i`m in an East-mids suburban garden and know next to nothing about moths so its proabaly really really common (equivilent no-doubt to asking...
  25. Jasonbirder

    Any advice for first time Moth`er?

    I am shortly to become the proud owner of a new 125W MV "Robinson" style Moth trap! Whoohoo - can`t wait to try it out. I have the new Townsend & Lewingto field guide to help my ID my "catch" (if I get any) but have absolutely no knowledge of moths - bar some expose to the most familiar species...