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  1. Mat & Cathy

    unidentified passerine, Brisbane, Australia

    Hello Interested in what others think this might be - I won't bias your thoughts with my own just yet. Taken this afternoon, in creekside vegetation in Brisbane. Thanks Cheers Mat
  2. Mat & Cathy

    Bali, Indonesia - Gull sp.

    A single Gull was seen wading in an enclosed lagoon at the south end of Serangan Island on Bali. It then walked across and roosted on a low shingle island. There was a nearby flock (5-6?) of Crested Tern which it ignored completely and stood by itself. Date: Saturday 28th August 2010 – 9am...
  3. Mat & Cathy


    I've uploaded a photo of a Spinifex-bird to the Aust+Asia Gallery. It would be a new one for Opus. Cheers Mat
  4. Mat & Cathy

    Bali, Indonesia - which small Plover is this?

    I photographed a small plover at Mertasari Beach (south of Sanur) in Bali on September 1st which I would like some help to ID. I could not get closer as it was on the other side of the channel. The collage of 4 shots are of the same individual. With a complete white collar I am guessing it is...
  5. Mat & Cathy


    I've uploaded a Scrubtit photo to my gallery (first for Birdforum) I don't know how to put it into OPUS though. if someone can help that would be great. Cheers Mat
  6. Mat & Cathy

    Robin, near Brisbane, QLD, Australia

    In July I took these photos of a Robin sp. near Brisbane (QLD, Australia). All 3 shots are of the same individual. I believe this bird is a Red-capped Robin - but I'm not entirely sure why. I've tested out a couple of knowledgeable birding friends - and they thought Red-capped as well. At...
  7. Mat & Cathy

    Sparrow ID? - Sisters, Oregon, USA

    This Sparrow(?) was feeding on the ground on the outskirts of Sisters, Oregon. (last week). In a gravel carpark near some dry open forest. Can anyone tell me which species it is? Thanks in advance. Cheers Mat Brisbane, Australia.
  8. Mat & Cathy

    Vancouver, Canada - Reifel Sanctuary

    Hi, We are visiting Vancouver from Australia and spent some time at Reifel Bird Sanctuary yesterday. A few birds that we'd like some guidance with please. 1) mystery 1: lots of these near the feeders at the entrance. 2) mystery 2: in blackberries on edge of dike along western field. 3) mystery...
  9. Mat & Cathy

    Rufous-crowned Emuwren

    Can someone put one of my gallery photos in the Database. Rufous-crowned Emuwren Stipiturus ruficeps Cheers Mat
  10. Mat & Cathy

    Yellowlegs - California

    Looking through some older photos and I'm wondering which Yellowlegs this is? I have it labelled as Greater but would like to know if I'm on the money? Crissy Field, San Francisco Bay - Dec 2003 Thanks! Mat
  11. Mat & Cathy

    immature cuckoo - brisbane, Australia

    I took this photo of an immature cuckoo sp. yesterday at Lake Manchester (Brisbane, Australia). Interested in your opinions (and reasons) on whether it is likely to be a Brush Cuckoo or Fan-tailed Cuckoo. In adult birds the eye-ring makes it easy to pick (grey vs yellow) - but I'm not so sure...
  12. Mat & Cathy

    database correction needed

    Hi Just noticed the database entry for Pacific Robin (Petroica multicolor) shows a picture of a Flame Robin (P phoenicea) by mistake. Cheers Mat
  13. Mat & Cathy

    Wader Puzzle - 2004, Cairns Esplanade, Australia

    Hello A curly one for the wader-experts that we know are out there! I hope someone can help. We are familiar with the regular assortment of waders in this part of the world, and believe this is something unusual - either a weird individual, or a vagrant species. We photographed (albeit...
  14. Mat & Cathy

    blackbird ID? California, USA

    We took these photos at Merced NWR in California - back in May 2005. There was a very large flock of Blackbirds there. I'm wondering if these particular ones blackbirds are "white" enough to be Tri-colored? Would appreciate any feedback Thanks Mat
  15. Mat & Cathy

    Rufous Owl (Ninox rufa)

    Barking and Rufous Owsls There are several Rufous Owl (Ninox Rufa) and Barking Owl (Ninox connivens) photos already in the galleries that could fill 2 gaps in the database. Cheers Mat
  16. Mat & Cathy

    mangrove fantail - database

    The Rhipidura phasiana photo in our gallery will fill a gap in the database. Cheers Mat
  17. Mat & Cathy

    long-tailed finch

    We submitted a Long-tailed Finch photo last week. just making sure it isn't overlooked for the database cheers Mat & Cathy