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  1. Storm-Petrel

    U.S. Birds Quiz

    Loggerhead Shrike?
  2. Storm-Petrel

    Embaressing birds that you haven't seen

    barn owl. and cuckoo. ive been birding all the time the past few weeks and last summer here in the UK and everyone says that they are really common but i cant see one...
  3. Storm-Petrel

    Bird Gigantism,The Illusive Pterodactyl

    there actually is an infinte supply of animals, if youre one to beleive in genetic mutations and natural selectiono:)
  4. Storm-Petrel

    Young Birder

    im getting ready to go back to england for 5 weeks. i think some of you remember last year i was planning on going to norfolk and titchwell to go birding but our schedule couldnt fit it. so hopefully i can go this year. last time if i remember correctly i got 40+ lifers but i doubt ill do that...
  5. Storm-Petrel

    Young Birder

    this place has changed so much wussup you guyz?
  6. Storm-Petrel

    ID this insect please?

    thanks! i was really curious about it. ill have to research that it looks interesting
  7. Storm-Petrel

    ID this insect please?

    I found this guy on our window by the front door. I thought it was unusual because it looked like a butterfly, except it had wings that looked like something from the odonata group. what do i know though... the really wierd thing is that the wings looked folded upside. down. Also, it was holding...
  8. Storm-Petrel

    Resaca de la Palma SP?

    I'm planning on heading down to the RGV this march and I was wondering if Resaca de la Palma SP has "officially" opened yet. I remember reading somewhere that it was planned to be opened sometime december 08??? And if it is do you have to make a reservation or appointment? thanks man i havent...
  9. Storm-Petrel

    Sick puffers at wal-mart

    i dont think you'll have much luck one this site, as this is a bird forum, not for fish. You could buy all of them?
  10. Storm-Petrel

    top 3 most wanted!

    carolina parakeet labrador duck passenger pigeon
  11. Storm-Petrel

    Nest and egg ID please

    at least what continent was it taken on? I dont know much about eggs but its not an american robin and not a swallow nest, swift, hawk, or owl nest for sure. can you estimate the size of the nest? that would narrow it down more
  12. Storm-Petrel

    What happened to this poor guy?!?!?

    thanks jonathan. Thats really interesting but unfortunate for the birds. He was in a place where families came along and fed them bread, cheetos, etc
  13. Storm-Petrel

    What happened to this poor guy?!?!?

    I was walking by a pond when I noticed this canada goose. It looked like his primaries were bent around but when I got closer it looked like the actual bone it his wing was broken. What could have caused this? other geese? my first thought was a bunch of drunk teenagers but I dont know. Any...
  14. Storm-Petrel

    Juvenile Gull?? Edinburgh, Scotland

    Thanks Janj! Ill count it as LBBG. i messed with the exposure a bit - i don't know if its more correct lol but here they are
  15. Storm-Petrel

    Worst misidentification

    a lump of plant matter as a stonechat at a distance. :eek!:|=o||^||8.|:h?:
  16. Storm-Petrel

    California fuzzy picture: Nutmeg Mannikan or female Bunting

    defenitely a bunting species if you ask me. But its too blurry to tell which sp
  17. Storm-Petrel

    ID Help in California, please.

    the little guy is a juv European Starling.
  18. Storm-Petrel

    Juvenile Gull?? Edinburgh, Scotland

    This guy was on a pond in edinburgh with a bunch of other LBB gulls. he seemed to be alot more light colored than the other juveniles. I was thinking maybe yellow-legged Gull but the guide says that they're really rare in the UK. opinions? heres a juv LBB for comparison:
  19. Storm-Petrel

    Identification please?

    I realize this now and apologize to hollyeilliot, I posted before i read the whole thing, when i stopped and read it I deleted the post, and saw you quoted it:brains: I apologize again to you hollyelliot, and I believe that your bird is a Dunnock but I am probably wrong
  20. Storm-Petrel

    what is this in Santa Cruz, CA?

    Yup. Also turnstones are told from other peeps by the shape of their bill, which is thick at the base and gets much thinner and ends in a "point". Peeps bills are usually dont taper as much and dont end in a sharp point
  21. Storm-Petrel

    Identification on Hawk in Garden, So Cal, USA

    I'm sure he will be fine. His tail feathers are just growing out and he is most likely relatively independent from the parents by now. But since youv'e been feeding him, he sees your backyard as an easy place to get food and will probably stay there and stick around if you continue feeding him...
  22. Storm-Petrel

    What other hobbies do birders have?

    dude thats awesome i thought i was the only one of my kind;)
  23. Storm-Petrel

    Old quarry use poll

    voted, its nice to see that wildlife refuge is ahead by far
  24. Storm-Petrel

    Found Kestrel with broken wing

    Well, after all this arguing, we still don't know what's happened to the kestrel.
  25. Storm-Petrel

    Sparrow? S.E. United States

    Yup, theyr'e red winged blackbirds. looks like shes got a tasty meal