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  1. Matt Silk

    Eagle sp. - nr. Ottawa -Jan 2018

    Thanks all. That's a bet won for me so just the answer I was looking for!
  2. Matt Silk

    Eagle sp. - nr. Ottawa -Jan 2018

    Can someone help identify this eagle photographed just west of Ottawa earlier this week? I have my suspicions but just want to be sure.... Matt
  3. Matt Silk

    Jackdaw subspp, NE England

    Looks like a nice monedula to me too, underparts look good and a good collar And on the staying to breed thing, I think (off the top of my head) there are several occasions where this has been reported - I guess its not that surprising if young birds end up in the wrong place... May result in...
  4. Matt Silk

    Brent Goose I.D.

    probably a dark-belly, maybe a hybrid(?), certainly not a pale-belly. If it was feeding in a family group with that juvenile then its definitely a dark-belly....
  5. Matt Silk

    Unknown small bird, Sussex, UK

    Skylark maybe...
  6. Matt Silk

    Arctic / Pacific Loon from Hungary

    Looks more like a black-throat/arctic to me.... White patch, head shape, bill... But then my only experience of pacific is photographs...
  7. Matt Silk

    Brent Geese, UK

    Both look like dark bellies to me, first one is just in strong sunlight
  8. Matt Silk

    Penguin sp. in Cornwall

    Clear cut penguin for me. Black, white and standing on a beach + the Daily Mail is telling me it is one... ;-)
  9. Matt Silk

    Help with grey-bellied brent id

    Another important point is that the WCHA (Grey-bellied) population is clinal being very similar to Black Brant in the west of their range and (almost) indistinguishable from hrota in the east. Think Kumlien's Gull style.... It is only really the more black brant like birds that will be even...
  10. Matt Silk

    Help with grey-bellied brent id

    Its not easy trying to ID them on the water! My gut is that this is a dark belly or at least a dark belly hybrid.... You're dead on about colour tones being important in picking out dark bellies - although this does vary considerably according to the light at the time. I think this bird does...
  11. Matt Silk

    Help with grey-bellied brent id

    Hi Colin, Please see http://www.irishbirding.com/birds/web/Display/sighting/62935/Birding_Opportunity.html and http://www.irishbirding.com/birds/web/Display/sighting/53948/Birding_Opportunity.html for the best information on the regular Dublin bird in terms of ID The situation is...
  12. Matt Silk

    Pale-bellied Brent Goose? Texel, Netherlands

    Yes it is. Nice spot! Matt
  13. Matt Silk

    I.D. Shore birds Northern California coast

    Looks like a loon to me.... Brants have got to be nigricans with collars like that
  14. Matt Silk

    sommerringii? BRB, germany, Nov. ยด11

    Looks like a really good candidate to me!!
  15. Matt Silk

    Brent Goose, germany

    Looks like it could well be a lighting effect for me - no way I can see to confirm hrota from just that pic I'm afraid. (for what its worth I think its probably bernicla....)
  16. Matt Silk

    Falmouth Birding

    Bit more of an update/clarification on the two sightings: ~3.45pm: fairly good views from the west side of Swanpool (my sighting) ~5pm: what is presumably the same bird given the features noted seen on the sea off Swanpool Beach (presumably not too distant) by a second observer ~6-6.30pm: We...
  17. Matt Silk

    Falmouth Birding

    See I might have been able to make it down tomorrow early am too if I hadn't spent this afternoon birding rather than preparing/practising the talk I'm giving in Exeter tomorrow pm. Fingers crossed that it gets sorted either way tomorrow!! I just regret a) not taking my camera with me and b)...
  18. Matt Silk

    Falmouth Birding

    Definitely not a Shag. It was the latter on my mind... Was going to let it slide (even though I had fairly good views of the bill it was in bright light and wasn't 100% on it) - I couldn't think of other features I needed to nail, didn't see it out of the water and only feature that would rule...
  19. Matt Silk

    Falmouth Birding

    Swanpool/Swanvale this afternoon: Cormorant sp. - 1 small/slender looking cormorant with restricted deep yellow-orange gape with no white surround and apparent yellow on the lower mandible (features noted independently by two observers) Yellow Browed Warbler - heard calling in the gardens west...
  20. Matt Silk

    Northern Eider ssp. Borealis ???

    Certainly would fit in well in Iceland - have just got back from spending a month in Reykjavik and made sure to have a good look at the Eiders up there. If anything the bill colour is on the orangier-side of things compared to many of the birds in that area, and if the sails are present as you...
  21. Matt Silk

    Falmouth Birding

    Hobby over Falmouth this morning (about 8ish) was a nice surprise
  22. Matt Silk

    Jackdaw Germany, soemmerringii or nominate or intergrade?

    monedula for me: collar is relatively weak and only partial, and underparts pale(ish). Even a monedula/soemmerringii intergrade would have a much fuller and whiter collar than this bird shows Matt
  23. Matt Silk

    New blog for the Irish Brent Goose Research Group

    Hopefully lots should be added soon, now we've got this up and running again. Updates about the brent in general as well as more specifically on our research and how its going.... Link here: http://irishbrentgoose.blogspot.com/ Thanks, Matt
  24. Matt Silk

    Ringed Ruff, Wiltstone Resv,16/2/12

    In fact here's a link to what seems to be the correct project http://www.cr-birding.org/node/442 Matt
  25. Matt Silk

    Ringed Ruff, Wiltstone Resv,16/2/12

    The colour rings/flag should be enough to find the origins of this bird. Try http://www.cr-birding.org/ Matt