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  1. Storm-Petrel

    ID this insect please?

    I found this guy on our window by the front door. I thought it was unusual because it looked like a butterfly, except it had wings that looked like something from the odonata group. what do i know though... the really wierd thing is that the wings looked folded upside. down. Also, it was holding...
  2. Storm-Petrel

    Resaca de la Palma SP?

    I'm planning on heading down to the RGV this march and I was wondering if Resaca de la Palma SP has "officially" opened yet. I remember reading somewhere that it was planned to be opened sometime december 08??? And if it is do you have to make a reservation or appointment? thanks man i havent...
  3. Storm-Petrel

    What happened to this poor guy?!?!?

    I was walking by a pond when I noticed this canada goose. It looked like his primaries were bent around but when I got closer it looked like the actual bone it his wing was broken. What could have caused this? other geese? my first thought was a bunch of drunk teenagers but I dont know. Any...
  4. Storm-Petrel

    Juvenile Gull?? Edinburgh, Scotland

    This guy was on a pond in edinburgh with a bunch of other LBB gulls. he seemed to be alot more light colored than the other juveniles. I was thinking maybe yellow-legged Gull but the guide says that they're really rare in the UK. opinions? heres a juv LBB for comparison:
  5. Storm-Petrel


    Today me and my dad went to Otmoor. It was a nice bike ride through country and fields, and the weather was great. Here were the birds I saw: House Martin Swift Barn Swallow Carrion Crow Goldfinch Great Tit Blue Tit Woodpigeon Coot Kingfisher Common Tern Black Headed Gull Lesser Black-backed...
  6. Storm-Petrel

    Farmoor Reservoir, Oxfordshire

    Today me and my dad went to Farmoor Reservoir. We had to bike six miles from our hotel with fast cars and hulking buses passing right by us but when we got there it was worth it. We got there and tried to get a key to the hides, but the building was locked and no one was there. So we walked...
  7. Storm-Petrel

    keratin quiz!!!!! 8P

    this is just a short quiz, nuthin much:king: who can guess which species of bird this feather belonged too??? which species of mammal does this fur belong too????
  8. Storm-Petrel

    hotels near minsmere?

    hi everyone, I'm not that sure if this topic is in the right section but I didn't know where else to put it. I am going to go to The Minsmere Nature Reserve the friday after next. I'm going to be spending two nights in the area, but I can't find any hotels under 80 pounds a night that are...
  9. Storm-Petrel

    Two first lifers of the new year!

    Today my dad took me to the Lake Waco Wetlands to do some birding since we hadn't been in awhile. It was cold, around 20˚F with a little bit of breeze. The third species I saw was an Eastern Bluebird, and it was a lifer! I also saw many Red breasted nuthatchs and American Goldfinches (the second...
  10. Storm-Petrel

    question about birds and christmas lights

    My mom is stringing christmas lights and wires out on the cedar trees in our property. I might be over-reacting, but wouldn't it be dangerous to the birds? I was thinking that they could get tangled in it or get their feet trapped. Do you think it's okay to put the lights up outside?
  11. Storm-Petrel

    Fan-tailed Warbler, Alpine, TX

    Just giving everyone a heads up. Theres one thats been staying in alpine for quite a while. I believe the most recent sighting was yesterday. If you wan't to find out more, go to the texas listserv website.
  12. Storm-Petrel


    hey everone, just saw this new "blog" button. pretty kewl. i still think they need a chat again bt this is equally awesome.
  13. Storm-Petrel

    Trouble with video attachments

    In the bird q&a section of birdforum i was trying to post a warbler call i heard in germany so hopefull someone could ID the species. I chose the file, then clicked "upload". the screen said "uploading". i waited and then in five minutes the Uploading sign was gone, and nothing was there. was...
  14. Storm-Petrel

    Digiscope with a sony cybershot?

