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  1. Keebs

    Unusual bird and song, please help with ID - Scaling Dam, North Yorkshire, England

    Saw a male Chaffinch and heard a Greenfinch for my money.
  2. Goldfinch Nesting

    Goldfinch Nesting

  3. Keebs

    UK Photographers to Follow

    Mike Atkinson?
  4. Displaying Dunnock

    Displaying Dunnock

  5. Keebs

    Early Egyptian Goslings?

    Thanks - didn't know that, was a bit of a surprise seeing them.
  6. Keebs

    Early Egyptian Goslings?

    2 very young chicks with parents in Little Venice, London on Saturday! Is this a bit early or normal for city behaviour? I presume the average temperature is higher in London than out in the sticks?




  9. Keebs

    Magpie nesting?

    That would make sense 👍
  10. Keebs

    Magpie nesting?

    UK in November?
  11. Keebs

    Magpie nesting?

    Just seen a Magpie fly over my garden carrying a large twig, surely not nesting? What else would it be doing with it?
  12. Keebs

    UK - Merlin?

    Thanks - new one for me :t:
  13. Keebs

    UK - Merlin?

    Vague moustache, short "stubby" appearance and heavily streaked chest - is it a Merlin? Somerset wetland/farmland habitat.
  14. Keebs

    UK Kingfisher feather?

    Thanks :t::t:
  15. Keebs

    UK Kingfisher feather?

    Seems most likely given the size and location found - a cobweb below an outfall at a lake.
  16. Spotted Flycatcher

    Spotted Flycatcher

  17. Keebs

    Little Owls? (audio only) UK

    Thanks for the info :t:
  18. Keebs

    Little Owls? (audio only) UK

    That may well be right - to my ears they sound more strident than a Little Owl, which has a rather more "hollow" tone. Did hear adult Tawnies but further away.
  19. Keebs

    Little Owls? (audio only) UK

    Heard two birds constantly, probably every 20 seconds or so as they moved around calling in the trees behind me just after dark. I'm assuming Little Owls as they don't sound like Tawnies or Barnies, but they also don't quite match the audio on Xeno Canto so thought I'd check here. I could not...
  20. Keebs

    Jumper ID - UK

    I think I may have found it - Copper Sun Jumper? (H. cupreus)
  21. Keebs

    Jumper ID - UK

    This is the third species of jumper I've found in the garden this week, but I can't find an ID for it. The nearest I've found online body-wise is a Sun Jumper but the palps and legs are the wrong colour.
  22. Spiderstack5hi


    Spider with prey. Been experimenting with focus stacking, this one is 5 images.
  23. Keebs

    Would-be woodpecker

    My father had a camera nest box that Blue Tits nested in and both would do exactly that for hours on end, mostly to the bottom of the box - it was literally pock-marked when they were done. The only thing I could come up with was that because the nest box material was smooth wood, the nesting...
  24. Keebs

    Corona virus threat to birding

    Beggars belief. :C https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-52047532
  25. Keebs

    I thought these were chaffinches?

    Linnet - all day long