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  1. Muso

    Sound file, Glasgow Scotland

    Hi all After years on BF and a lot of members' help, I'm definitely getting better with visual ID, however sound is still largely a mystery to me. My wife recorded this about half an hour ago outside our front door (apologies for loud background hum) as dusk was kicking in. Not sure, but she...
  2. Muso

    Scottish Birds 3

    7: Top half looks like starling, but body shape wrong. 8: Are the non-goldfinch birds Twite? 9: Seems like starling top, linnet/wheatear bottom? 10: Seems like No 9 - Kilmelford July 2019. (Between Crinan and Oban)
  3. Muso

    Scottish Birds 2

    4: Whinchat? 5: Whinchat? 6: Manx Shearwater (looking at the beak).
  4. Muso

    Scottish Birds 1

    Hi all When I first joined this forum, I may well have asked for ID for a lot of (to you) really obvious birds. However, through your expertise, support and help, I got a bit better at ID, bought books etc, and can now ID most of the birds I come across. And became infinitely more interested...
  5. Muso

    The Mound, Embo (near Dornoch) Scotland

    Watched and snapped some birds at a feeder (24/8/18), and can't ID the bird on the right of the feeder at the bottom. Been through Collins, Google and the Forum Stickies, and none the wiser. My thought was leucistic chaffinch, however in the 2nd pic there appears to be another bird with...
  6. Muso

    Embo & Plockton

    Hi all Tried to ID myself, but no further forward. Grateful for any insight. No 1 - thought juv wheatear, but not confident. Seashore, between Embo and Brora in April. No 2 - Same place, same time - aware that grebes can look like this, but leaning to diver - red? No 3 - After all...
  7. Muso

    A few odds and sods from Fuerteventura the week before Ken!

    Been all round the houses researching: Jane's Sticky, Opus, Internet, books, previous pix etc, and I suspect as usual, once I know the answer, I'll know what the question should have been...! So, came in to ask your advice, and there's Ken's post on Fuerteventura! Hope you had as wonderful a...
  8. Muso

    Coul Links, Embo under threat - RSPB petition

    Hi all Have posted this in Conservation Forum, but thought this would be a good place too - sorry if I'm breaking etiquette. Coul Links, a rare duneland habitat on the Sutherland coast in Scotland is being threatened with destruction by plans submitted to build a golf course. These dunes run...
  9. Muso

    Coul Links, Embo under threat - RSPB petition

    Coul Links, a rare duneland habitat on the Sutherland coast in Scotland is being threatened with destruction by plans submitted to build a golf course. These dunes run to Loch Fleet, and together with Loch Fleet, Coul Links is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), an international...
  10. Muso

    Help with ID please, Scotland

    Hi, Would appreciate some help with the following: 1, 2 & 3 - St Cyrus, nr Montrose, Scotland at the weekend - hoping for skylark, but although same location, not sure if same bird (time passed between shots, and feel 3 is different?). Lots of singing and aerial acrobatics! 4 - Walking to...
  11. Muso

    Near Argaty, Doune, Scotland

    Hi, Coming back from Argaty Red Kites on 27th Feb, this was sitting at the top of a tree on a single track road. Location is farmland, meadows, trees. Road was deserted, so I reversed back, but it took off and landed on a telegraph pole ahead of us. I drove slowly towards it, and managed a...
  12. Muso

    Embo & Loch Fleet, Scotland 1

    Been to the books, net and through Jane's index - more confused than ever....! All taken September weekend. All different birds (or at least in slightly different locations). Fairly sure I had curlews until I read a thread on whimbrels. The beak size seems to vary a good bit...? Couldn't...
  13. Muso

    Scotland: Ballater & Glasgow ID help please

    Hi all Need some help with ID for 3 from holiday in Ballater area. Hit the books, net, Opus, but still undecided....not experienced enough. All of these were fairly far away (300mm zoom at limit). Unknown1: Think MPipit or Skylark Unknown2: Think might be juvenile, so I'm lost there...
  14. Muso

    LBJ Glasgow Scotland

    Hi Have quite a few sparrows coming to my garden feeders, also dunnock & bunting & LBJs in general around, but not sure if this is one of those in juvenile form....head shape and markings are confusing me...books/net not helping - taken in March Thanks.
  15. Muso

    Seabird Arran, Scotland

    Hi all Taken from the Arran-Ardrossan ferry on dull day in 2009 - not great pic, but hoping you can ID this fly-by while I was watching gannets. Mid-late summer. Think I have an idea from books, but usually wishful thinking on my part....! Thanks
  16. Muso

    Waders - Dornoch, North-east Scotland

    Hi I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure....keep changing my mind when I think I have these sussed. Grateful for help with these - thinking sandpiper/sanderling, but a newbie at this, so please pardon my ignorance - I am only an egg. Pix taken Sept 2008 (DSC_0605) & Sept 2010...
  17. Muso

    Dornoch, Scotland - ID please?

    Hi all Was shooting some cormorants dodging the waves near the shore, when I took this, thinking at first it was another cormorant. When I looked at pic later, realised it was something else. Petrel, Skua, something else? Appreciate your help (first time at this, so hope attachment works). Ian
  18. Muso

    Hi all

    Just joined and saying hello from Glasgow, Scotland. Hope to increase my knowledge of birds & other wildlife, and also to get some ideas on photography & kit. It was my love of photography that got me more into wildlife, however having looked at some of the stunning pictures on here, I may...