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  1. Mat & Cathy

    HoneyEater? NSW/Qld border in mangroves

    Brown Honeyeater with black instead of yellow triangle of skin behind eye. Cheers Mat
  2. Mat & Cathy

    probable honeyeater from El Questro , need help

    It looks like a Brown Honeyeater to me. Here is a very similarly posed photo of one of mine. cheers Mat
  3. Mat & Cathy

    Aussie problem

    feral pigs?
  4. Mat & Cathy

    Lake Cathie (near Port Macquarie) NSW, AUSTRALIA

    Sorry to split the vote 50:50 now, but I'm with Double-banded Plover. You can see the start of the double band forming/disappearing. Forehead is not very steep also. Seems a bit early but I guess it is mid-March already. Cheers Mat
  5. Mat & Cathy

    4 more Augusta W Australia

    The wader on the right of the Oystercatcher looks very Stilt-like to me. cheers Mat
  6. Mat & Cathy

    Little brown job, Otway Ranges, Victoria, AUS

    Olive Whistler for sure
  7. Mat & Cathy

    Tern species - Iluka, NSW, Australia

    My guess is Little and Common in the first, and also Crested in the second. Cheers Mat
  8. Mat & Cathy

    Australian ?? Central Victoria

    I also think they are young Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoos. (rufous in tail amongst other features) Cheers Mat
  9. Mat & Cathy

    Australia, NSW: Thornbill, Flycatcher, Cuckoo

    1-3 are Striated Thornbill. Streaked breast, but it is not a Brown/Inland as it has fine long pale streaks on the crown, and a defined pale eyebrow. 4 has a yellow eye-ring which points to Fan-tailed Cuckoo. Cheers Mat
  10. Mat & Cathy

    Australian Honeyeater

    Banded Honeyeater for sure. Cheers Mat
  11. Mat & Cathy

    Australian Robins? and a tern 4

    what was your location?
  12. Mat & Cathy

    australian hobby????

    Australian Kestrel (aka Nankeen Kestrel). Australian Hobby has a dark grey back, while Kestrel has a pale brown back. Cheers Mat
  13. Mat & Cathy

    Terrick Sandpiper australia

    also - Terek have bright orange legs cheers Mat
  14. Mat & Cathy

    Birds in Nepal

    My thoughts are Great Barbet, and Black Kite. Cheers Mat
  15. Mat & Cathy

    A drongo from Nepal

    Blue feather sheen, and strongly curled tips to tail. (agreed)
  16. Mat & Cathy

    Crow like Lamington Park, Queensland/New South Wales

    ID from range alone is not satisfying, but... 99.9% Torresian Crow on range in Lamington. Most Australian Ravens in SE QLD live west of the dividing range. cheers Mat
  17. Mat & Cathy

    unidentified Australian birds

    barring in primaries is good for Swamp Harrier too (in case you were wondering about young Spotted Harrier).
  18. Mat & Cathy

    Unidentified raptor SE Asia/Australasia

    I also think Black Kite without a tail. I've done a hasty cut-and-paste of the image with this image together with a Black Kite photo of my own, to make it easy to see the similarity. Cheers Mat
  19. Mat & Cathy

    Lamington N.P Qld Australia

    Separating Bassian / Russet-tailed Thrush is a tricky business. I have several photos from O'Reillys where I could not tell one way or the other. Not sure where precisely you were in Lamington, but both Bassian and Russet-tailed are at O'Reilly's (so no "default" there). White on the edge of...
  20. Mat & Cathy

    Wedge-tailed or Grey-cheeked Green Pigeon?

    Looks good for Grey-Cheeked to me. (also Wedge-tailed would be out of normal range - i don't think they occur on Bali) Cheers Mat
  21. Mat & Cathy

    Honeyeater or similar? Riverland South Australia

    Little Friarbird in South Australia are usually only along the River Murray in the Riverland area. The big trees along the riverfront in Berri are a good spot to see them. Cheers Mat
  22. Mat & Cathy

    Australian Lark

    My money is Rufous Songlark. Dark lores, brown wings, and tail, unstreaked, smallish beak, perched on powerline. I have photos of this sp. with very dark beak (beak colour could also be shadow in your pic). Cheers Mat
  23. Mat & Cathy

    ?Eagle in NT,Australia

    The first one looks like a Black Kite to me. Tail length looks OK, head shape and beak size looks ok. too small for a WTEagle. Cheers Mat
  24. Mat & Cathy

    ID GoldCoast, Queensland, Australia

    Agree with Adam on 1 and 2 3. I'd go with Rose Robin. Lots of these come down to low elevations in SEQ over the cooler months. The tail cocked and wing drop is another good indicator of this species. Red-capped is also a chance (Flame or Scarlet both extremely unlikely). 4. There are 3...
  25. Mat & Cathy

    Any Experts on Blue and Grey Noddy's

    Hopefully I get this right. P. albivitta is the version we get near Australia (Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, and vagrants to Australian coast (e.g. my Lady Elliot Island shot #2)). I think Lord Howe Island is where the type specimen for albivitta was collected. P. cerulea is further north...