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    Moth ID help please

    The same moth in daylight with the same iPhone. Looks green in one and brown in the other. Weird. I can’t find either colour in Manley or Waring and Townsend. what am I missing? Roger
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    Pug ID please

    I think this is a Plain Pug. Can anyone confirm or otherwise please. My ID is mainly based on the thin white wavy line that continues onto the hindwing. Roger
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    Beautiful or Plain?

    Beautiful or Plain Golden Y? Either way it’s a new moth for me.
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    Help with pug id please

    I can’t seem to find a match for this. Currant Pug could be a candidate but I can’t see a white formal spot. Edit - or perhaps Grey Pug? Roger
  5. R


    Is this a Turnip? It’s got pectinate antennae and no black collar so not Heart and Dart. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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    Moth for ID please

    This one has got me stumped. One of only three last night (the other two were LBAM) Any help appreciated. Thanks
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    Seabirds Harrison

    Lynx now have a price for this on their website https://www.lynxeds.com/product/seabirds/
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    Dijkstra FG Dragonflies of Europe

    Has anyone seen/bought the 2nd edition of the Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe by Dijkstra, Shroter and Lewington? I am wondering if it is a worthwhile upgrade from the 1st edition and worth my hard-earned cash and would welcome any thoughts and opinions. Roger
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    November micro for id

    The closest I can get is Acleris variegana... Any help appreciated
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    November moth?

    Is this rather dark specimen a November agg? Thanks
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    ID help please

    Only one moth in the trap and I don’t know what it is! Please help. The picture is slightly foreshortened.
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    ID help please

    Is this a Deep-brown Dart? Thanks Roger
  13. R

    Is this Metalampra italica?

    Any thoughts? Trapped this evening. Sorry my phone has decided to turn the photos round. Thanks Roger
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    Poplar or Sallow Kitten?

    Can anybody help please?
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    ID help please

    Any help with this moth from last night please.
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    Micro ID please

    Is this Scoparia ambigualis?
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    Microscope advice

    I am planning to buy a stereomicroscope to aid my identification of insects - mainly beetles and possibly I might have a go at gen detting moths. Could anyone on here please advise on the magnification I would need and possibly recommend a make or model that I should consider. My budget is in...
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    Help with moth id

    Any ideas what this is please. About 10mm long and greyer than in the photo. I’m not even sure if it’s a macro or a micro? Thanks
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    Beetle for ID please

    In my moth trap last night. 10mm long. Flew readily. I thought it was a longhorn but now not so sure...
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    Two for ID please

    I'm completely stumped by the first one. Is the second one Common Pug?
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    Help with waxcap ids please

    Seen today in a churchyard near the Malvern Hills. Any help gratefully received. My attempts (but I'm very happy to be proved wrong!): 1. Goblet H. cantharellus 2. Scarlet H. coccinea 3. Splendid H. splendidissima 4. Butter H. ceracea Thanks, Roger
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    More help with fungi please

    Seen today in a Worcestershire woodland: 1 & 2 under oak and beech 3 I believe is a Lycogala slime mould species 4 under pines with oaks nearby 5 I thought was lilac bonnet but it doesn't look right Any help gratefully received. Roger
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    Fungi for id please

    Please can anyone help with an id for the attached fungi. From a Worcestershire mixed woodland. 3 and 4 are the same specimen. Thanks
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    variant common spotted orchid?

    These have appeared in a friend's front garden amongst some naturally occurring common spotted orchids. (The advantage of not mowing!) Are they just variants of common spotted orchids or something else altogether? (sorry I don't know why the picture ended up on its side)
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    Fungus for id please

    About 15cm in diameter. Seen today in a Worcs broadleaf woodland. Thanks for any help