    Hi all, i have never digiscoped in my life before but am very interested in it and am trying to scrape bread together to pay for a scope. I have a digital Sony Cybershot camera, 3x zoom and 7.1 megapixels. it was from the year 2004; fairly recent. Could this be used for digiscoping? thanks for...
  15. Storm-Petrel

    Storm-Petrels Quiz™ 2.0

    Okay guys! The long awaited updated version of my quiz! it will be quite different from the original version, and as a change I would like as many adults to participate as teens this time ;) o:) rules below RULES. PLEASE READ BEFORE PARTICIPATING -I will post one photograph every Saturday...
  16. Storm-Petrel

    AZ rattlesnake ID

    Hi all! I was in southeastern arizona the thirteenth and in a place called Barfoot Park. It was about 9000 feet elevation with pine, spruce, and fir trees. Me and my dad were birding (looking at mexican chickadees, to be exact ;) ). The chicadees flew off, so i turned around, and was about to...
  17. Storm-Petrel

    Hummingbirds of SE Arizona

    At our campground in Southeastn Arizona (cave Creek Canyon), We had a Blue-throated Hummingbird constatly visit the feeder we set up. Also had a magnificent hummingbird and a wonderful surprise: The Berylinne Hummingbird visited it!!! Also, we found an uncommon species in Rustler Park, a female...
  18. Storm-Petrel

    Chiricahua mountains trip, SE Arizona

    I just got back from Southeastern Arizona; my dad took me on an all-birding trip there. Here is a "journal" of the events that happened there and the birds I saw and met... Day One, Sunday the 12, 2007 At 7:00 I got up out of bed in Ruidoso, NM, which is a town on the outskirts of Lincoln...
  19. Storm-Petrel

    Help for unknown bird, NM

    I am in Southwestern NM in Ruidoso. Today I was birding in the foothill areas with juniper and cedar trees. There were a bunch of brownish birds that were very common in the cedars. I finally got to watch one. it was about the size of a sparrow. It was a soft creamish brown everywhere and had a...
  20. Storm-Petrel

    Acorn Woodpeckers storing deer feces

    Where i am in the pine forests of ruidoso, NM, the most common woodpecker is the Acoen Woodpecker. I see about 5 a day. I have always wondered why they are so common if there arent any oaks around. This morning I was birding on the mountainside, and i saw 2 of the woodpeckers in a tree. I...
  21. Storm-Petrel

    two days in Lincoln National Forest

    here are all the birds i saw yesterday and today in Ruidoso, NM, in the mountains of Lincoln National Forest Yesterday: Common Raven-llll White-breasted Nuthatch-lll Acorn Woodpecker-llll Pine Siskin-lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll+ (they are swarming!) Mourning Dove-llll Turkey Vulture-ll...
  22. Storm-Petrel

    Striped Bark Scorpion in my home :)

    Last night it was 1:00 in the morning, and i was about to go to bed, but on my way to the bedroom i saw a scorpion sitting in the hall. I gently toughed one of its pedipalps to see if it was alive and it started walking. I went and told my mom (with a positive attitude) and she started freaking...
  23. Storm-Petrel

    Great Kiskadee in Mclennan County?

    today my dad drove me too the two little ponds in Waco, TX, that had been formed from the heavy rain, to look for the great Kiskadee that had recently been sighted there. no luck. We tryed the Lake Waco Wetlands, but it was closed off because of the flodding in the streets :-C So we went to...
  24. Storm-Petrel

    Cedar Ridge Preserve

    today i went to cedar ridge preserve in Dallas, TX. I didn't get any lifers, but saw an okay number of species, most were Cardinals: American Crow-ll Blue Jay-l Northern Cardinal-lllll llll Painted Bunting-l Northern Mockinbird-ll Carolina Chickadee-llll Western Kingbird-llll White-eyed...
  25. Storm-Petrel

    Shorebird migration south

    I am visiting Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge in new mexico during late july or august, and i was wondering what time the shorebirds and terns started migrating south. if i go in august will there be northern breeders there? Thanks for any help!