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  1. Mergus1

    Warbler ID Mallorca, Spain

    Hi guys, seen this warbler in Cabrera National Park, Mallorca, on April 17th. It´s been a pretty good day for migration and the island's bushes were full of birds. This one didn´t quite fit with my impression of the other western subalpine warblers I´ve seen there. Also the call was a bit more...
  2. Mergus1

    Kyrgyzstan - Warbler ID

    Sorry for the confusion, pic 1+2 in the meadow is suspect #2. So presumably European Reed Warbler? Pic 3+4 I thought was the same bird, at least taken in the same bush. Maybe because of different light conditions? Willow Warbler seems more likely, Arctics only occure as vagrants in the region I...
  3. Mergus1

    Kyrgyzstan - Warbler ID

    Thanks so far guys :t: Here some more pics of suspect #2 and #3. Blyths or still going for Eurasian Reed?
  4. Mergus1

    Kyrgyzstan - Mixed ID

    Hey guys, can anyone help out with these ones please??:egghead: #1: Seen at 3000m on Song Kul. Merlin or Saker? Size seemed to be intermediate. #2: Sand or pale Martin? Seen at the Arslan Bob Waterfalls. (South Kyrgyzstan) #3: Juvenile Redstart species in Ala-Archa Nationalpark south of...
  5. Mergus1

    Kyrgyzstan - Warbler ID

    Hey guys, since I´m not too familiar with the central asian warbler fauna here some tough ones for you. All seen mid to end of August. #1: seen along a mountain creek in Kegeti valley (mountains south of Tokmok) at about 1500m asl. #2: seen at 3000m asl at Lake Song Kul. Probably on...
  6. Mergus1

    Recent records of Golden/Lady Amherst's pheasant in the UK?

    Hi guys, I´m visting England and Wales for 2 weeks over the easter holidays. Two of my target species would be those two pheasant species. Still I haven´t found any recent sightings of both on the web. Does anyone know of their current status (already extinct?!) or some good place for having...
  7. Mergus1

    Forest birds, Kenya

    Thanks a lot :t:
  8. Mergus1

    Savannah birds, Kenya

    Sweet ! Thanks a lot :t:
  9. Mergus1

    Savannah birds, Kenya

    Hi, anyone to help out with those savannah birds? Taken april in the bush around Maralal (Samburu county), North Kenya. #1: Pied Wheatear? #2: some hawk sp.? #3: What kind of vulture? (note triangular tail) #4: What kind of Lark sp.? #5: Female sunbird sp.? #6: Hildebrandt´s or Shelley´s...
  10. Mergus1

    Forest birds, Kenya

  11. Mergus1

    Forest birds, Kenya

    Hey guys, going through my old photos I´ve still found those left unidentified. All taken in forested areas in Nyahururu may 2017. Anyone can help out? :t: #1: what kind of Apalis sp.? #2: some flycatcher maybe? #3: no clue tbh. #4: little or cinnamon-chested bee-eater? #5: no clue also...
  12. Mergus1

    Hummingbirds ID, Panama

    Wow, not bad :t: much appreciated !
  13. Mergus1

    Shore birds & birds of prey, Panama

    Looks good for me thanks :t:
  14. Mergus1

    Shore birds & birds of prey, Panama

    Thanks so far guys!! Appreciated. :) I think Plumbeous Kite is the more likely option since Mississippi passes through Panama later in the year (Oct). At least that´s what the book says.. right? Any suggestions for the falcon #5 ?
  15. Mergus1

    This one´s for the pros, Panama

    Hey guys, sorry for the really bad pics. These birds were only seen for a short time and also been really concealed. Maybe anyone can give a hint? I´m not sure if they are even possible to identify.. #1: This colorful little bird was seen only from behind in the trees next to Chagres river in...
  16. Mergus1

    some small birds, Panama

    Hi, these ones shouldn´t be too hard I guess. Couldn´t find them in the book though.. any help? #1: Some finch (saffron??) seen singing on top of the Biomuseo in Panama City #2: Gray breasted martins? In Gamboa near the Channel #3: Southern rough winged or cliff swallow? Gamboa #4: Looks like...
  17. Mergus1

    Shore birds & birds of prey, Panama

    Hi, still struggeling to identify these fellows. Any ideas? #1: solitary or spotted sandpiper? Coast of Panama city #2: herring or ring billed gull? (both said to be rare migrants so..) Also coast of Panama city #3: big flock (~30) of noisy birds. Maybe some kites? Seen in Gamboa over the...
  18. Mergus1

    Hummingbirds ID, Panama

    Hi guys, haven´t identified these hummingbird species yet. Anyone who´s familiar with this group? All pics taken in September this year. #1: Taken in Punta Culebra (Isla Perica), Panama City #2: Taken in the Mangroves near Colon town (Punta Galeta) #3: Taken in some garden near the beach of...
  19. Mergus1

    Stonechat ssp.

    Thanks Grahame! Seems to fit.. what a nice species thanks !!
  20. Mergus1

    Common Bulbul and (sub?)species

    Hey guys, been to Kenya this year and found some bulbul species. Basically the nominate form (Pycnonotus barbatus) and the Dodson bulbul (Pycnonotus dodsoni). Still some literature treats the dodson (along with somali and dark-capped bulbul) as subspecies of barbatus. Does anyone know what...
  21. Mergus1

    Swift sp., Kenya

    Hi, Swifts really are not my speciality. Any experts on this topic here? 1&2: Karissia Hills near Maralal, Samburu county, End of April (same Indv.) 3,4&5: Lake Nakuru, Laikipia county, Early May (different species probably)