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  1. John A Roberts

    Are the Swarovski EL Range RF’s that are designed for hunting any more robust than Swarovski bins designed for birding?

    Hi DW, Unfortunately, your experience seems to be an example of 'swings and roundabouts' i.e. as with many products, adding mechanical complexity often increases the potential for failure. I too expect that your previous Zeiss 7x50 would not have had a problem. Which indicates why similar IF...
  2. John A Roberts

    Extending eyepieces

    Hi ceeyou, I had the advantage of being aware that there was a roof prism binocular that had seen at least some official use by UK forces. I’d come across it when looking for information about Porro binoculars used by the British military, see at: About The British Military's Binoculars Used...
  3. John A Roberts

    Extending eyepieces

    It seems to be the Pyser E8x42RM, as shown in two images from a PDF. Pyser states that it is '. . . the ONLY British manufacturer of night vision goggles and monoculars for land forces.' See at: Pyser Optics – A specialist British manufacturer and supplier of precision optical and...
  4. John A Roberts

    Leica Ultravid HD Plus numbering

    For some context: the original Ultravid BR was introduced in 2003; the HD followed in 2007, and; then the HD Plus in 2015. My two HD pre-Plus units are: #1,621,229 7x42, and; #1,623,877 8x42. So when does #1,636k 8x50 HD Plus date from? Hopefully, other HD and HD Plus owners can help define...
  5. John A Roberts

    Product Review: Nikon E II 8 x 30.

    To add to Brummie’s comments, some more observations: a) If you’re not careful, they may topple over when you place them standing on their objectives. It’s for the same reason that the eyepieces hang away from your chest when using a neck strap - the mass of the prisms makes them distinctly top...
  6. John A Roberts

    SLC model timeline

    Hi Tenex, For completeness, see a copy of the the x30 Mk II specifications that were with a listing for a 1991 unit. The 7x30’s FOV is 126 m/ 1000 m or 378 ft/ 1000 yd, and the 8x30's FOV is 136 m/ 1000 m or 408 ft/ 1000 yd (so close enough to 410 ft as noted by Ed). While the 8x30’s FOV...
  7. John A Roberts

    Swarovski 12x50 EL versus 15x56 SLC

    Hi etc, For what are two specialised binoculars, there’s a surprising amount of discussion both here and elesewhere about the Swarovski 12x50 EL vs 15x56 SLC. If you’ve not already seen it, a good starting point is: Swarovski slc 15x56 or el 12x50 There's a lot to consider in relation to each...
  8. John A Roberts

    SLC model timeline

    Hi tenex, I’ve attached a table showing the various introductions and discontinuations for the SLC’s * The first CL Companion x30 that I’ve observed is #K8103 05022. So it's from January (week 03) of 2011 (81 + 1930), and the 22nd unit produced (it’s a display unit with moving controls and...
  9. John A Roberts

    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    Hi tenex, Until 2012 the catalogues had the full range of descriptive details about each model line - what’s now in the Fact Sheets. But from 2013 the product details are far less extensive, with the text becoming increasingly more lyrical, presumedly to give a sense of the 'Swarovski...
  10. John A Roberts

    How many types of Porro prisms?

    To illustrate the observation in post #6 - that the 4 reflections of a Porro prism be need to be correctly orientated in relation to each other - see a front and side view that shows what happens when the orientation in a Type I prism isn’t correct i.e. the image is neither inverted nor...
  11. John A Roberts

    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    Hi tenex, Swarovski hasn’t produced an annual cataolgue for several years (unlike Zeiss and Leica, though the latter has recently taken to posting 'mini catalogues'). Instead, Swarovski provides a one-off brochure - generally called a Fact Sheet - for most model lines when they’re introduced or...
  12. John A Roberts

    How many types of Porro prisms?

    In relation to Ted’s title for this thread "How many types of Porro prisms?" . . . Besides the Porro Type I and II, there is also the 'Perger Porro prism' mentioned by Henry in post #3. In 2010, Andreas Perger patented 4 versions of a non-roofed 4 reflection prism, for use in optics such as...
  13. John A Roberts

    How many types of Porro prisms?

