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  1. J


    A friend and I are off to Ecuador for our first taste of South America in February next year. This is an independent self drive trip, flying into Quito, and doing a small bit of the east slope first and finishing off with 6/7 nights in the Mindo area. Much of it is arranged now but struggling to...
  2. J

    Regent Bowerbird, New South Wales, October

    Looking for advice on where my best chance of seeing this bird is. The trip is fairly well booked up now, so barring dropping 2 planned days in the capertee valley, I have 1 full day devoted to finding some, and I need to get back to Sydney in the evening for a pelagic the following morning. I...
  3. J

    Eastern Australia, October

    I have recently starting planning an independent birding trip here for October 2018. This will be my first visit to Australia, and as it will probably be the last opportunity I have to go for many years, I am looking to visit 3 areas, Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns, to give myself a shot at a...
  4. J

    West Mexico

    I am starting to consider an independent 8-night trip here for early next year, mainly for tufted jay. Haven't looked into it in great detail yet, and certainly won't be booking anything for several months, but was wondering if anyone could help me with some initial queries before I start...
  5. J

    Central & South Thailand, 11-29th January 2017

    This is a summary of my recent trip to Thailand! Not going to be the best read, especially compared to some going on right now, but hopefully anyone visiting may find some useful information in here somewhere! This trip sprung up out of the blue last summer. Two of my non-birding friends had...
  6. J


    I'm off to Kiev in November for a wedding. Will possibly have a couple of hours free 1 morning, and was wondering what species are possible in the city? Species unusual/absent in the U.K., especially woodpeckers, are of most interest. I'm staying South of zhuliany airport. Appears to be a decent...
  7. J

    Limited time in southern Thailand, Mid January

    I shall be visiting Thailand for the first time in January 2017. This shall be my first visit to Asia(non-birding holiday to Oman aside). I shall be birding for 8.5 days before meeting friends for another week partying/sight seeing. I am splitting the birding part up into 5 full days in...
  8. J

    Muscat, Oman, mid march

    Off on a short essentially non-birding break next month to see friends, I was wondering if there are any good spots around the city for an hour or so birding? Either places to get a good number of species in 1 spot, or a stretch of coast that is good for gulls/waders, a park good for garden...
  9. J

    Chiapas, Mexico, 28/1 - 7/2/16

    Here is a summary of my 8 night solo trip to the easternmost state of Mexico, Chiapas. I decided upon visiting here as I have wanted to see Rose-bellied and Orange-breasted buntings and Pink-headed warbler for many years, since picking up a copy of Howell & Webb's ' A guide to the birds of...
  10. J

    Chiapas, Mexico

    Looking into the possibility of visiting here for a short break in January/February next year. Haven't looked into specific sites yet but looking at ebird, I will be spending a couple of days at each of San cristobal and arriaga, filling in whatever free time I have in between. Key targets would...
  11. J

    Costa Rica 23/1-7/2/15

    Some notes on our 15 night trip to this amzaing little country! The trip was sorted out by Andy Latham, also Damon Howells, Jack Shutt and myself joined him on this winter trip out of the birding blackhole of shropshire! Many thanks to Andy for arranging this very successful holiday and for...
  12. J

    Easy site for cabanis's/prevost's ground sparrow

    Had at least 4 fri pm and sat am by the river next to wallmart in alajuela, just north of juan santamaria airport. Very handy if renting your car from the useless europcar or stopping at the courtyard hotel! Will hopefully find time to write up a trip report of our 2 week trip to this amazing...
  13. J

    White-crested coquette today

    Possibly of interest to anyone currently in Costa Rica or soon to visit, we had a female at talari lodge this morning(28/1) by car park 2
  14. J

    Bratislava, may

    I'm off to Bratislava end of May next year for a wedding, and was wondering if anyone knows of any good spots in/near the city? I'm hoping to find a spare morning, less likely a full day, and could get a car if needed. Most wanted species would have to be black woodpecker for me, is that...
  15. J

    California RFI

    My 3 week trip to Arizona and California has crept up on me and is now just over a week away(!), and I still have a few gaps in my itinery/things i'm unsure on, that i am hoping someone will be able to help me with! My basic itinery is: Phoenix-Flagstaff(2 nights)-Ridgecrest(2 nights)-Mammoth...
  16. J

    California, May

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few questions i have to help me see a few target species on my trip around California(and Arizona) this may! I have the Birders Guide to Southern California, but for sites north of the area covered by this book, some of the information is proving to...
  17. J

    Farallon islands(California)

    As part of a trip around CA and AZ next may, I was planning on booking a boat trip out to the farallons from San Francisco, primarily to see tufted puffin. However, on searching ebird, there is just 1 record of TP there for may in any year. So do they arrive later in the year, are they difficult...
  18. J

    Arizona and California

    Just booked flights for 3 week birding trip around arizona and california next may. The current plan is to start off at the grand canyon, head to the kern river valley, up the eastern side of the sierra nevada's, across to san francisco, down to the LA area, salton sea and finishing in SE...
  19. J

    Ontario May 8-17th 2013

    Here is a brief summary of my 10 day trip to Alqonquin Park and the north shore of Lake Erie. Hopefully it will be of some help to anyone planning a trip in the future. Due to a late spring, and some cold weather on 11-13th, i did not experience the migration spectacle i was hoping for, but...
  20. J

    Ontario, Canada

    I've recently booked my flights to southern ontario for may next year and was wondering if anyone can recommend accomodation in the algonquin, pt pelee and long point areas? Not after 5* hotels, just affordable places within a short distance of the birding areas, a comfy bed and a shower are the...
  21. J

    Florida exotics

    Last week in south florida i saw mitred and monk parakeets(miami beach), egyptian goose(miami beach) and common myna (keys), aswell as collard dove, starling and house sparrow. I know the last 3 are established but am i right in thinking only the monk parakeet and myna are classed as fully...
  22. J


    I will be in miami the last week of march and although visiting with friends with no interest in birds, think i have persuaded them for a day out in the everglades! so i was wondering if there are any airboat rides/attractions within a reasonable drive that are good for both birds and...
  23. J

    Miami beach, florida, march

    I am spending the last week of march in south beach and i am struggling to find out much info on sites and species(except parrots!). From where i am staying, pinetree park, bayshore and miami beach golf courses, and walking alongside indian creek and the seafront look to be the best options to...
  24. J

    Playa de las Americas, Tenerife, in May

    I am having a long wknd in mid may to playa de las americas and would be interested to know what canary island endemics (or anything rare/scarce in the uk) are present around/within walking distance of the town. Also if anyone knows a good walk around here to see as many of these species as...
  25. J

    Riga, Latvia, mid september

    I shall be in riga for a few days mid september and was wondering what scarce species in a UK context could be possible? Wont have transport so any good sites within the city or on the outskirts(within walking distance)? Any chance of black woodpecker/rosefinch/lesser spotted eagle? Thanks in...