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  1. corralup

    Common Tern???

    Found on Texas Gulf Coast close to Surfside, TX---Your thoughts on the Tern ID PLZ. THANKS.
  2. corralup

    Sharp shinned or Cooper's Hawk

    There seems to be a debate over my hawk I found in the Rio Grande Valley-Texas. Both pics same hawk. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. corralup

    Peregrine falcon???

    I'm thinking this is a immature Peregrine Falcon. What do you think? close to Galveston, Texas.
  4. corralup

    What kind of Owl please

    ID Confirmed Eastern Screech Owl--Thank you! Dallas, TX area------------I was calling it a long eared owl but others are calling it a eastern screech owl. Eastern Screech Owl it is! Thanks for your help Corralup/Sandy
  5. corralup

    Sparrow ID please

    Can anyone help me with this Sparrow? Galveston county Texas New arrival migrant. Thanks
  6. corralup

    Bronzed Cowbird?

    Found this one in Galveston, TX yesterday...In April five months ago I found a breeding pair with a juvi. I think this is the same juvi (same location)at 7 months old. It's missing the red iris which it's because it's a juvi bronzed cowbird. Am I right? The beak matches a bronzed cowbird. I...
  7. corralup

    Corpus Christi, TX BIRD ID Please

    Doing this for a friend of mine...I need your help on the ID please. I'm just clueless. Thanks in advance! Sandy
  8. corralup

    A goose is a goose but which one?

    Is this a Dark Morph Snow Goose? Only goose amongst domesticated ducks and geese. College of the Mainland, Texas City, TX. http://www.pbase.com/corralup/image/153572769
  9. corralup

    Coopers Hawk?

    Funny I can ID them from other people's photos but I just don't know with mine. Thanks ahead of time. Sandy http://www.pbase.com/corralup/image/153326877
  10. corralup

    Tropical Parula Hybrid?

    I checked the date of the hyrid I saw a couple of years ago and it's the same week if it's the same Parula. Quintana, Texas
  11. corralup

    1st Winter Large Gull

    I need help again...Location Texas Gulf Coast. This one I found banded! Pretty excited about that. TY!
  12. corralup

    Two different Grebes-- Which is the Horned Grebe?

    How can you tell the difference between a Horned and a Eared Grebe? I noticed in some non breeding plumage pictures that the Horned Grebe has some red going to the bottom beak. So if that's the case are both of these Grebes Eared Grebes? There is a Horned Grebe in (Dike)Texas City, TX that...
  13. corralup

    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker With Black Crown

    Would you consider this a female? I never saw one with this much black on top of the head before. It's not a Williamson's Sapsucker being that it was with a couple other Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers.
  14. corralup

    Need ID Galveston Texas Area. Marsh/Beach

    I'm so excited to find a new bird for my list but I don't know what it is. Maybe it's rare or just a migrant. Here is a male...I got the female too! Thanks!
  15. corralup

    Colorful Female Vermillion Flycatcher or Young Male?

    Somebody suggested it was a female but I never seen one with this much red before. Do you think it is a young male? Thanks!
  16. corralup

    Sparrow ID

    Got him in Smithville, TX. Help! Thanks.
  17. corralup

    ID on Warbler--Texas

    This one didn't give my lens a chance to focus. It's the only shot I got of her. I'm thinking this is a Black-throated Blue Warbler. Got it in Lafitte's Cove, Galveston, Texas yesterday. Thanks for your help on the ID ahead of time. Sandy This would be my first on this type of warbler.
  18. corralup

    Horned or Eared Grebes???

    I'm so excited to find a bunch of these on Texas City Dike. Texas City, Texas! http://upload.pbase.com/image/140493166
  19. corralup

    Big Cormorant Looking Bird-HELP!

    Ok, this one really has me stumped. Please I need your help before I go crazy! Yes, the feet were really that color. Look at the beak it's straight and pointed so it can't be a Juvenile Great Cormorant. I tried to get the photo as close as I could to the actual color. The only thing I did...
  20. corralup

    Tern But Which One?

    I live on the Texas Coast...Found this one in the marsh diving like a tern does. Thanks! Could this be a Gull-billed Tern? Maybe 1st Winter?
  21. corralup

    Found in Texas Coast Marsh

    Help! Thanks. Found this one at San Bernard NWR yesterday. I have no clue.
  22. corralup

    Possible Tropical Parula--Texas Gulf Coast

    I heard this is very rare to see...Can you help me out with the ID? Is it possible this is a Hybrid? Location Quintana Bird Sanctuary, Quintana, Texas.
  23. corralup

    Orange-crowned Warbler or Palm Warbler?

    Can you guys help me? Thanks ahead of time! Both pics same bird. South Houston, TX...Texas Coast. Sandy
  24. corralup

    Possible Merlin Male?

    Please help ID this rapture. Texas Coast. Starting to see hawks migrate to the South now.
  25. corralup

    Peregrine Falcon????

    I found a nice raptor this morning. Please help me with the ID. I'm dying to know what it is. Thanks ahead of time. Smithville, Texas---Hill Country Sandy