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  1. Matt Silk

    Eagle sp. - nr. Ottawa -Jan 2018

    Can someone help identify this eagle photographed just west of Ottawa earlier this week? I have my suspicions but just want to be sure.... Matt
  2. Matt Silk

    New blog for the Irish Brent Goose Research Group

    Hopefully lots should be added soon, now we've got this up and running again. Updates about the brent in general as well as more specifically on our research and how its going.... Link here: http://irishbrentgoose.blogspot.com/ Thanks, Matt
  3. Matt Silk

    help with an undergrad project

    I have found a couple of papers from Ibis that I would love to read for background info/references for my project but can't get access to them online through my uni account. Is there anyone on here with personal/institutional access to Ibis papers online that wouldn't mind sending a pm with the...
  4. Matt Silk

    2 gulls from cambridgeshire today

    In the field i thought the first one (sitting down) was a Yellow-legged Gull but am not so sure now i've seen the photo. I only ever saw it sitting facing towards me (most of the gulls in the field were) which was particularly unhelpful. The second i have no idea. I first picked up on it...
  5. Matt Silk

    Flycatcher (in england)

    Was out on the patch this morning when i came across a flycatcher spp. on the edge of a small patch of woodland. I expected an easy id through the bins (either pied or spotted) and was hugely surprised when it looked at absolutely like neither. Out of the two it was probably closer to Spotted...
  6. Matt Silk

    small red eyed damselfly? sussex

    i think this is a small red eyed damselfly but not completely sure, can someone please confirm its identity. Matt
  7. Matt Silk

    Large gull id uk

    Normally i'm fairly ok with gulls, but this bird confused me. To be honest i'm not entirely sure whether its a fairly advanced 2cy or a 3cy. As for id it is presumably one of herring, caspian or michahellis. Help!!!! Thanks, Matt
  8. Matt Silk

    Matt's Year list.

    01/01/08 Quality day on the patch - total up to 44 species - including a Yellow Browed Warbler (almost certainly), all three Woodpeckers, Med. Gull, the long staying Pochard and Grey Wagtail. 1 House Sparrow 2 Robin 3 Jackdaw 4 Blackbird 5 Wood Pigeon 6 Magpie 7 Blue Tit 8 Greenfinch 9...
  9. Matt Silk

    Norfolk during the week

    I'm up in Norfolk on Tuesday/Wednesday and have some questions for locals, or at least people more knowledgeable than me. 1) where is the best place to connect with the pink-feet flocks during the day - and are any of the snow or ross's geese this year fair game? 2)Hawfinches at Lynford -...
  10. Matt Silk

    Which Jackdaw subspecies? Sussex

    I had this bird visiting my mid-suusex garden for much of last winter, with the local Jackdaws. I have looked at the dutch Jackdaw website and begun to form an opinion, but would appreciate comments ideas from more experienced birders (If its any help photos were taken in fairly dull, overcast...
  11. Matt Silk

    Bird of prey Pagham Harbour Friday

    Saw this flying north over North Wall at Pagham and can't make up mind, suspect it could well be a Hen Harrier? Thanks, Matt
  12. Matt Silk

    Which Demoiselle

    Photo taken near Plumpton, Sussex Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matthew
  13. Matt Silk

    Marsh Orchid

    Any ideas on this one - taken at a Sussex site in June '06. I know that an emminent sussex botanist and the professor of plant sciences at Sussex uni (who i have done work experience for) disagree about these plants. Cheers Matthew
  14. Matt Silk

    Help With Gull Id

    Anyone any ideas on this gull (the one on the right of the two LBBs pointed to by the arrow). The photo was taken at Radipole Lake in Weymouth. The bird struck me as not looking right for either a Herring or a LBB, especially as it is so pale. Thanks, Matthew
  15. Matt Silk

    wader roost north kent

    My dad and i are planning a visit to north kent area and i wondered where the best site was to see large numbers of waders at close range for photography - probably best if it was a high tide roost. Thanks, Matthew
  16. Matt Silk

    subspecific identification of Jackdaw

    Anyone got any tips on splitting the three subspecies of Jackdaw, and how often are monedula and soemeringii seen in the Uk? I have attached a photo taken locally (Sussex). Would I be right in thinking that the bird on the far left could be a candidate for monedula rather than spermologus...
  17. Matt Silk

    Mallard x Pintail

    Whilst birding in the Wivelsfield/Ditchling area (East Sussex) this afternoon I stumbled across what appears to be a Mallarx Pintail hybrid associating with wild Mallards on a garden pond immediately east of Ditchling Common. It was very similar to the photos at...