    And expanding on some points made by Frank in post #6 . . . Axial Offset The most notable difference between Porro Type I and II prisms, is the degree of offset to the optical axis of the external light column. With all other factors being equal, a Type I prism has 40% more offset than a Type...
  14. John A Roberts

    How many types of Porro prisms?

    Starting in the early 1850’s, Ignazio Porro experimented with using triangular prisms to correctly orientate an image when viewed through a telescope * Then in 1854 he patented two ways in which to use 4 right angle reflections to erect an image - what we refer to as Porro Type I and Type II...
  15. John A Roberts

    Neon Green 8x40 version.

    More details about the limited LIFE edition of the 8x40 Trinovid, including the philosophy (sic) behind it, can be found at: Leica Trinovid LIFE edition - Overview | Leica Camera AG See a snapshot from the page. As many will be aware Leica has a long offered a variety of finishes on, and...
  16. John A Roberts

    Need ideas

    Hi NZbd, FWIW, both were tested by Gijs in March 2016 in 'Test van 8x56 kijkers van Leica, Swarovski en Zeiss', see at: https://www.houseofoutdoor.com/verrekijkers/verrekijkers-testen-en-vergelijken/ As can be seen in terms of transmission, the Leica rangefinder has both uneven and mismatched...
  17. John A Roberts

    Cleaning and lubricant

    Hi Felix, As a starting point I tried good old IAEFRTM i.e. 'If all else fails read the manual'! However, it doesn't provide an easy solution: There’s no indication that the eyecups are removable - and it cautions against exposing the binocular to running water. (the manual can be found at...
  18. John A Roberts

    Meostars product info??

    Hi Rg, The MeoStar B1 was the first line of roof prism binoculars from Meopta, starting in 2005. Since then, the regular (non-HD) offerings have been 8x32, 10x32, 7x42, 8x42, 10x42, 7x50, 10x50, 12x50 and 8x56. The first HD model was the 10x42 in 2012, with the 12x50 and 15x56 following...
  19. John A Roberts

    ID Leica Bin's please..?

    Hi BM, The BR's are the first of the current Ultravid series: And there's more in the thread that the above quote links to. John
  20. John A Roberts

    Roger Vine's thoughts on the 7x21 Curio?

    Roger has just posted a detailed review. And at the end he compares the Curio's performance to that of the Zeiss 8x25 Victory. See at: Swarovski 7x21 Curio Review John
  21. John A Roberts

    Leica 8x42 Ultravid BR housing

    Hi Szaboics, Firstly, welcome to the forum! In relation to your query, a 2003 Leica catalogue on the introduction of the Ultravid BR/ BL line states: 'Magnesium and titanium are the strengths of the Ultravid lightweights. A body shell made completely of magnesium and the hinge shaft of highly...
  22. John A Roberts

    Leica Geovid

    Expanding on the previous image, Leica has now posted a graphic showing in detail the various models in the 3 generations of Geovids. It can be found at: Leica Sport Optics: A brief History of Binoculars – Leica Hunting Blog John In addition to the links in post #2, information about the new...
  23. John A Roberts

    Should I sell the Noctivid 8x42, replace with the new Swarovski 8x42 NL Pure?

    And yet a little over 3 weeks later, Dennis' superior out of production Made in Germany version is for sale! (who could have ever seen that coming?) https://www.birdforum.net/threads/leica-noctivid-8x42-olive-green-2195-99-usa.421483/#post-4310072 John
  24. John A Roberts

    Interesting Optics Trade discussion on where Leica binoculars are made.

    In terms of the value associated with labelling, I’ll see the ambiguity of 'Designed by Zeiss' on the new SFL: From post #45 by Henry at: New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL And raise the incomprehensibility of 'Certified by Leica' (Say what?): It’s on the side of a Panasonic zoom lens...
  25. John A Roberts

    NL Optical Construction

    Update Since the previous posts, more information has become available about the NL, so for convenience . . . A) Development Process Swarovski has posted an article featuring Dale Forbes the Head of Strategic Business Development and Peter Öttl the Development Engineer for the NL project, see...