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  1. Tired

    Is Miracle Gro Lawn Food safe?

    Granule style fertilizers aren't very good for the environment in general. It's easy for them to run off and get into local waterways, which can cause serious algae blooms. If you want to stick with a lawn, maybe look into top-dressing with compost, which is more environmentally friendly and...
  2. Tired

    Should I move the nest?

    If she's built in a location that's bad enough that it makes the nest non-viable, she should abandon the eggs well before they hatch. It's sad, but they're eggs- they don't suffer. Moving a bird nest doesn't work. The bird will either rebuild in the same spot, or leave entirely. If there are...
  3. Tired

    Best seed for doves?

    I did some testing with containers of seeds, to see what the doves ate the most of. Safflower seeds go over really well, as do hulled sunflower seeds. Millet is pretty popular as well, as are sunflower seeds, but the safflower seeds really seem to be the winner. There's also one particularly big...
  4. 7 Entire Doves

    7 Entire Doves

    Okay, this is halfway a picture of my cat. The dark tint on the lower part of the window is one-way film. From the outside, it looks like a shiny, vaguely metallic surface, which means the birds can't see in. Therefore they can't see the cat, or me staring at them. I added the windowsill...
  5. Tired

    "Wheepa-wheel" bird, not quite like Whip-poor-will, in Uvalde, TX

    There seem to be several Whip-poor-will-like birds named for their calls, though this one doesn't sound as much like its name as they do. In person, I couldn't really hear that first 'chip' noise that the calls online are showing off, especially in areas with multiple calling at once. I think...
  6. Tired

    "Wheepa-wheel" bird, not quite like Whip-poor-will, in Uvalde, TX

    Ah, that's it! Thank you. We were wondering what that was. There were quite a lot of these around. I got a glimpse of something perched on a road that might have been one, before it flew away. One of the guides at the ranch there has actually caught one (or a Whip-poor-will) by hand...
  7. Tired

    Is it safe to Look at clouds with binoculars during the day?

    Viewing clouds that aren't immediately next to the sun, with binoculars or not, should be safe. But it can be quite bright and uncomfortable on the eyes, so it's a reasonable question. Different comfort levels apply, but there are plenty of things that are unpleasant on the eyes without being...
  8. Tired

    "Wheepa-wheel" bird, not quite like Whip-poor-will, in Uvalde, TX

    Several birds heard at night, separate from each other, in a scrubby, brushy area with low trees. I thought maybe Whip-poor-will, but the calls Merlin has for those sound like "whip-poorwill, whip-POORWILL", and these birds are more like "wheepa-wheel" or "wheepa-wheeol". They sound close in...
  9. Tired

    Orange feather found in field near Wolverhampton, England yesterday

    Egyptian Geese aren't that bright orange. This is in fact a feather from a bird, but somebody has dyed it. That's where feathers for children's things come from. Generally it's easier to obtain feathers and dye them than to make realistic-looking fake feathers, it seems.
  10. Tired

    "grey" Snowy Egret, Campeche, Mexico

    It does look a bit like pigmentation, but I think that's just mud.
  11. Tired

    Any (feasible) way to keep feeders up safely with avian flu around?

    Can't the avian flu spread between birds if one bird sneezes on another? I coulda sworn I read that it can be droplet-borne for them.
  12. Tired

    Leaving my garden feeders for 3 months

    Maybe somebody saw that birds may hang around an empty feeder if they know it'll be filled at a certain time of day, and extrapolated it from there? Most fruits and vegetables are probably fine, though onions are toxic to just about every non-human vertebrate I can think of. Humans actually...
  13. Tired

    Raw meat bits

    The main birds that would be really interested in raw meat are vultures and birds of prey, neither of which should be fed by humans. Crows and ravens might like it, but I wouldn't bet on them being nearby right when you throw it out. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of organ meat and some...
  14. Tired

    Leaving my garden feeders for 3 months

    You aren't hurting the birds. Wild food sources are unpredictable. If a food source isn't currently providing anything, the birds know to go elsewhere. Human feeding of wild animals should never get to a point where it's artificially supporting them, anyway. Bird feeding is mainly for your...
  15. Tired

    How can I protect a nest from crows?

    Crows aren't guaranteed to kill all nests nearby. Otherwise there would be no other birds in places with crows. The best thing you can do is not draw attention to the nest, and hopefully they won't notice it. If they do go after it, that's sad, but they're all wild animals; this is what they do...
  16. Tired

    Any point to putting out bluebird feeder if already have tons of bluebirds?

    Bird feeders are mainly to bring the birds to where you can easily see them. The best way to help any species of bird is to plant things that either produce their food, or attract things they eat. Human feeding of wild animals should never go to an extent that boosts the population of the...
  17. Tired

    Any (feasible) way to keep feeders up safely with avian flu around?

    With regular diseases, sure, but a lot of reputable sources seem to be recommending that anyone in areas with the avian flu take their feeders down. Not encouraging different species of birds to be in the same area seems like good practice in the event of a bird pandemic. Like how cleaning...
  18. Tired

    Still crying

    You should probably check whether said guy actually has any authority to tell you to stop it. If he does, plant things that grow berries and seeds, and you should be able to attract birds. That's their natural food source. That said, the critters will be fine. They're wild animals, after...
  19. Tired

    Small finch? In san mateo county California

    I'd say House Finch or Purple Finch. The coloration leans a bit towards Purple Finch. Not sure if y'all have House Finches out there.
  20. Tired

    Wayward Yellow-rumped Warbler spotted feeding on whale carcass

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/185008678318969/posts/2262573677229115/ https://ebird.org/checklist/S109420025?fbclid=IwAR3NDBANKk3Je7-yTsYRiTJodaiYedoIYXZGRjsgFXpcKdpzKtYi_aebxQ4 Check this out! I suppose it thought it had found a gigantic suet feeder.
  21. Tired

    Any (feasible) way to keep feeders up safely with avian flu around?

    So far, it's only had one sighting in Texas, over a month ago, in a commercial poultry farm. Doesn't seem to be spreading here, or if it is, it's being damn sneaky.
  22. Tired

    Question about feeding mallards close to house.

    Feeding birds in any context has to be done carefully. We don't want them to become dependent on us for food, or to approach humans looking for food. That said, feeding birds near one's house is generally not thought to make them less afraid of people in the wide world. It'll make them less...
  23. Tired

    Myiarchus flycatcher trying to get into house, every May, for years

    Since at least 2019, a Myiarchus flycatcher (I think a Great Crested) has been turning up around our house every year. For the first couple weeks in May, it flies up to the windows and flutters against them, scratching with its claws, as if trying to get in. Sometimes it lands on the sill and...
  24. Tired


    A feeder elsewhere should help distract them. You may see some places advertising bird mesh to cover bushes and trees, but this mesh can easily entangle birds, so it's not a great idea. Birds don't generally like flashing things. If you can find some old CDs and hang them so that they spin in...
  25. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'Grey heron'

    This has to be the most majestic front-angle photo of a heron I've ever seen. They usually look ridiculous at this angle. Nice shot.