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  1. Chkm8

    DSLR adapter discontinued.

    I have just purchased the vortex viper 20-60x85. I want to use this for digiscoping and the adapter seemed a straight forward fit. Until you go to buy it that is. Then you find out it has been discontinued. Can anyone advise me on a suitable adapter by a different manufacturer. Thanks in...
  2. Chkm8

    Sea Eagle

    Despite the winds and the midges, living on the shore of lough Neagh does have its benefits. First sighting of a sea eagle so definitely 1 to remember. Also a slight increase this year in the raptors.
  3. Chkm8

    Useful trailcam link

    Found this today and thought it worth adding. While I'm not sure about their top 10 cams which is based on the best sellers (which is often price rather than quality related). If you scroll past the reviews there is an excellent guide to trail cams , what to look for, advantages and...
  4. Chkm8

    New trail cam

    Great to see this forum open. I have just bought my first trail cam and look forward to capturing some footage and sharing it with you all. Placed last night and captured what looked like a badger in the distance. Just too far away to be sure. So out again tonight and hopefully get luckier...
  5. Chkm8

    Bull finches

    Photographing a wedding at the weekend. Looked out the window at the brides house to see 2 Bullfinches in the garden. The bride nor the make up artist were impressed no matter how many times I told them how rare they were. Still I got a kick out of it. Hadn't seen any in years.
  6. Chkm8

    full frame for wildlife

    I have a canon 50D and am considering changing to a 5D MKII as I am doing a lot of studio work at the moment. Having spent quite a lot on my wildlife kit inc a 30mm f4 and extenders can anyone tell me will I lose much in the way of reach changing from a cropped to a full frame sensor. John.
  7. Chkm8

    Which birding lens

    I have a canon 50D and my longest lens is the sigma 70-300 APO Great lens but just not enough reach. I would like at least 500mm. Either something like the sigma 50-500 , Sigma 150-500 or maybe the canon 100-400 witha 1.4 teleconvertor. Any suggestions / sample photos greatly appreciated. John.
  8. Chkm8

    what set up

    I have a budget of approx £500 and want to get started in digiscoping. My main aim is bird photography with the hope of getting some shots of the moon and the next eclipse etc. I am using a Canon 50D and have been reading some of the threads where telescopes can also be used for digiscoping. Any...
  9. Chkm8

    Scope recomendations

    I have been thinking about buying my first scope. My main intrest is photography and I will be looking for something in the £500 range thats optically good and flexible. I will want to digiscope for bird photography with my canon 50D DSLR but also want to be able to use it for astronomy. I...
  10. Chkm8

    Buzzard death

    Buzzard death in Conistone in Yorkshire . Most Likely poisoned. http://www.flickr.com/photos/guinessman31/5067367917/in/photostream/
  11. Chkm8

    Bird app for iphone

    Just downloaded birdguide Britian app for my iphone. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/bird-guide-britain-a-field/id360451309?mt=8 Brilliant app and have to agree with the reviews it is well worth the £6:99 There are free apps and pay apps starting at under £1 and ranging to around £15. While this...
  12. Chkm8

    Which starter binoculars

    My main interest is in photographing rather than observing birds. Given that I really only need binoculars for brief observation before spending the most of my time trying to get a decent photo can you reccomend something light weight approx 10 x 40 and up around £100 ? I was looking at the...
  13. Chkm8

    which camera

    I have a Canon DSLR and prefer canon (simply my own preference) I recently dropped and broke my canon powershot and was thinknig about getting a replacement suitable for scoping. Was looking at the Canon PowerShot A590 but can spend a bit more to ensure I get the right camera first time round...
  14. Chkm8

    getting started

    I am currently using my 20x50 binoculars for bird watching and a canon 350D with a 70-300 APO for photography. With the new arrival of hen harriers which bred this year and have stayed in the area I can't get close enough with either the camera or the binoculars. Generally 300-400yds away. Check...
  15. Chkm8

    possible marsh harrier

    took this pretty quickly over marshland on shore lough neagh N.Ireland. The bird in question was at the time quartering pretty low down. Roughly 6ft or so above the ground though at the time of the photo I had been spotted and it moved higher and further away. Wing span at least 36" red...
  16. Chkm8


    I have been trying for about 1yr now to gradually improve my technique. At first my results with the Sigma 70-300APO were soft at the upper end of the scale. While still not perfect I am getting used to the lens and am submitting a recent phot for critique. All comments welcome I still have lots...
  17. Chkm8

    what bird

    Juvenille something but what ??? John.
  18. Chkm8

    MM2 ED Mighty Midget

    I am looking for a light spotting scope for a beginner in scoping. I was looking at the Mighty Midget Ed version and the one I saw has a 25x W eye piece. The other option is 15 - 40x Which I assume means I have the option of a number of magnifications between 15mm and 40mm. Can anyone tell me...
  19. Chkm8

    Kenko PRO 300 1.4x DG

    I am considering buying the Kenko PRO 300 1.4x DG to get some extra length for my Sigma 70-300APO. I have read that the converter is not recomended for lenses below 100mm and certainally not starting below 50mm. If it can be used has anyone used it with the Sigma 70-300 and have you any sample...
  20. Chkm8

    who stole the house martins nest

    Please excuse my ignorance as I am sure this is probably a common bird. I noticed it on the top of the seat out back flying up to a house martins nest. They had deserted the nest and this bird and partner were now taking it over. Would love an id on the bird. Thanks. John.
  21. Chkm8

    soft pictures

    Took this today. Distance about 15-20ft only used 200mm of the possible 300mm on the lens. Cropped and sharpened but still soft as were most of the shots. Opinions welcome. John. Camera: Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL Lens: Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 APO Aperture: f 5.6 ISO: 400 Shutter speed: 1/320 s...
  22. Chkm8

    I'm Thinking Buzzard

    Bit too far away to be sure and as a general appreciater of wildlife and the countryside rather than specifiacally knowledgable on birds I am hoping you guys can confirm for me. I spotted the bird hunting along the waters edge among the marsh ground beside Lough Neagh N.Ireland.
  23. Chkm8

    Different sizes for the same species ?

    Went to buy some nest boxes today. Apart from the round versus rectangular there are numerous variations in depth which vary by several inches top to bottom. All carry the RSPB label but is there any preference anyone has noticed eg: a minimum depth from entrance to base as some even with the...
  24. Chkm8

    Which Raptor

    I was out in the back garden this morning and heard a screech from behind me. I turned around and saw a large (medium seagull in size) bird about 30ft or so up and about 70 - 100 ft away. I thought it may have caught a smaller bird in mid flight as the sky is full of song birds, house martins...
  25. Chkm8

    identify by song

    I have moved to the countryside about 2 years back and do everything possible to attract birds to the garden. I know most on sight but not by song. Today while relaxing in the garden and listening to the brds singing I thought I heard a phone ring but it was a bird call that was so close to the...