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  1. David Nicholson

    no skylarks this year

    I've been hearing one every time I go to M+S or Boots at the Arnison Centre retail park at Pity Me in Durham.
  2. David Nicholson

    UK Moth ID

    Thanks very much. Appreciated.
  3. David Nicholson

    UK Moth ID

    Can anyone please tell me what sp. this is?
  4. David Nicholson

    Which beetle is this please~SW Turkey

    A Female Pine Chafer, Polyphylla fullo. The male looks the same but has great big antennae.
  5. David Nicholson

    house martins nests.

    Can't say I've noticed any House Martin nests, but I know of a small cliff face with dozens of Sand Martins about 1 - 1.5 miles from Durham center.
  6. David Nicholson

    anyone ever seen.

    Hello, I saw one last summer at Belmont being harassed by Gulls.
  7. David Nicholson

    French beetle ID please

    I think thats a female Stag Beetle.
  8. David Nicholson

    Blister bug/beetle ? ? (Texas)

    Or try this one... http://www.insectidentification.org/insect-description.asp?identification=Leaf-Footed-Bug
  9. David Nicholson

    Blister bug/beetle ? ? (Texas)

    Well its a bug, not a beetle, closest I can find for Texas would be... http://insects.tamu.edu/images/insects/common/images/a-txt/aimg67.html but it's not exactly the same could be a similar sp.
  10. David Nicholson

    Insect for I/D

    Panorpa communis, or its common name is scorpion fly.
  11. David Nicholson

    Beetle Id please - Manchester

    Annie, thats a Click Beetle. Pick it up between your index finger and thumb to find out why. dave
  12. David Nicholson

    Frog Spawn Disaster

    The frogspawn in the pond this year seemed to just melt away after a couple of weeks. The outer jelly layer dissolved leaving hundreds of little half formed black embryos to drift about under the water. Last time I looked was on Thursday afternoon, and there was nothing left to see. Last years...
  13. David Nicholson

    hello from durham

    hello mick. Welcome to Bird Forum.
  14. David Nicholson

    Frog spawn in garden pond......

    Got about six clumps of Frog spawn, not much but about 75% more than last year (relatively new pond). One clump seems to have albino nuclei - thought it was an empty mass of jelly at first, but no it has little white dots. Dave
  15. David Nicholson

    Ant in Spanish Nectarine (UK)

    Hey Rob, You should take it back anyway, you got a clubcard? Dave. nice ant btw
  16. David Nicholson

    Large Frog/Toad.

    Take a look here ...... http://www.whose-tadpole.net/ it might help you identify your visitor dave
  17. David Nicholson

    tapwater in ponds during drought

    Thanks for the feedback. Storms are forecast on Thursday, but if nothing happens, I'll take the hosepipe route Dave
  18. David Nicholson

    tapwater in ponds during drought

    It hasn't rained much here in the North East of England recently, and as a result the garden pond level has dropped about four inches over the past few weeks. I read somewhere that it was ok to top up your pond in times of drought with a hosepipe. Would the chlorine in the tap water be harmful...
  19. David Nicholson

    Beetle Id Please

    Hi Bob. Its a Pine Chafer, polyphylla fullo dave
  20. David Nicholson

    Water Boatman on Lily Pad

    Just thought I would share this pic of a back swimmer above water Dave
  21. David Nicholson

    Millipede id please, near Edinburgh

    Hello, I think its called Schizophyllum sabulosum, and it likes sandy soil. David
  22. David Nicholson

    Studies of Bee-fly

    i think its rather cute and cuddly - for a fly that is. nice photos
  23. David Nicholson

    Identification please

    Hi Pete, I think they are some kind of sawfly, because of the four wings (2 in true flies) and lack of pronounced waist. I'm guessing at Cephidae. And I'm pretty sure the antennae are straight when alive. Dave
  24. David Nicholson

    My wildlife pond and garden

    Hi Snowyowl, What is the plant around the edge of your pond, the large green clump at the front??? I need something like it for my pond. Cheers Dave
  25. David Nicholson

    Spiders at the canopy Tower

    Hi Martin, No ID I'm afraid, but on pic 3 is that a small male approaching from above? Dave