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    Indochinese or Australasian Bushlark?, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Mike, images are very grainy but, combination of distinct pale post-auricular collar, heavily marked breast, short tail with buffish (rather than white) outers + high-pitched call point are indicative of Indochinese. Grahame
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    Which Warbler? Iran, Khorasan-e Razavi, May 2022

    Guys, the thing about pp is that it is a variable, like all biometrics, but crucially, pp of BRW averages shorter than ERW. The OP has a pp of c60% (in line with Lou's estimation) so about mid-range for BRW. It is not anywhere close to 75%! Andy, length of P1 is virtually the same range for...
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    Id help - Munnar India - 4

    Suggest you look at 2 again, its a recently fledged juvenile, and so definitely not a Brown! Grahame
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    Small size bird ID. Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

    Female Plain Sunbird. Grahame
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    Id help - Munnar India - 3

    Wrong structure for Indian Robin + underparts are plain with brighter rufous utc. Andy, you called it right 1st time. It is a juvenile Pied Bushchat, the "white' on th under tail merely reflected light. Grahame
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    Flycatchers - Panjin, Liaoning, China

    1st bird is indeed a 2cy male Taiga Flycatcher, readily aged on account of the pale-tipped outer greater coverts which, are retained juvenile feathers. The fact your bird has a complete red throat (at this age) confirms it as Taiga. Male Taiga's obtain a red throat in their 1st year, on...
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    Flycatchers with young in Kathmandu valley, help please

    Andy, neither Clements or HBW recognise the Himalayan form poonensis, presumably, they do not consider it distinct enough. That said, they are quite clearly all Asian Brown Flycatchers. Grahame
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    Flycatchers with young in Kathmandu valley, help please

    Agreed, all poonensis Asian Brown. Grahame
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    Your IDeas on this female please.

    Female Van Hasselt's Sunbird. Grahame
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    Which Warbler? Iran, Semnan, April 2022

    No, it's an Eastern Olivaceous, in particular, note the long P1 (beyond PC's) which safely excludes Upcher's. Grahame
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    Which Warbler? Iran, Semnan, April 2022

    P1 averages longer in Sykes's. Values from Demongin: EOW PC+(1.5)2.5-6.5(7.5); Sykes's PC+(3.5)6-10(12) Unequal tertial spacing is a feature associated with Upcher's and, though not widely mentioned in literature, Demongin (2016) also cites it as a feature for Sykes's. Grahame
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    Common Nightingale or Thrush Nightingale ?

    Absolutely no doubt its a Common. Long P1 PC +4?,WP=3, P2=P5/6 & emarginated3, 4. Moult limit in GC's and retained PC's confirm age as 2cy. Grahame
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    Id help - mishmi hills, Arunachal Pradesh, India - 9

    Both names are in use Andy which needs to sorted; IOC & HBW use Manipur, Clements uses Streak-throated. Grahame
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    Id help - mishmi hills, Arunachal Pradesh, India - 9

    1. Brown-throated Fulvetta 2. Ashy-throated Leaf Warbler 3. Streak-throated Fulvetta 4. Streak-throated Fulvetta 5. Crimson-browed Finch 6. Streak-throated Fulvetta Grahame
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    Northern Wheatear age and race, Flamborough, England.

    It is a widespread but sparse breeder in much of Alaska and NW Canada, from where it undertakes a journey across the Bering Sea, transversing Russia, through Kazakhstan then down through Arabia to wintering grounds in sub-Saharan NE/E Africa A different population in NE Canada and Greenland...
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    Northern Wheatear age and race, Flamborough, England.

    Looks like a perfectly good leucorhoa Brett due to a combination of extensive brown tipping to mantle feathers and, to a lesser extent, lower scapulars + underparts heavily saturated warm, orange-buff. Regarding age, not so straightforward, images are somewhat contradictory (lighting perhaps?)...
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    Warbler ID? | Mcleodganj | 13-April-2022

    Agree Western Crowned. Grahame
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    Id help - mishmi hills, Arunachal Pradesh, India - 1

    1. Yes, Streak-throated Barwing. Ratt, moustachial, pale tipped gc's and barred tail base exclude Rusty-fronted. 2. Yes, Beautiful Nuthatch 3. Yes, Beautiful Sibia 4. Blyth's Leaf Warbler 5. male Black-headed Shrike Babbler Grahame
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    Waders on the salt pans east of Bangkok - Yesterday afternoon

    White-faced is rare in the upper/inner Gulf athough a single bird has overwintered at Chachoengsao, AFAIK, last reported on eBird 15 Mar. I'd follow John's advice and report it as either/or based on these images. Grahame
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    Iora - Today at Bang Phra Non-hunting Area, ChonBuri, Thailand

    You were correct in your initial ID Aladdin as male Common Iora, Green is out of range. Female Green has yellowish wing-bars, the yellow 'spectacles' are much more prominent, less intense yellow underparts and, it had dark eyes. Green Iora Macaulay Library ML321835771 Grahame
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    Which pipit- Istanbul

    Fair point Butty, but note the claws are pale, typically dark in Meadow. The underpart colour/pattern looks typical Tree. Also note (1st image) that the bird has a short P5 so, WP=2,3,4 with P5 quite noticeably shorter, while In Meadow, P5 is longer, WP=2,3,4,(5) and so, P5 is equal or can...
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    Algarve Lark

    According to Shirihai & Svensson there is some overlap in bill shape and one should always base ID on a full suite of characters. In your 1st image, the bird is turning its head slightly making it more difficult to assess bill shape, a side-on shot would preferable. Your bird does seem rather...
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    Algarve Lark

    Thekla, long P1 and P6 clearly visible. Grahame
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    Algarve Lark

    P1 is longer (c2mm?) than PC which is favouring Thekla, in the vast majority of Crested's P1<PC. Grahame