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    Watch them nighthawks go

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    Blackcap song

    Birdsong has been a fascination for me from an early age and back in about 1979/80 I made an effort to learn a lot of British bird songs from cassette recordings and subsequently went out and applied what I learned in the field. My favourite bird book of the last twenty years has been the first...
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    Still buzzing this evening from seeing my first ever English Otter this morning. As a schoolboy growing up in 70s Britain I was first interested in mammals before I was ever interested in birds, but at the time, rivers in England were considered so polluted there wasn't much chance of seeing an...
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    Emperor Moth

    Anyone got any daytime (or dusk) experiences of Emperor Moth they'd like to share? I went out an recceed a site at the edge of the range yesterday and have decided to go back on Wednesday to spend a bit more time there. Have decided against buying the pheromone for the time being. Thanks
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    Red Kites Cornwall

    A subject that's been raised on here in the past by several folk that I just wanted to draw attention to for reference. I see there were 306 Red Kites over Marazion in 6 hours on 9th of this month. These presumed non-breeding first-years from the British (likely mostly Welsh?) population have...
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    Abyssinian Roller

    Can someone help me out. It's been bugging me for the past three months. Did someone on here in the last year or so, in some thread or other, claim Abyssinian Roller as their favourite World bird? Cos if they did, I now see what they mean (though Black & White Warbler is still my stated...
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    AGP en route to New Zealand

    Love this sort of stuff https://twitter.com/miranda_trust/status/1176075331301605376
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    A well-marked Rustic sp

    Could somebody please make my day and tell me that the attached Rustic is something other than a Square-spot or Flounced Rustic.
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    Some Notes on the Identity of (Autumn) Marsh Warbler

    The attached Word document was written for publication in last year's Isles of Scilly bird report to answer questions about some of the Marsh Warblers we had been seeing on St Agnes over the previous ten Octobers. Our mild-mannered, diplomatic, gentleman Recorder and Bird Report editor decided...
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    Red Underwing

    Wasn't going to bother with my sugar/treacle 'trap' last night. Certainly hadn't refreshed the posts from the night before. Then, on my way to turn in for the night, spotted this in the headtorch outside the caravan. Took an hour and a half to obtain the attached photos as it was the first...
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    Tawny Owl call

    Was camping out in Devon two nights ago and at dusk a Tawny Owl landed in a pine directly above my tent and started calling softly for five minutes. No word of a lie, it was going: too-woo too-wit:eek!:
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    Long-tailed Blue, Cornwall

    Just got in from photo'ing this little beauty on brambles outside the house. Only managed one shot of the underside and six upper before it flew off.
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    Accommodation on St Agnes September/October 2019

    Two spaces available for week commencing 28 September at our holiday cottage on St Agnes, Isles of Scilly. PM me if interested.
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    Marbled Whites. Lots

    Just back from wandering dreamily through a field containing over 600 of these magnificent butterflies. SIX HUNDRED!
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    A real mystery moth

    This one was taken from a sugar trap a few nights ago and has defeated my county recorder for an ID! It was a distinctive shape, rather bulging about the shoulders, not much smaller than a Herald on a nearby post. The shining iridescence on the upperparts was distinctive. Anyone?
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    Old Lady

    Only my fifth night for sugaring last night...wasn't expecting this in the middle of June. Extraordinary date?
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    White-letter Hairstreak

    Two summers ago (August) I photographed a White-letter Hairstreak in the Lynher Valley, Cornwall that was of interest to locals since it was only about the third confirmed record of the species in Cornwall in the past twenty years. Last year (first week of July) I saw another one. I'm keen this...
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    This interesting moth I picked up from a sugar solution last night has taxed me to the limit all morning and I'm giving up on it and throwing it out there for ID help. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's a new one for me so could somebody go ahead and make my day, thanks. I'm tentatively going for...
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    Greater Horseshoe Bat

    Was patrolling my moth traps until well after midnight last night and thought I'd nip into the outside loo so as not to wake the rest of the household. Not sure who got the biggest shock when I turned the light on.
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    Heath Fritillary

    It's taken me three summers to realise one of Britain's rarest butterflies is just a 30 min local bus ride (and an 8-mile round trek) from where I've been staying in the Tamar Valley. Now I know!
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    Vagrant Emperor

    I see there's been a few about around the country this past two weeks. I can add one more today, watched hawking along Covean Beach, St Agnes around midday.
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    Crimson Speckled

    There was a Crimson Speckled caught at Polgigga in Cornwall last night. I had Hummingbird Hawkmoth on the wing today, St Agnes. A few Small Mottled Willows around the south coast recently.
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    Death's Head Chrysalis

    I've been in possession of a Death's Head caterpillar, later chrysalis, since October last year. I have it in an ice-cream tub sitting on a bed of soil, in a darkened cupboard above the oven. I was advised to keep it moist, but not so moist a fungus develops, throughout the chrysalis stage and I...
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    Purple Hairstreak Summer 2018

    I'm fairly new to this butterflying game. Last summer I was delighted to find half-a-dozen Purple Hairstreak at a site I was working in Cornwall. This year it's dawned on me how common the species is, at least in parts of the UK. My first evening at Savernake Forest, Wilts last week saw over a...
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    Purple Emperor Savernake Forest Wilts

    Can anyone help me find 'the monument' on the map of Savernake Forest, please? I believe the correct name for the Purple Emperor location is 'the Ailesbury Column'. But I can't find it. Has anyone had a look here this year. I believe Matthew Oates has had up to 400 at a site in (Surrey?)...