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    Suriname Feb 2022

    Hi All I know this is short notice, but such is the way of the world at the moment. I am looking to pull together a trip to Suriname from 19-28 Feb (there is some flexibility in this potentially). I have a local guide lined up and with a small group the cost is I think pretty reasonable...
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    Non-invasive Owling spotlight

    Hi All Advice sought on a good non-invasive owling torch. Green light? Powerful enough to see into the trees without risking stressing the birds. Any particular brands or models that are designed for the purpose? Many thanks Andrew
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    Kenya Oct/Nov 2021

    Hi All Posting this on a new thread. I am trying to pull together a trip to Kenya late October/early November. The itinerary targets some but not all of Kenya's endemic and restricted range birds, including Aberdare Cisticola, Clarke's Weaver, Sokoke Scops Owl, Malindi Pipit, East Coast...
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    Kenya November 2020

    Hi All For anyone who is desperate for a bit of high diversity, overseas birding in these challenging times, I am putting together a 10-day itinerary for Kenya at the beginning of November 2020. The itinerary targets some but not all of Kenya's endemic and near-endemic birds, including...
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    HBs in Norfolk

    Hi Does anyone know if it is still possible to see Honey Buzzards in Norfolk? Thanks Andrew
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    Iceland next weekend

    Hi I have the chance of taking a short birding trip to Iceland next weekend. I'll be looking for Harlequin Ducks and Gyrfalcon. HDs seems fairly straightforward, but any advice about Gyrfalcons would be appreciated. In particular Lake Myvatn seems to be the best place for them, but is there...
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    Hauraki Gulf Pelagic

    Hi All Would anyone be interested in a Pelagic in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand on the Weekend of 2/3 March? None of the commercial providers seem to be offering a trip on those dates, but if I can pull a small group together I think I might be able to persuade one of them. So far I have a...
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    Hauraki Gulf Pelagic

    Advice appreciated from anyone who knows about New Zealand! I am planning a trip to NZ at beginning of March 2019 and would like to go on a pelagic in the Hauraki Gulf. Sadly for some reason all the commercial provider seem to stop offering them in Feb. If anyone knows of how to get on a...
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    Ecuador in July - one or two more needed

    Two Birdforum members are seeking one or 2 more participants for a confirmed trip to Northern Ecuador, commencing 6 July 2018. The start date is unfortunately fixed, though 9 or 15-day itineraries possible. An excellent local guide has been engaged for the trip, and costs are very reasonable...
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    Dominican Republic next week!

    A real long shot I know, but I will be in the Dominican Republic next week. If anyone is there and would like to share the cost of some day trips please let me know. Zapoten, los haities, cachote. Cheers. Machector
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    The Objective Lens

    Hi All All other things being equal, what will help you see better, a mid-range scope (for example, and Opticron ES 80 GA with an HDF 20-60 eyepiece) with an 80mm objective lens, or a high-end scope (for example, a Swarovski ATX 20-60) with a 65mm objective lens? Presumably the mid-range...
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    Simple factual question

    Hi A nice simple one I think. How many generations of Swarovski ELs are there? 10x42 if that makes a difference. Thanks MacHector
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    Zeiss Victory SF

    Hi All I am on the cusp of buying some Zeiss Victory SF 10 x 42, but the only thing that is holding me back is a number of reviews I have read that suggests that the build quality is not up to scratch for such a high end bin. Could any Zeiss Victory users on the forum please confirm or...
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    North India in Oct/Nov 2017

    Hi All Looking for companions for a classic North India trip in the week commencing 28th October. Corbett NP and Himalayas. I’m looking at 7/8 days and 6/7 nights departing Delhi. Pangoot, Sattal, Naintal + Corbett all on the itinerary. I’m after all the local specialiities. I’m...
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    Birding with a 12 power (or even a 15)

    Hi All I'd be really interested in people's advice. Is there ever a case for birding with a 12-power binoculars (or even a 15)? I was doing some forest birding in Ghana recently, which involved looking into the canopy of lots of tall trees. Tropical trees are much taller than puny...
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    3 days in Victoria, Oz

    Hi All A bit of a long shot, but if anyone is interested in a short trip to Northern Victoria, Australia from 22 - 24 Sept then please get in touch. I have a trip booked with a guide looking for specialities of the area, and would be happy to share costs. I can be flexible about itinerary...
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    Northern India October 2016

    Hi All I am planning a week in Northern India (Jim Corbett, Pangoot, Saittal) from 30 October 2016. Ibisbill on the target list. I am looking for anyone who would like to share costs. Sadly, I have no flexibilty on dates. Cheers Andrew
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    Gambia 26th March - 1 April 2016

    Hi All I have lined up Musa Jatta, Birdingpal guide, for a short 7-day trip in Gambia at the end of March. I am looking for someone to share costs. The trip is a made up of a series of days trips from a coastal base + one 3 night trip upcountry. On the negative side, my dates are not...
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    Republic of Macedonia. Anyone know it?

    Hi All I have the chance to do a short birding trip to the Republic of Macedonia in January. The internet does not provide any info about the Republic of Macedonia, particularly since all searches generate info about the region of Macedonia in Northern Greece. Does anyone have any good tips...
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    Slovenia - end of May

    Hi A bit of a long shot this one, but I will be in Slovenia at the end of May (27th - 30th) doing a some birding. I'm looking for someone who might like to join up and share some of the costs. All the best Andrew
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    Request for Sharer - Catalunya July 2013

    Hi everyone, I'm going on holiday to Sitges, Catalunya from 4-13 July this year. I quite fancy doing a couple of guided birding day trips while I'm there, but they are quite pricey. I'm looking for anyone who might be holidaying in the area and wouldn't mind sharing costs. Thanks in...