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  1. Gaz Shilton

    What is DPI?

    Excuse my ignorance, it is quite late and my brain doesn't function very well at this hour, but, I can't remember what DPI is. Basically, I have received an email from a photograph researcher whose editor saw a photograph I took last May of a family of Long Tailed Tits. He would like a hi-res...
  2. Gaz Shilton

    Shutter count

    Is there anywhere in the menu on a 1D Mkiii of checking the shutter count? Vaguely remember I may have stumbled on it in the past but now I can't find where I was looking in the menu.
  3. Gaz Shilton

    Selling camera equipment

    I am just testing the water here as it's not definite yet, but, if I were to sell my camera gear ( new job, new commitments, not enough time to get out with camera anymore), would I be better off selling privately or going to a shop? All of my camera equipment is in mint condition with original...
  4. Gaz Shilton

    Converting RAW to JPEG

    This has probably been done to death somewhere before but, I need advice. I haven't uploaded photo's for ages and now due to shooting in RAW (I used to just use JPEG when I used Nikon), I can't remember how to convert to JPEG once I have downloaded pictures into DPP on my computer. Could...
  5. Gaz Shilton

    IS Lenses

    Read on another forum someone kept forgetting to turn the IS off when removing the camera body. Any reason(s) why it needs to be turned off before hand? Many thanks
  6. Gaz Shilton

    Suitable camera bag

    I would like advice please with knowing which is the right bag for a 1D MkIII with a 300 f2.8 attached plus space for converters etc. The Lowepro one I ordered from W/E (400 AW black) has been discontinued. Thank you in advance.
  7. Gaz Shilton

    D200 or D700 or 40D?

    I have been considering upgrading my camera equipment for some time now. I have a D200 and a Tamron 200-500 lens for bird/wildlife photography. I was thinking of upgrading to a 40D with a 300mm/f2.8, but, as I already have a D200 I am thinking of the Nikon 300mm/f2.8. Recently I have been...
  8. Gaz Shilton

    Which Teleconverter?

    In the near future I am hoping to purchase the Nikon 300/f2.8 lens. A 1.4x telcon is an obvious accessory, but, which other: A 1.7x or a 2x to accompany it? Any input from other users' experiences are greatly appreciated. The lens/ converters will be attached to a D200. My wife says I don't need...
  9. Gaz Shilton


    Will this camera be available by September?
  10. Gaz Shilton

    300mm f2.8....A decent walkabout lens?

    I have been fighting 2 demons over the last 12 months or so. Which prime to get, 500 or 600. I have had many responses to a previous thread on this matter with mixed results, all helpful. However having just spent a week walking around Spurn (quite warm at times) I am starting to re-think my...
  11. Gaz Shilton

    500 or 600mm f4

    I have been saving for nearly 2 years now. Around September I should have enough to buy a camera, tripod, wimberly, converter and lens. I would like to buy one of the big Canon primes. But which one? I understand that they are big and heavy as far as lenses go. However, is the difference between...
  12. Gaz Shilton

    Supply problem-Canon

    I was looking to invest in some Canon eqpt around September. I have been looking on Warehouse Express and A LOT of Canon says there is a supply problem. Will the supply problem ever end? It's been going on for a long while now. Other online camera shops don't advertise problems, but if W/E have...
  13. Gaz Shilton

    Sigma 300-800mm on a D300...Worth it?

    I was considering upgrading to a 1DMKIII + 500 or 600 f/4. However, since noticing the sharp increase in the prices of these I was wondering, after reading some mixed reviews, if the D300 would work well with the Sigmonster? Obviously this combo would include a good Gitzo and Wimberley. It's...
  14. Gaz Shilton

    1D MkIII or 2 D50's

    1D MkIII or 2 50D's Next July when I have saved enough, my wife says I can upgrade my camera gear. At present I have a D200 and Tamron 200-500mm. I wpould really like a Canon 500mm f/4, which means a new camera body. Was really impressed with the 1D MkIII when I had a look at one at the Bird...
  15. Gaz Shilton

    Canon Supply Problem on W/E

    Warehouse Express have a supply problem with the 1D MkIII. It will be placed on 'back order' until more come from Canon. Is this because of the AF problem it has, as I have read numerous write up's about this? Was thinking of purchasing this camera as well as the 500mm f/4, but, it is A LOT to...
  16. Gaz Shilton

    Canon 40D + Sigma 500mm

    I am curiously being drawn to this camera over the Nikon D300. Mainly because of price, fps, crop factor and also the shutter sounds 'silenced' compared to Nikon, but, maybe that's just me. To me, it seems on paper to perform better than the D300. Does anyone have any experience of the 40D with...
  17. Gaz Shilton

    Tree Pipit & Mipit? N.Yorks, England

    Tree Pipit & Mipit? Cleveland, England Grabbed a few shots today at Scaling Dam Reservoir. I think the first 3 are Tree Pipit and the second 2 are Mipits. Could someone confirm this for me please?
  18. Gaz Shilton

    Satellite Dove or Collard Dish?

    Thought I would share this unusual nest site with you. Wondered why our tv picture goes squiffy every now and then. This is what we found!!!
  19. Gaz Shilton

    Sigma 300mm or 500mm

    In the future, I am considering buying a 'big' lens. I was initially thinking of the Sigma 500mm f4.5, but I would like to know if it would be worth considering the Sigma 300mm f2.8 with a 2x converter, turning it into a 600mm f5.6, still retaining AF. If anyone could give me some expert...
  20. Gaz Shilton

    Is it worth the extra £500

    I am looking to upgrade my camera in the near future. Having pondered for some time and spoken to other users I decided on the Nikon D200. Then Nikon announce the new kids on the block. D3 and D300. Warehouse Express have reduced the D200 to £799. Is the D300 worth the extra £500 or should I...
  21. Gaz Shilton

    A nice surprise at Fairburn

    Took a trip down the road to Fairburn Ings. Through the reeds and rain caught a glimse of one of the Night Herons that are at Lin Dyke. The rain eased off and at 1900hrs the 1st Summer bird appeared. Managed to get a few shots. We left at 2045hrs with the bird still on show. The adult probably...
  22. Gaz Shilton

    Not exactly a Whitethroat, but......

    I was hoping to catch a decent view of a Whitethroat at Pulborough Brooks today, but this little beauty popped up instead...Quite chuffed to catch it in the open, the others we heard were deep in the undergrowth.
  23. Gaz Shilton

    Which Butterfly!!

    Not hot on these little critters. Taken at Titchwell a couple of weeks ago.
  24. Gaz Shilton

    Does BTO email address still work

    I used the email address from the BTO website last week because I am interested in learning how to become a bird ringer. I gave my details but as of yet.....nothing heard. Just curious to know if the email address is still valid/BTO busy. Is there another website I can look at because everywhere...
  25. Gaz Shilton

    Is this a Peacock?

    Complete novice with butterflies. Thought this was very colourful. Is this just a common Peacock? Judging by the 'eyes'.