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  1. ChrisKten

    Bird populations 'in global crisis'

    Mods: Please delete if already posted... thanks. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-49744435
  2. ChrisKten

    Eurasian Jay - Scaly Leg Mites?

  3. ChrisKten

    Remember to leave out a Paddling Pool for the Owls ;)

  4. ChrisKten

    India floods: Tired tiger takes nap in resident's bed

    Not sure if Conservation is the correct place for this If you believed half of what you read online, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we in the West are the Animal/Nature lovers (not the correct word), and that places like India don't care much at all. This story shows how wrong you'd be...
  5. ChrisKten

    Any idea what's happening here?

    Here is a pic of one of at least 4 Pigeons injured over the last 6 months, and I'm not sure of the culprit. Pic through double gazing and poor light, but you can see the injury. First one that appeared was unable to fly, and looked like she'd escaped from a Cat. I brought her in, and expected...
  6. ChrisKten

    The Pigeon and the Egg

    Firstly, yes, it's a Feral Pigeon... I like Pigeons, and I like to observe their behaviour. I see this a few times a year, but I don't bother posting pics, as I'm well aware of how most people think of these birds. But as the egg looks intact (which it's not), I thought I'd post a couple of pics...
  7. ChrisKten

    From tree netting to tree spikes

  8. ChrisKten

    Why are nets appearing over trees and hedges?

    Nets appearing over trees and hedges https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-47627749
  9. ChrisKten

    Last photos of Kenya's 'elephant queen'

  10. ChrisKten

    A sign of intelligence, or a symptom of illness?

    The easiest way to observe bird behaviour is to feed birds in your garden... I've been doing this for many hours each day for years. I've posted before about Jay, Crow, Sparrowhawk, and Pigeon behaviour... all of which I see at close range all year round - the Pigeon threads have never been the...
  11. ChrisKten

    Dutch mystery of '20,000 seabird deaths' on coast

    MODS: Please delete thread if posted elsewhere in forum https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47141900
  12. ChrisKten

    Starlings form bird-shaped murmuration at Attenborough

    I assume it's just random, but looks pretty cool nonetheless: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-hereford-worcester-46711692/starlings-form-bird-shaped-murmuration-at-attenborough
  13. ChrisKten

    Canon Powershot SX70 HS review

    Not of interest to me, but I know some here had high hopes for this camera... unless there's other reviews to dispute the image quality and noise, looks like many will be disappointed. https://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/canon_powershot_sx70_hs_review
  14. ChrisKten

    Benny the beluga: Whale still thriving in River Thames

    I still can't decide if this is a good thing... I'm sure some idiots will cause it's death at some point. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-46255755
  15. ChrisKten

    If you like a challenge - London UK

    I sort my pics (100000+) by folders - so all pics of Sparrows are in a folder named "Sparrows". Sometimes, often years later, I find that I've put pics in the wrong folders... maybe one or two amongst a group selected by accident before copy/pasting to the folder. I was looking through some old...
  16. ChrisKten

    Jays get Scaly Leg Mites too

    Not sure how well known this is, but it's not just Finches that get Scaly Leg Mites... Jays can (apparently) get them too. This particular Jay has been a regular for at least two years; none of the other 6+ Jays are affected, nor any other largish species in the garden (RNPs, Pigeons, Magpies...
  17. ChrisKten

    Parakeet - London UK

    I've had Ring-necked Parakeets regularly feeding on the Sunflower Hearts for about three years - I see them at different stages of moult and all ages from fledged to adult... but this is the first male that I've seen like this. I thought it was an escaped Alexandrine Parakeet at first glance...
  18. ChrisKten

    I bet you've seen nothing like this before ;)

  19. ChrisKten

    Helping sick/injured Birds

    Disclaimer: The following is advice from an amateur, not everything you read online is accurate ;) Maybe some of what follows will be useful to others... it's a long read though, but if it helps one bird, it was worth the typing ;) Feeding the birds in your garden inevitably means seeing sick...
  20. ChrisKten

    Polar bear shot dead after attacking cruise ship guard

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-44996873 Makes you wonder what the Polar Bear was doing there... oh, wait...
  21. ChrisKten

    Some great Osprey pics that even made the news

  22. ChrisKten

    Unusual Rat behaviour?

    ... or maybe just the first time that I've seen it. I posted about this Rat the other day, and by now I should have got rid of it, but I'm curious about what it's doing. For now, I'm just watching it. It never leaves the tree, in fact never goes below about 12 feet - I've never seen it eat...
  23. ChrisKten

    Barbuda sees a comeback of national bird after Hurricane Irma

  24. ChrisKten

    Grey Squirrels and Rats

    My garden has been full of Birds and Squirrels for years... the 60+ Feral Pigeons hoover-up any food that falls from the feeders, so there's no mess on the ground. Although I do have Mice in the garden that compete with the Corvids/Wood Pigeons/Squirrels for the monkey nuts, I've never seen...
  25. ChrisKten

    It's not just Corvids and Squirrels that like Monkey Nuts

    Not the best of pics, just a grab shot through the window in poor light, but it does show behaviour. My garden isn't overrun with Mice... they've just adapted to feed in the daylight. There's a lot of Feral Cats locally, and they pick the Mice off at night. However, I don't allow the Cats in my...