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  1. James Emerson

    Use of Excel to taxonomically order a list

    Hello all. I'm trying to do something in Excel and I think there is probably a formula for it, but I'm not really sure how to describe it simply so am having trouble searching for it. I use a database for my personal wildlife sightings (BirdJournal) but also keep track of sightings in my local...
  2. James Emerson

    Norfolk fungi for ID

    After a late start to the fungi season locally, there seems to be a lot about now. I would appreciate thoughts on these three from wooded areas in East Norfolk today. 1) I think this might be Phlebia rufa, however some of the 'spines' appear forked 2) Not sure about these - my best guess would...
  3. James Emerson

    November fungi for ID

    Today I went out into the rain to have a look around my local patch (Whitlingham CP near Norwich) and went round the meadows and young woodland looking at the fungi. My highlight was finding some tiny Orange Bonnets, but I would appreciate thoughts on the attached photos (apologies for the worse...
  4. James Emerson

    Dune & coastal pinewood fungi

    Hi all. A change of scenery today as I headed to Holme Dunes Norfolk wildlife trust reserve to have a look at the fungi there. We saw quite a few sune specialities including Scaly Stalkball, Dune Waxcap, Dune Cavalier and Sea Buckthorn Bracket. There was also loads of Collared Earthstars and...
  5. James Emerson

    Old grassland fungi

    Today I have been out visiting Earlham Cemetery in Norwich, which has some areas of ancient grassland which is excellent for Waxcaps, Corals and Earthtongues. In addition to these, we also saw two types of Earthstar, Sulphur Knight and a bumper crop of Dog Stinkhorns. I have attached photos of...
  6. James Emerson

    Vernacular bird names in MapMate

    I bought a copy of MapMate last year, and have been trying to get used to adding sightings to it, but I'm being slowed down by some rather frustrating issues entering certain birds, and wondered if more seasoned users could point me in the right direction. The bird that prompted this post was...
  7. James Emerson

    Fungi on woodchips

    I have been checking some piles of woodchips at Whitlingham CP for fungi, and today I noticed these growing on one of them. There was a small group, strongly attached together by white mycelium, and the gills were obscured by a veil. The only thing I can think of is a Coprinus sp, but there was...
  8. James Emerson

    White bracket fungus

    Hi. Has anyone got any suggestions what this bracket fungus could be? It reminds me of Postia sp, but was growing on cut deciduous wood (probably willow, which was what the surrounding trees were). It was in an area of wet woodland along the Yare Valley, Norfolk. It was velvety white on top...
  9. James Emerson

    Unknown tri-coloured bracket

    I found this bracket fungus growing on a fallen deciduous tree (nearby trees were Willow and Poplar, so probably one of those), but I'm not sure what it is and would appreciate any suggestions as to species or genus. Thanks, James
  10. James Emerson

    Unidentified bracket fungus, Norfolk (UK)

    Could anyone give an opinion as to the identity of this bracket fungus for me please? The bulbous bit in the middle doesn't seem to fit with any of the species that I am familiar with (Trametes versicolour, Bjerkandera adusta etc), although maybe they are just young and will grow into a...
  11. James Emerson

    Scotland holiday 10.04.10-16.04.10

    Preface This is a summary of my holiday to Scotland with five friends, staying firstly near Aviemore, then two nights on Mull. It was timed to fit into the Easter holiday, so may be of some use to people who have to fit their holidays around school time! Day 1 – Journey to Aviemore + Burghead...