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  1. Wimpy

    Tanager?? Iguazu Argentina Nov 2019

    I hope I haven't posted these before! Two poor images of the bird, quite high in the canopy. I have looked through my checklist for this visit on eBirds but I can't come up with a match. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wimpy

    Hummingbird, Iguazu Dec 2019

    Hi all, I have this down as a black-throated mango, but the blue streak from the back of the neck down the back has me having doubts. Taken at the Jardin de los Picaflored, Iguazu. Clearly not the best image! Thanks in advance
  3. Wimpy

    Hummingbird, Iguazu Dec 2019

    Help! These hummingbirds are driving me nuts. The two books I have are next to useless. Ebirds is of some use but still I can't definitely ID this and some of the others. Is it a gilded am I being confused by the dark light? Thanks all.
  4. Wimpy

    Thrush, Iguazu Argentina, Dec 2019

    Trying to nail down this thrush. Clearly a juvenile bird judging by the remaining chick feather. Taken at The Jardin de los Picaflores in Iguazu. Is it an Eastern Slaty Thrush? Thanks in advance.
  5. Wimpy

    Finch/seedeater, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    I took this image at Costanera Sur in BA, two weeks ago. I have trawled through my ID books and have drawn a blank. Grateful for any help. Thanks.
  6. Wimpy

    Birding near BA international airport.

    Hi there I have found that I have about 5 hours between flight at Eze and wonder if there is anyplace at the airport or near at hand to do some birding. I notice on eBirds there are two hotspots, one at the airport and the other at Reserva Natural Laguna De Rocha. Are these easily accessible...
  7. Wimpy

    Iguazu birdwatching

    Hi there, before long I will have posted the full itinerary for my trip to Argentina on here! I have one day spare in Iguazu and intend to do some bird watching. We have a full day of sightseeing of the falls themselves, so can dedicate at least 1/2 day to birding. I have contacted at least...
  8. Wimpy

    Bariloche in November

    Greetings We are on a very organised tour of Argentina, it is a holiday, not a birding tour, but we are trying to pack in as much birding as we can. BA is under control, El Calafate reserve is not far from our hotel and Iguazu is yet to be confirmed. But we have one day free in Bariloche. I...
  9. Wimpy

    Sunbird/spiderhunter Thailand, Feb 2019

    First apologies for these atrocious images, if they are unidentifiable I can understand. They were taken in KhaoLak near the beach. The first image may well be affected by sunlight. They were in the same sequence and may show the same bird or perhaps male and female. I have identified olive...
  10. Wimpy

    Thailand Khao Lak - "No idea"

    I am at a loss with this one. Poor images taken in trees on the beach. They have been heavily cropped. Thanks in advance.
  11. Wimpy

    Thailand Khao Lak BoP

    I seem to have a list of possibilities for this bird of prey. Taken 3 weeks ago gliding over Khao Lak Beach. Any help would be appreciated as my knowledge base is almost zero. the colour plates in Robson don't seem to help much. Thanks in advance
  12. Wimpy

    Pond heron Bangkok February

    I don't have enough knowledge to attempt a guess at these herons. Javan or Chinese? Taken in Limpini Park, Bangkok, recently. I have looked at eBirds and one recent sighting says Javan. Robson's book is not a lot of use. Thanks for any help Roger
  13. Wimpy

    Swallow Khao Lak Thailand

    I have possibly taken the worst set of images of hirundines and swifts. The white rump area on this bird and the lack of a defined red area on the head have me puzzled. Is it a poor image of a striated swallow? Thanks in advance.
  14. Wimpy

    BulBul Thailand Khao Lak.

    Is this a streak-eared bulbul, only there is not much streaking. Seen last week near Lam Ru NP. Thanks all,
  15. Wimpy

    BoP Khao Lak, Thailand

    Took these images last week in Khao Lak. My knowledge of the birds of Thailand is very limited. Is this a shikra? Thanks in advance
  16. Wimpy

    Female sunbird - Nelspruit - September

    I need help with this sunbird. I originally had it down as a female Marico sunbird, but since trying to load my sightings into eBirds, I am questioning the species. Thanks in advance for your help Roger
  17. Wimpy

    Gulls - Reed's Beach NJ - May.

    I'm trying to ID the four, large, immature gulls in the back of this image. Are they herring gulls? Thanks in advance Roger
  18. Wimpy

    Common tern? Backwaters - Alleppey - Kerala

    There were plenty of gull-billed terns around, but I was not sure of this one. February, this year. Had it down as a common. Thanks in advance for your comments. Roger
  19. Wimpy

    Costa Rica, Tarcoles River, Feb

    Just found this un-named image in my 2014 trip to CR. Not a very good image. Can anyone help with an ID. Thanks
  20. Wimpy

    Snipe - Kerala - Feb

    I have been reducing the number of images on my phone and came across these digiscoped images of a snipe taken early morning near Alleppy. Problem is which one. I had it down as a common, but I have no knowledge of Pintail or Swinhoe's apart from Helm Field guide. Any help is welcome Thanks in...
  21. Wimpy

    Which vireo - Cape May State Park.

    Taken in the State Park at Cape May on the 15th of May. I had it as a red-eyed vireo, but someone said that he thought it was a Philadelphia vireo. I don't have enough experience or knowledge to make a judgment. I have checked on eBirds and neither was sited. Thanks in advance Roger
  22. Wimpy

    Another sparrow - Cape May -recent

    Here we are again! as much as I try I can't fix this sparrow. The yellow lores give me the impression that this might be a white-throated sparrow, is it a juvenile it doesn't seem as bright as others I have seen? Taken in the wood area at the back of CMBO. Thanks all.
  23. Wimpy

    Sparrow - Brigantine NJ

    This was taken three weeks ago. I have it down as a white-throated sparrow. Now I'm thinking seaside sparrow? But please correct me if I'm wrong either way. Thanks in advance Roger
  24. Wimpy

    Pine or Prairie? Belleplain NJ, last week

    with my very limited knowledge of American warblers, I can't make my mind up. Pine or Prairie warbler? Thanks in advance Roger
  25. Wimpy

    Warbler, Cape May State Park, Last week

    Bad enough with all those sparrows, but this warbler does not seem to conform to what's in Sibleys! Any thoughts are very welcome. Thanks in advance Roger