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    Confused which camera body with 500PF

    The Z6ii and Z7ii are very different to the Nikon DSLR’s in many ways particularly the focussing. Yes you can pick one up and immediately it’s familiar to the DSLR’s your used to. To get the best out of them you need to read and watch the many informational blogs and videos that are available...
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    What Spring Migrants have you seen so far, 2022

    I just found I had another new tick for the yard on Saturday. A bird I had identified and labelled as a Blue-winged was really a female Prothonotary Warbler. :cool:
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    What Spring Migrants have you seen so far, 2022

    1996, that was the year they were filming the Twitchers piss take. I was in it at least 3 times. You can hear me talking on the CB to Dick Filby with direction to the Hoopoe on the Garrison. Sorry going off topic here.
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    What Spring Migrants have you seen so far, 2022

    If you saw them in the 90's I was probably standing right beside you. I remember seeing two in that period, both along the Garrison Walk if I remember correctly. Many more migrants today, Bay-breasted, more Scarlet Tanager's, Merlin App reported a Yellow-throated Warbler several times. No luck...
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    What Spring Migrants have you seen so far, 2022

    It’s 64F outside and 5:40AM. I’m heading out to sit on the deck as Birdcast is reporting nearly 4 times as many migrants as than the night before which bought so many to my yard. Birdcast I quickly processed a few of the images I shot yesterday here. Big Bird Thingy i love Black and White’s.
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    What Spring Migrants have you seen so far, 2022

    Today was the Big Global Bird Wadyamacallit Day. I started out on the deck at 6:30 with a nice cup of tea. The trees were dripping with Warblers. Newly arrived Baltimore Orioles were competing with the 3 pairs that have been here a week trying to outcall each other. A load of birds came in...
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    What am I doing wrong ? RX10IV sharpness

    In the Northern Hemisphere we’re heading towards Summer and that’s when heat distortion is most obvious when shooting at long focal lengths. It can happen in very low temperatures as well however as I found out recently. In February it was still below freezing around midday when we were looking...
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    What am I doing wrong ? RX10IV sharpness

    Don't underestimate the distortion of heat haze even on cold days. Any image can be improved with decent post processing tools. How's this using Topaz Sharpen AI? Probably a little too much.
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    Are Montague's Harriers still breeding in the U.K?

    In the mid 90’s they used to breed in a few sites in Lincolnshire. One pair used to breed not far from where I lived and 3 had just fledged and were sitting on the roof rack of my Ford Escort. Oh for a camera at the time. They used to breed at Titchwell before it became an RSPB reserve.
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    Zeiss SF 10x42 dissection

    The Focussing on my Mk1 8x42’s became stiff in places so I sent them in for repair and they came back fixed and better than ever. That was a couple of years ago and no issues since.
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    I would agree that for most people it’s overkill. Hopefully for a lot of people so I get mine faster. My order has been in with my local camera store since the development announcement.
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    New video showing AF performance. Nikon 800mm PF
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    The 800PF is shipping now. I‘m glad I didn’t cancel it when the guy said it was too slow. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Travelling to finland with large lens

    I‘ve never yet had an issue traveling with long lenses up to 600mm in my various backpacks over many years. The backpacks have always been within the standard airline overhead compartment dimensions. I was always extremely anxious that if I arrived late or in the last boarding group that all...
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    Where to go in Europe in June

    Extremadura in Spain. Eagles, Bustards, Larks, Vultures, Bee-eaters, Storks. Monfragüe NP is outstanding. Monfragüe National Park A few years ago I stayed nearby outside Trujillo with Martin Kelsey here. BirdingExtremadura.com
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    Mmmmmmm. According to DPReview the Z9 is the best camera they’ve ever tested. Made in Thailand and costs $5496.95. The new Z Mount 800PF is made in China I believe, that is $6496.95. For comparison the newly released Canon 800mm is $16999.00. Made in Japan is not worth it, you can get an 800PF...
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    Twitchers: A Very British Obsession?

    I’m in the Encounters:Twitchers 3 or 4 times. 🙄 I even get a speaking part.
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    What exactly do you find disappointing?
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    WHERE IS THE NEW Z9 @....?

    You’ll be lucky. They’re as rare as rocking horse shit.
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    Going by the reviews I’ve seen it’s going to be an awesome lens. I’ve had my order in with my local camera store since the very first development announcement months ago.
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    ID Suggestions - South Central Pennsylvania

    Possible but he insists it was bigger than a warbler.
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    Nikon 800MM PF Lens anyone yet..?

    Really? I suppose I'd better cancel my preorder then. This guy doesn't think f/6.3 is too slow. 800 PF images.
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    ID Suggestions - South Central Pennsylvania

    My friends wife took these yesterday and he doesn't know what it is. He's an excellent birder and says it's bigger than a warbler. I'm thinking it's an Oriole of some sort based upon the wing bar/ wingbars's and what looks to be a hefty bill. Anybody?
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    Backyard Bird Photography (no adverts)

    You can lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink. Wasting my time.
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    Central Florida Trip Planning

    Florida Shrub Jays try Oscar Scherer State Park. We had loads a few years ago. Gatorland is great for the wild Heron Rookery. Cattle, Snowy, Great, Egrets, Tricolored, Little Blue Heron, Anhinga and Wood Stork all breed. They’re close enough to stroke if you don’t mind loosing a finger or two...