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    Gerygone? Queensland. Au.

    Hi guys, I think its a gerygone, the call fits, but I don't know which one it might be. All help appreciated. Taken in the North Burnett region of Queensland.
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    Queensland Australia-Juvenile Golden whistler?

    Hi All. Can anyone ID this for me? I think juvenile Golden Whistler but it completely lacks any of the yellow under the rump that I would expect. All thoughts appreciated.
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    Yellowish something, Queensland

    This one came and landed high in a gum tree above me. It didn't stay for very long and the light and distance didn't help but hopefully someone will be able to ID this one for me. All help much appreciated.
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    Raptor ID Queensland

    Hi all, This raptor was working around the edge of a wetland. Unusually the crows did not attempt to chase it off but occasionally a duck would have a go if it landed too close. Sorry about the quality of the images as it was a long distance away. It appears to have yellow feet and a quite long...
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    Queensland AU, Unknown Emerald

    Hi all, having trouble trying to ID this emerald, anyone know it? First shot is with the sun coming through the window, second with flash. Thanks in advance, Trevor
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    Queensland, Spine Tailed Swift?

    Hi guys, Had four of these briefly over my house this morning as they headed south. Luckily they did a couple of loops around and had time to get a couple of frames and then they were gone. I can't confirm it from my reference as it doesn't show the underview. Anyone know? A first sighting for...
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    Queensland Australia Butterfly

    Hi all, anyone know this guy? A tailed emperor was one thought but it doesn't look right to me.
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    Queensland. The Most beautiful micromoth ever? but what is it?

    Hi Guys, I just found this guy on the mudguard of my car. It is about 1cm across the wingtips. I am blown away by the delicate fan like structure of the wings with their almost bird feather like construction and find it so beautiful that I can't stop looking at it. I know micromoth ID's are...
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    Queensland, Which Juvenile Cuckoo?

    Hi Folks, heard a persistent whining coming from a bit of low shrubbery out in the paddock so went to investigate. When I located it at a distance first thought it was the juvenile grey shrike thrush that has been around, (quite similar in size) and then noticed small birds flying in to feed it...
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    Queensland, A juvenile? unknown

    Sorry about the picture quality, long range on an cloudy morning. About the size of a Grey Shrike Thrush this solitary bird sat for a while and preened. It didn't make a call unfortunately and flew off before I could get closer. Main characteristics are the chestnut eyebrow and heavily striped...
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    Queensland Moth Help Please

    Found this guy on the inside of my bedroom window when I got up today. He is about 20mm across the wingtips. All help appreciated.
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    Horned Micro Moth for ID Help Queensland AU

    This tiny moth was on a cucumber leaf in my garden this morning. It is about 1cm long and only about 1 to 1.5 mm cross section. The brown has highly iridescent flashes through it and the yellow fluoresces quite strongly in the sunlight making exposure a bit tricky to capture it without causing a...
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    Raptor, Queensland Australia

    Hi all, This guy was being harrassed in a tree outside my front door. My first thought was Spotted Harrier but doesn't appear to have the "turtle neck" collar and not sure about the yellow eye. All help appreciated
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    Green Eyed Dove? Queensland Australia

    Hi All, This dove is tiny, about the size of a starling, and I assume it is a peaceful dove but was surprised to see the green eye patch. Is this immature or something completely different? Any help appreciated.
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    Queensland Australia, help please

    Hi All, heard a new song in the bush this morning at my place and went to check it out. I have never seen this guy before and unfortunately my field guide was no help. I have included one photo taken at long range for a size comparison against a Willie Wagtail. Hope someone can ID this guy for...
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    Another Queensland Newbie for me

    Never seen anything like this guy before (except maybe a DC3 with that stripe through the eye). I thought perhaps a Little Eagle but doesn't look like any in the database. Any one help please?
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    2 for ID Queensland Australia

    Hi All, A couple that I'm not certain about, packed my field guide somewhere during my move and haven't found it again yet. My thoughts are weebill and yellow rumped thornbill although the lack of head markings and has a lot more yellow than I would have expected. It was with its mate building a...
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    Brown or Black Falcon, Queensland Australia

    My first encounter with this guy and not sure of the ID, Black or Brown? Any help greatly appreciated
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    Candy Striped Alien from Australia

    This tiny little critter, about 3/8" of an inch long, was moving around the edge of a mud puddle in my driveway with a strange rocking motion. It is so bizzare, is it some sort of hopper? It doesn't appear to have any wings and those legs look like something Monty Python would draw. Does any bug...
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    Rework of All American Birds

    I don't know if this is an acceptable thing and am happy to have the moderators remove it if not but I looked at digital diva's All American Birds and wondered if the through the door effect could be removed. I was going to email the result just to DD but can't find how to do it without...
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    Fantail or Chestnut Breasted Cuckoo - Queensland AU.

    Hi everyone, David, (daKing) has raised the question of this cuckoo being a fantail rather than a chestnut breasted. The intensity and uniformity of colour from throat to vent, as well as the length of the outer tail feathers made me lean toward chestnut but David feels the range of the chestnut...
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    One for ID from Queensland, Australia

    Sorry the pictures aren't terrific, this guy looks thrush like but I can't find anything with the same markings. Any help greatly appreciated.
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    2 Australian Waders for ID

    My reference is not real good on the water birds so can someone ID these two for me please. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    2 from Nth Queensland, Australia

    Two new sightings at my new property yesterday. Obviously the first one is a tree creeper but which one? I am leaning a bit towards white brow but the eye seems wrong and also no dark area on top of the head. Before the sun dissappeared the white head appeared very bright indeed. The second guy...
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    New 450D First Impressions

    New 450D First Impressions - Updated I just picked up the 450D to use as a spare body to my 40D. First impression is that this is a very nice bit of kit. It is light and very comfortable to hold. The control layout is different to the 40D and even to the 400D but everything is well labeled and...