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  1. Vollmeise

    Tascam Recorder

    @horukuru, even if you should still be able to hear 20 kHz with your hearing, in most cases a sampling rate of 24 kHz is sufficient because there are hardly any birds that call higher than 12 kHz. However, since most audio applications can play back recordings in 24 bit / 48 kHz, I recommend...
  2. Vollmeise

    Thermal "spotting scopes" - the experience thread

    Stuarta, the used rig is an arca-swiss compatible rail w/ two quick release bases mounted on top. The thermal scope is mounted on a leveling cap (kind of a flat bowl head), so that You can both sync the center view of your spotter and thermal once before first use. Once the center of those...
  3. Vollmeise

    Anyone played with a Tascam Portacapture X8 yet.

    Looks interesting indeed, but it doesn't seem to be available yet. One of it's highlights - thanks to 32 bit FP - is definitely the theoretically large dynamic range. Pretty promising if internal microphones are both sensitive and low-noise. Operation seems to be clear and user friendly...
  4. Vollmeise

    Swarovski Thermal Imager tM35

    Pulsar uses sensors from the French company Lynred (formerly ULIS)
  5. Vollmeise

    Is a parabolic dish capable of listening or recording 12hz?

    missbrown, the Sennheiser MKH 20 does not need any dish to deliver its 12-20k frequency range, as the newer MKH 8020 (10 Hz - 60 kHz) doesn't. Maybe You mixed it up with the Jecklin disc ("OSS technology"), whis is used to get natural stereo sound w/ a pair of MKH20s (or any other pair of omni...
  6. Vollmeise

    Sony 400mm F2.8 GM

    No, Canon R5 users can choose between single shot or continuous drive with low-speed, high-speed or highspeed +
  7. Vollmeise

    Sony 400mm F2.8 GM

    No, Canons Ai Servo mode means continuous AF. Same like "AF-C" if You use Sony bodies.
  8. Vollmeise

    New to Bird/Wildlife Audio Recording :) - Gain/Trim & Fader and other basic settings to get started?

    Hi there, let me just add my 2 cts concerning power solutions using SD Mixpres. As mentioned and proofed, the standard 4AA battery holder will last around 2 - 2.5 hours w/ two 48V poweded mics attached. The optional battery compartment for 8 batteries supplies the Mixpre with energy for up to...
  9. Vollmeise

    All the Birds of the World: QUICK-FIND Index

    Robert, just noticed Your index today - thx a lot, much appreciated! Danke vielmals für Deine Mühe, LG Vollmeise)
  10. Vollmeise

    Dodotronic parabolic mic

    Ivano, pleased that you take time to answer questions about your products personally and a warm welcome! Cheers, Stefan aka Vollmeise
  11. Vollmeise

    Comment by 'Vollmeise' in media 'Black Kite Hatchlings (Milvus migrans govinda)'

    Thx for the impressive footage. Without this music, much shorter and without the advice to wait until the end would mean that I'd watch some further clips by the same author. Cheers!
  12. Vollmeise

    Tripod for very tall man with ATX 95

    James, I was faced with a similar decision and decided against the Gitzo and instead opted for a Rollei Rock Solid Alpha XL Mark II. It is also a carbon tripod with four extensions and without a center column, also very tall (almost 2m), has very thick legs with foam cushions and is extremely...
  13. Vollmeise

    Any good equipment to get better bird song out of my phone?

    FlackoWeasel, could You tell us which recording app you did use exactly? I'm using the "Hi-Q Recorder" and "RecForge II" in combo w/ external mics, and there are plenty of adjustments possible (different from what is claimed here). No AGC, you can choose the gain manually to fit your needs...
  14. Vollmeise

    Beyerdynamic headphones

    Saxatilis, I own the 80 Ohm (studio) version. The low / mid / high impedance headphone variants will lead to different volume levels.
  15. Vollmeise

    raptor ID (Northen Greece)

    A female Marsh Harrier, but apparently not an adult. Such dark under wing coverts and the facial pattern are actually characteristics of a young bird. When exactly did you take the recordings? Cheers
  16. Vollmeise

    Beyerdynamic headphones

    Saxatilis, the DT770 is a beautiful piece of technology, comfortable to wear and with a very balanced sound. I have been using these headphones myself for some time, but only to evaluate the unprocessed recordings. For recordings in the field I can only recommend closed headphones if e.g...
  17. Vollmeise

    Audacity and file editing

    Scott, heard about the new Zoom F2 recently and that tiny box could be a powerful solution on the lower budget side. The F2 can be paired with a single Plug-in-power mic via 3,5 mm jack, no XLR, no phantom power, no display for status or browsing files and no stereo recordings - it's mono...
  18. Vollmeise

    Bird poo ID question, Bath, Uk

    Hi, looks like made by a Wood Pigeon (or other Pigeon of a similar size) Cheers
  19. Vollmeise

    Autonomous Field Recorder - PART IV (Setup 2/2)

    Besaide, is it possible to schedule a recording twice a day with Rec Forge II Pro? E.g. daily at 6:00 a.m. and 7 p.m. ? Thx in advance :)
  20. Vollmeise

    Autonomous Field Recorder - PART IV (Setup 2/2)

    Besaide, cool that you could manage a different solution. So there is no further need for an automation app in Rec Forge II Pro - that's really cool indeed! Does Rec Forge start the recording precisely in time? Maybe I'm going to switch to that app, as Macrodroid does start the recorder app, bot...
  21. Vollmeise

    Autonomous Field Recorder - PART IV (Setup 2/2)

    Since only a maximum of 20 images can be posted at a time, I had to split the description of the setup into two parts. Sorry for that! 13. Select the "Hi-Q MP3 Recorder" app: 14. Tick the "Force New" checkbox and confirm with OK: 15. The time trigger (5:30 Mon-Sun) and the action (Launch...
  22. Vollmeise

    Autonomous Field Recorder - PART III (Setup 1/2)

    Hello everybody! While the first part of my post Autonomous Field Recorder, PART I was about general requirements for a programmable recorder, The second post Autonomous Field Recorder, PART II dealed specifically with the requirements for a smartphone used as a field recorder...
  23. Vollmeise

    Autonomous Field Recorder - PART II

    HiHo again! The first part of my thread Autonomous Field Recorder, PART I was about the requirements for a programmable recorder that can produce high-quality sound recordings over a longer period of time. Different solutions, including commercial ones, were compared, and finally I decided to...
  24. Vollmeise

    Night vision equipment for mortals

    Opisska, In fact, it is often the case that the marketing department gives clear guidelines on how the individual models in the lower price segment are to be distinguished from the next more expensive ones. After all, a manufacturer wants to serve the low-budget market as well as the middle...
  25. Vollmeise

    Autonomous Field Recorder - PART I

    Jon, thx for Your detailled comment, esp concerning wildtronic's commercial solutions. Indeed my very first attempts at smartphone automation were also on an iPhone with the help of the "Shortcuts" app. I too desperated that automations kept asking for confirmation. Even if "shortcuts" had...