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    long shot: Common Snipe (?) in flight | Izumi Crane Center, Kyushu Japan | march 2020

    Morning all, While scanning the fields with scattered Hooded cranes feeding this snipe was probably flushed by a Hen Harrier. I managed to get some rubbish shots with the subject at least in it... I know this is a difficult species group anywhere, not least in East Asia. The crop compilation...
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    snipe | march 2020 | Izumi, Southern Japan

    This is the one group i fear to have to delve into but there it is was: a flying snipe in the fields surrounding the Izumi Crane Center in Southern Japan, march 2020. I only have these flight shots which are not even half-decent, but is there something in there that determines its ID? I...
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    One of the thrushes...but which one? | 10 March 2020 Izumi, Kagoshima, Japan

    Thrush spec: observado.org link Sho, Izumi, Kagoshima, Japan | 10 March 2020, 8:52AM location: 32°04'49.8"N 130°16'47.3"E · 1272 Shō, Izumi, Kagoshima 899-0435, Japan (approx. 1 km south of the Izumi Crane Center) I have not even noted down this record in my obsmapp app at the time, probably...
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    petrel spec or tubenose spec? | Off Oshima Island, Japan | 8 March 2020

    Hi, still working on my stormy day at sea: a ferry trip from Hachijojima to Tokyo on 8 March 2020. 99% of birds that day appear to be Streaked Shearwater 0,5% is one of the three albatross species I was lucky to see (Laysan common, the other two only 2-5) And then there are these that are some...
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    Not a Thayer's....right? ad. winter large white-headed gull | Choshi harbour, Japan | march 5 2020

    I have been trying to determine what this is myself for quite some time now. But I fail to see what others seem to clearly see: something is or is not a Thayers Gull. It is a bit like a firstgrade student trying to solve a 5th grade puzzle with only the firstgrade tools and knowledge. So here...
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    all dark storm-petrel with forked tail | 15km East of Toshima, Japan | 8 march 2020

    I have been going through my still unseen archive of shots fired on my last japan trip (foreshortened by covid risk increase). What would you make of this bird which in the field I put down as storm-petrel spec. There are a few all dark, fork-tailed storm-petrels in the area. I think Tristram's...
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    seabirdwatching potential new ferry route between Eemshaven NL and Kristiansand NO

    Good morning, after having had 2 two nice ferrytrips to the Tokyo Islands in 2018 en 2020. I started wondering if such a thing would not be nice to do for a birding trip in the Northsea. Now this week news came out that a ferry is going to take up a new route from the Northern Netherlands to...
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    which dolphin species? | 7 march 2020 | Mikurajima, Japan

    This fin showed itself briefly alongside the Tokyo - Tokyo Islands ferry, just outside Mikurajima harbour On a coldish march morning, early march 2020 (last weeks of free travel) location: 33.894, 139.584 Would you agree that it is Short-beaked Common Dolphin Delphinus delphis...
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    Large-billed and Carrion Crow | another ID feature finding attempt

    While trying to help ID Japanese birds at inaturalist I often come across crow photos that either don't show enough for an easy ID or -more often- show a bird that is not your typical Large-billed Crow or Carrion Crow. Of course ID-webpages that treat this couple are mainly focusing on the more...
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    subadult Vega Gull? | Choshi, Japan, march 5

    Choshi harbour, Chiba, Japan | 5 March 2020 A subadult (4CY?) argentatus-grey herring-like gull with little white and little black on the primaries. https://japan.observation.org/waarneming/view/210457109 https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/73540341 For now I think the last of my gulls in...
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    Not a Caspian Gull surely | Choshi, Japan march 2020

    Choshi harbour, Chiba, Japan | 5 march 2020 records at: https://world.observation.org/waarneming/view/210272487 https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/73296138 I fail to draw a crowd to my gull topics but hey...if i can't try it here.... This was one of many gulls that drew my attention...
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    adult winter Large gull - off-black primaries | january | Hokkaido, japan

    Not my own observation but I thought this might be an interesting bird to have a look at. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/67675055 attila21 at inaturalist posted this one photo of a beast of a large gull. Strong bill like Glaucous-winged Gull, off black primaries and a dark mantle. I...
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    surely not/probably not Glaucous-winged? | Choshi port, Japan | march 2020

