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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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  1. CSG

    New SF 8x32 delivered today but...

    There is, what seems to me, an obvious problem with the focuser. Not only is it not anywhere as smooth as either my Victory HT 8x42 or Conquest HD 8x32 but there is a good 1/4" of play when the focuser is at rest. Also, the diopter adjustment has even more free play when trying to adjust it...
  2. CSG

    Is the 8x32 Victory SF really worth almost 2.5x the cost of the 8x32 Conquest HD?

    Other than a wider FOV and slightly brighter image what do I really gain? IIRC, focus distance is a little closer with the Conquests. Having the Victory HT 8x42s as my main bin, I do see a difference between that glass and the smaller Conquests, particularly in color. The Conquests, like my...
  3. CSG

    Well, for no good reason other than curiosity, I ordered a pair of 7x35 Retrovids and 7x42 Ultravids

    I have so little need for either but I wanted to try both of these 7x models. Having the excellent Zeiss 8x42 Victory HTs, it's hard to imagine keeping the 7x42s but the Retro 7x35s are just so cool looking but with modern optics, I suspect if they work for me ergonomically, I'll keep them...
  4. CSG

    Rubber cup over right eyepiece (8x32 Conquest HD) coming loose. The ep itself is fine just the rubber covering

    Called Zeiss CS this morning and they have a cheery announcement saying the are not talking business calls today, please leave a message, and promptly disconnect the call. All I wanted to know was what type of glue to refasten the rubber eycup back onto the ep shaft/body. Any ideas? Something...
  5. CSG

    Could someone who's compared both discuss why one would choose the Swaro CL Companion 8x30 vs Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 or vice versa?

    I have not seen the new CLs and have never owned a pair of Swaros but have always been drawn to them. I do own the Conquest HD 8x32 which are a few ounces heavier, uglier, but have a wider field of view and closer focus. They've become my most used bins. Why do people choose the 8x30 CLs...
  6. CSG

    Which ___ to 300mm zoom?

    I have a D7200 but my longest lens is the kit 18-105 that came with my old D90. Nikon makes 55-300 and 70-300 zoom lenses for both DX and FX bodies and with or without VR. I'm suffering analysis paralysis. I've been thinking of the one that's designed for the FX bodies as it has a metal mount...
  7. CSG

    Anyone using the XPro1 for digiscoping?

    I've got an XPro1 and the 18-55 lens. Is this a suitable camera for digiscoping?
  8. CSG

    Second effort at digiscoping with Kowa 883 and iPhone SE

    Using the Kowa phone adapter to hold the phone to the eyepiece. Made a couple adjustments to the eyecup and zoom range to remove most of the vignetting. This is a 50%+ crop from the original SE photo and taken at about 50x. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/33396426733/in/photostream/
  9. CSG

    Digiscoping with iPhone SE question

    So I made a quick attempt using the Kowa iPhone 5 holder on my Kowa 883. I saw there was an image circle on my phone and used the zoom to eliminate it. Of course, the digital zoom almost immediately destroys an image with artifacts. So when digiscoping with one's phone, do you leave the image...
  10. CSG

    New TSN-883 on the way

    After trying to convince myself to just use my Televue Pronto (70mm) as a spotter, I gave in to my desire for the 88mm Kowa. Will post photos and my thoughts upon arrival and testing. I almost went with a Swaro but $$ played a big part along with the outstanding reviews for the Prominar series...
  11. CSG

    Thinking of the ATS-65 with the 25-50 ep

    I had a chance to view through an STS-65 with the 20-60 at a local store and was pretty impressed when compared to the 65mm Vortex Razor. The Razor, while nice, couldn't approach the Swaro for resolution at the end of the zoom range. I read some older threads regarding the 20-60 vs 25-50 ep...
  12. CSG

    Is there any reason I should not use my TV scopes for spotting?

    Other than a correct L/R image and waterproofing, etc. what am I missing? I used my TV Pronto today, mostly with a 20mm TV Plossl and a 45 degree erecting prism and it seemed pretty good to me. I ended up putting my 2" diagonal back in and gotter better images still (albeit reversed). Also...
  13. CSG

    Atlas Optics ED 7x36 and Zen-Ray ED2 7x36 the same bin?

    Atlas Optics Zen-Ray It seems like they must be sister binoculars as all the stated specs seem to be the same but EO sells the Atlas for $300 while the Zens are $375. If one wanted a 7x36 pair is there an advantage to the Zen-Ray labeled version I'm unaware of?
  14. CSG

    What was the criticism of the old Conquest 8x30?

    I impulsively picked up one of these from Costco who has them on their website at $399.99 shipped (plus local sales tax). I knew they were small and light and that if I didn't like them it was an easy return. I'd read the eye cups were push/pull and locking. On mine, they are twist up with no...
  15. CSG

    Why is there so little actual discussion here?

    I notice that binocular sub-forums can go days without any new comments yet there are hundred of views of a particular topic. Has it all been said already? I'm just puzzled why the Binocular forum isn't a lot busier (but it's the busiest one on the net that I've found).
  16. CSG

    Conquest HD 8x32 owners - a question

    Have you had a chance to compare them with the HD 8x42's? Particularly with eye placement and whether or not you get similar blackouts from too short an eye cup? I had to exchange my 8x42 HD's as they were so fussy for me ergonomically. I've read a few comments that indicate the 8x32's are...
  17. CSG

    The hat trick and non-extended eye cups

    Probably a terrible topic title for this but the subject is interesting to me. I generally don't wear glasses to observe so I have been in the habit of extending the eye cups to adjust eye relief to my eyes. Long ago, a hunter buddy showed me his little trick for steadying his binoculars by...
  18. CSG

    10x50 - porro or roof?

    These would be used, specifically, for casual star gazing, mostly at home (I live in a rural area with dark skies). Requirements: Light weight Wide field (open minded here) Excellent optics with good color correction Enough ER for me to wear glasses (don't wear them during the day but have an...
  19. CSG

    Conquest HD 8x42 - Zeiss will be providing new eyecups

    I just got my pair from Eagle Optics today knowing about the issue for many that the eyecups don't extend out quite far enough for those not wearing glasses. I'd experimented with Field Optics winged eyeshields and they help block the stray light coming in from having to hold the bins on your...
  20. CSG

    Winged eyecups for 8x32 SE?

    In spite of trying to find something to replace these with for a price I can afford, the only thing close I've seen to the SE image runs in the $2k range. Like many bins, these are a bit finicky re: eye placement to not get blackouts. One thing that might be a help to me would be winged...
  21. CSG

    Celestron Granite 7x33?

    A recent offering of ED/phase/dialectric bins in their line for $320 (street price). Anyone know anything at all about these, who makes them, etc.?
  22. CSG

    All I ever get is an answering machine

    Leave messages, no return call. At least I can talk to humans at Vortex and EO...
  23. CSG

    SE 8x32's beat both Swarovski 8x32 and 8x42 EL's IMO

    I stopped by a local shop today with the idea of picking up some waterproof roofs and figured I'd work top down comparing the images to my SE's. The short of it was that I felt the SE's out performed not only the 8x32 EL's but the larger 8x42's as well. I was checking for image clarity, edge...
  24. CSG

    Who makes Eagle Optics Ranger bins?

    Can't seem to find any info. Are these Chinese?
  25. CSG

    8x32 SE - Wow!

    I mentioned I found an open box pair of these for $550 from a good online dealer (who like others has found the SE's to be slow sellers in favor of the roof prism bins). Received them today and all I can say is wow! These strike me as being the optical equivalent of the big 3 and Nikon's own...