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    Macro extension tubes for Canon with good build quality?

    To be Captain Obvious - Canon sells extension tubes specifically for their own EOS lens/camera mount. Not the cheapest, but will fit up and work properly and cheaper than a lens repair. Should be available on the used market and short of outright abuse there is little to go wrong with a used one.
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    Stuck on what to hire.

    I'm not sure than I can contribute any useful help, as I have been wavering back and forth between the same choices myself. The biggest point holding me back from going with the Canon R is not the camera itself, but the cost of switching over to the glass to go with it. However, I hope that...
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    Flycatchers - Panjin, Liaoning, China

    Thanks, Grahame. Good info to keep in mind as one thing that keeps birding Panjin interesting is that in the past there was very little reporting and hence I'm constantly getting photo evidence of things that the range charts say shouldn't be here. Hence I might pickup a RBF yet someday...
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    Flycatchers - Panjin, Liaoning, China

    Further consideration and deeper digging on the internet and I now think you are correct, Taiga is the most probable. The gray on the face below the eye and the eye-ring was making me think R-b, but looking at more photos online and rechecking Tom Beeke's "The Birds of Dalian", I am now inclined...
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    Flycatchers - Panjin, Liaoning, China

    It seems that the Flycatchers are in the peak of migration right now as I caught some new similar looking ones today and would like some confirmation since new to me. First is one I first thought to be a Taiga Flycatcher, but on closer viewing seemed to look more like a Red-breasted F...
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    Will this lens+extender AF on this camera body?

    No, I wasn't using the Extender at that time. I wasn't clear enough about that. Even without it the autofocus was finicky. Nothing like the 7Dii that I upgraded to.
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    Will this lens+extender AF on this camera body?

    I had to look it up myself, but Canon sells the entry level DSLR cameras under the "Rebel" designation in the USA. What I originally had was a 500d to the rest of the world. Long before the 7D first came out. I do remember that it was slow to autofocus but sometimes just wouldn't, but in...
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    Canon EF Camera Recommendations?

    I'll give a thumbs up to Frank's advice! I have stuck to the 7D II, mostly just because in my mind I can't justify the cost of upgrading to mirrorless body and lenses and usually use it with the Canon 300mm f4, which I bought used very reasonably, with the Canon 1.4 extender and get excellent...
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    Spot AF vs Zone AF with animal tracking

    I'm taking a bit of a guess here as I don't have the newest Canon tech, but it sounds to me like "Face Detect" is referring to human face detecting. Hence it gets confused when it can't find a human face. The "Eye Detect" however looks for just that, an eye to focus on, including either human...
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    Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

    An update on the feeder project here in Panjin. Yesterday we had the pair of O. Magpie back. One was eating the cracked corn we put out and sampling the peanut butter while the other stole some of the neighbor's dog's food and carried it over to our feeder. It had a piece of meat or maybe...
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    Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

    Hi Mike, The Ural Owl was from early on in my birding, but I feel more certain of the ID now, with more spotting experience, than I did then. I was investigating what the O. Magpie were so loudly upset about and had walked back into a wooded area. Not seeing anything except really pissed off...
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    Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

    I got enough of a look that I am fairly confident in ruling out Eagle Owl or Long-eared due to the neck/head shape and their being no discernible "ear" tufts. Ural seems most likely from the coloration of the undersides and that I have recorded one here maybe six or seven years ago. But, on...
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    Hong-Kong - Peregrine Falcon just on my windows !

    Great stuff and thanks for sharing with us!
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    Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

    Since I can't get out to do the migration exploration that I am aching to be doing right now, a few little gems from out the backdoor. Our long term experimenting with a feeder are continuing to slowly improve and at least provide a little bit of distraction while stuck at home. After trying...
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    Canon Powershot sx50

    Yeah, I agree about it being a handy walk-about kit. I currently have an SX-70 that I use for days I don't expect to really need the bigger 7D kit. Just to address the obvious, are you sure your battery is up to snuff? The Powershot line does tend to use up batteries quickly and I have seen...
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    Will this lens+extender AF on this camera body?

    Hi Ev, Canon says the EF 1.4 mkIII extender (latest version) with the 100-400mm would yield 140-560mm f/6-7.8. Close to my Sigma 150-600mm lens. I can't say for sure about the 700D but I was very successful using a much older Rebel model and a mk I extender with a 100-400mm mkI lens when I...
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    Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

    Hi Mike, The sawbills were all binocular aided visual IDs as I was primarily focused on the big flocks and on the Cranes and they were just flying back and forth in the foreground. I found a few poor quality accidental captures of the Common Merganser (I still automatically log them as...
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    Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

    March 9, 2022 Based on local birders reporting that the migration suddenly took hold with large numbers of waterfowl being seen, I managed a quick trip to Gedalou Reservoir and it payed off big. One of my wife's friends, who lives near Gedalou, had called early that morning to tip me off to...
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    Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

    A long absence for me, but I made some outings between snowfalls during the last few days. Unfortunately, the continued destruction of the birding grounds near to home has continued. Looks like no local undisturbed wetlands for this year. Fill dirt now being hauled in to the last patch to the...
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    Looking to upgrade

    Hi Ev, I am currently using a 7D, but I do have both the Sigma 150-600mm & a Canon EF 400mm F4. The Sigma is a very good lens for the money. Not quite as sharp as the Canon EF 400mm f5.6 or f4, but close. I find that at least on the 7D the autofocus works better on the Canon, but I have...
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    Canon EF 70-200 mm F/4.0 L IS USM with tripod

    It is advisable to turn off the IS when using a tripod. I checked with the Canon chart and that lens can also be used with the 1.4 extender effectively giving you a 98-200mm f/5.6 set up or even the 2.0 extender effectively giving you a 140-400mm f/8 set up. I have been using the 300mm f/4...
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    Upgrading for a 7D which way to go?

    I am still shooting with a 7D mkii and I have to say that it is a real workhorse. I would still rate it as a great birding camera. I keep thinking that I "need" one of the new mirrorless models, but but the 7D mkii keeps getting the job done so especially since it would also entail upgrading...
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    Ng Tung Chai, Hong Kong

    I am also quite impressed with the pictures you've been getting with that Sony! Keeps getting better and better, so I guess your getting more familiar with it. Your posts and the winter weather make me wish I could get some straight answers from the Entry/Exit Police here as to whether...
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    Canon Powershot sx50 hs or Fujifilm s4000

    Hi, and welcome to the hobby and to the forum! I normally use a Canon 7D, but I do also have a SX-70 that I picked up as it is much smaller and lighter. For the needs that you list, I would expect the SX50 to be a good fit except for the night photos. I have found that my SX-70 needs good...
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    Panjin Birding by the Old Fat Man

    Sorry for the long absence. November I was occupied with family so much that I didn't get out much and December has been pretty unproductive. Unfortunately, a hike this week revealed that another of my favorite local haunts is now under heavy development. However, one good thing to report...