    14 years of interest in Japanese birding/birds sofar has given me tons of good fun and great experiences (thanks to all involved!) Glaucous-winged Gull sofar managed to escape me (or I failed to produce evidence at least) What would you say? The bill is darkish not clearly black-tipped, tail...
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    off standard 2CY Gull? | Choshi harbour, Japan | march 2020 -> Slaty-backed Gull

    THis is not the most popular group to be asking about but hey...they do cause a lot of 'fun trouble' for me as an advanced beginner in Larids and I'm not the only one. This one I missed at the first go as I was following this small group of gulls that took some offal off of a Japanese...
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    Kestrel with horizontal breast barring? | Hokkaido, Japan, june

    To put my mind at rest i'm posting this here. This photo is not mine but as i am trying to help ID all inaturalist-Japan bird records, it is something i try to solve. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/49679657 It looks familiar, i am familiar with Kestrel in Europe mostly but that's...
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    which cormorant (Japanese, Great or the other Great), Choshi, Japan

    Early march this year, Choshi harbour. I have been checking Japanese cormorants for the last 2 years orso on inaturalist (and a bit in real life). Trying to find the distinguishing features for Japanese Cormorant and hanedae Great Cormorant. I didn't think of sinensis as an option, but now i...
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    2CY gull from below | march, Choshi JP

    2CY gull from below | march, Choshi Japan A dull and drab early spring day in Choshi, East-Japan, Pacific coast Locally inexperienced birder with little experience with a decent camera-set-up. I think this should be a 2ndCY Vega Gull but i think it is easy-thinking on my part: it looks...
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    Heavily marked Herring | Choshi, jp | march 2020

    Heavily marked Herring Gull? | Choshi, jp | march 2020 What would you make of this? I'm leaning towards adult winter American Herring but that may be wishful thinking (they're not nearly as rare there as they seem to be in Netherlands but still) doubts: -head shape is a bit heavy for herring...
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    swift | Mount Takao, Tokyo | march 3

    walking up Mount Takao, Tokyo on my first full day in Japan this year I didn't expect swift just yet...certainly not at 8 in the morning on a crisp spring day. I managed to take a few shots only, while my camera and i were not working together smoothly. I think it's likely to be House Swift...
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    subspecies Blue Rockthrush | Wajima jp

    subspecies Blue Rockthrush | may 2018 | Wajima, Japan > ssp philippensis After plenty of red-bellied/red-breasted philippensis Blue Rockthrush in Japan, on 25 may last year I came across this male Blue Rockthrush that appeared all blue. It was foraging on the Wajima seaboard in Western Japan...
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    arctic warbler-ish? #2 | Hegurajima JP | may 23

    A drizzly day and a leaf warbler hiding between the leaves. A terrible set of photos of which I don't suspect more can be said than 'arctic warbler complex'...but who knows... hope to hear from you cheers Gerben see also...
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    arctic warbler-ish? | Hegurajima, jp | may 2018

    Here's a second Leaf Warbler of my 4 day trip to Hegurajima, Japan. It was seen together with an Eastern Crowned Warbler and there's plenty of choice really: Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Japanese, Arctic, (Pale-legged). Fact is, it may be that a sound recording is needed for a positive ID. There are...
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    Cuckoo ID #3 | Hegurajima JP, may

    A pretty red lady this time. The third cuckoo I saw this day in Hegurajima. The amount of red may say something about the species, but i'm confused... hope someone can help out....again cheers, Gerben
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    Cuckoo ID #2 | Hegurajima jp, may

    The second of my Cuckoo records (see: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=372236) I know i have sounds somewhere of at least Lesser and Oriental Cuckoo on the island. Those are the two most common species I believe... but still hope you can help with this 2nd rather not so good photo...
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    1 of some cuckoo records | Hegurajima JP

    I have been struggling to put a label on these ever since I started uploading the photos to my records-website (japan.observado.org) I've seen and heard quite a few of those over the 4 days orso I was on the island. It's a major hub for migrants, many cuckoos are coming and going so it's not...