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  1. dave598

    Question for everybody

    If this is in the wrong place please move to where it goes, and accept my apologies for placing it in the wrong location. Out of habit from shooting fire scenes, accident scenes, photo assignments from the newspapers, etc when I am out photographing birds I take hundreds of photos. I sort...
  2. dave598

    Sandhill Cranes Video form Port St Lucie, Fl 24-June-2021

    I shot this video this morning when I went out Birdwatching and shooting pictures. These two came from between two houses just squawking away as they walked down the street.
  3. dave598

    Roseate spoonbill and Unknown, Port St Lucie, Florida 23-June-2021

    I was out looking for a Bird that I had seen earlier in the day when it was raining and came across these Spoonbill's feeding with this unknown bird. I check several sites and could not find one that matched it.
  4. dave598

    Unknowns or Just Not Sure Las Vegas, NV

    Hey all I am going through my "Uknown" Folders and some I have id's for but these are a few of the ones that I think I know but am not sure or have no clue. I don't even remember taking this one but I don't have a clue what it is. I have three shots of this fella and this is the best of...
  5. dave598


    I am working on cleaning up some stuff that has been sitting on my hard drives that I have marked as Unknown. I am going to post them here I would appreciate any help. If I have an idea on the bird I will say what I think it is. This is the first one up. I saw it in Las Vegas, NV in December...
  6. dave598

    American Crow--Port St Lucie, FL

    These guys have been hanging around where I live for a while now being noisy and flocking all over the place. Here are four pictures that I shot of them Each picture was run through Photoshop, and NIK Filters and then touched up in levels and curves. Take a close look at this one there...
  7. dave598

    Birding Bucket List

    If you had to put together a Bucket List of your top five bird sightings what would they be? Also what would be the top five Bird Sighting that you want to take photos of? For me the Top 5 Bird Sightings would be: 1. American Bald Eagle (I saw one in Florida fly by but I would love to be able...
  8. dave598

    Eastern gray squirrel

    Having lived in Las Vegas for many years I missed the Squirrel's and living here in Florida I love to watch them. Yesterday when I was out I was able to get this fella while he was running on the wall of spillway for one of the ponds. He was giving me the look as if say "Did I give you...
  9. dave598

    Limpkin, Port St Lucie, FL

    Hey all I believe that this is a Reddish Egret, but am not sure. Thank you in advance. He was hunting baby turtles and lizards yesterday along one of the inlets to one of the ponds in the Senior Community that I live in.
  10. dave598

    Peters’s Rock Agama, Port St Lucie, Florida

    I was out looking around and bird and animal watching. I spotted this fella hanging out by the clubhouse of the complex I live in and was able to get a couple of shots. He seemed to freeze when I was pointing the camera at him and then moved when I looked away.
  11. dave598

    Help with IDing these Birds Please... Port St Lucie, FL

    The one above was flying around the trees and finally landed. This was the best shot of the bunch. This one was doing the samething. I looked for both of them but am not really sure.
  12. dave598

    Heron--Port St Lucie, FL

    I know this fella is a Heron but I am not sure if it is a Great Blue Heron or a little Blue Heron. I am leaning towards the Little Blue Heron. I do know that it was a beautiful bird to watch as it was hunting.
  13. dave598

    Red-headed agama--Jensen Beach, Florida

    I shot this one a couple of weeks ago at Jensen Beach, Florida. It was sitting on the railing that was around the Beach Cafe. I believe it is a Red-headed agama, Agama agama.
  14. dave598


    I shot this in 2016 while on a bird walk at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. I don't remember posting it before, but in my picture files it does not have a name attached to it so I probably didn't. Here is another one of the same type of Lizard that I took in 2016
  15. dave598


    I was sitting in the screen room this afternoon talking with my significant other and I saw this little fella on a plant just outside the screen room. She said it was a Chameleon but it did not change color to portion of the plant it was on.
  16. dave598


    I was out checking out the birds and gators in my complex and this little one was in the grass along the bank of the pond by my house. Just not sure and I looked on the Florida Wildlife site.
  17. dave598

    Unknown Bird Port St Lucie Florida

    I was out in the screen room this morning and saw this beautiful bird by the tree. I did not have my camera with me and only had my cell phone. I could not open the window without fear of scaring it away. I think it is a woodpecker but not sure. Sorry about the screen, my cell phone does not do...
  18. dave598


    I went out for a ride on my power scooter today to get away from things for a little while. I went by the pond behind the houses across the street from us and there were five Alligators in the pond. I swear in one of the photos the alligator was sizing me up as a steak.
  19. dave598

    ID'd Egyptian Goose--Thank You

    I live in Port St Lucie, Florida and it a treasure coast of birds. It is a birder paradise. Any way these guys were on the shore around the pond by my house. They were staying away from the water due to a small gator near them in the water. I thought at first they were a Fulvous Whistling-Duck...
  20. dave598

    Jensen Beach, FL Sandpiper I believe,

    I am pretty sure that this beautiful bird is a sandpiper but not a hundred percent sure
  21. dave598

    Help in IDing these birds

    Hey all I have been out of the Bird-Watching game for a while due to health and location. I recently got back into it and here are a few birds that I am having issues iding I was thinking that this fellow is a egret but somebody said it was a Sandhill Crane. I see these fellas walking around...
  22. dave598

    NEW TO Lizards and Reptiles

    Hello everybody, I have on the board on and off for about 5 years now. When I joined I lived in Las Vegas, and then moved to Hazleton, PA, and now I am in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Since moving here (literately 5 days ago) I have seen lizards, birds, and mammals that I have never seen before. So...
  23. dave598

    Unknown, Port St. Lucie, FL

    My wife and I moved to Port St. Lucie, FL from Hazleton, PA this past weekend. We bought a house and I was there today waiting for the movers and this beautiful fellow landed not 20 feet from me. I do not know what kind of bird it is. This is one 7 birds I have seen since Saturday that I do not...
  24. dave598

    Another Great Day at Floyd Lamb Park

    The RedRock Audubon Society had it's monthly bird walk out at Floyd Lamb Park today and it was a blast. Added a couple of Life List Birds and got a great up close look at a Cooper's Hawk today. We saw 35 birds and we heard 2 that we hunted and hunted for but could not find them. 1. Canada...
  25. dave598

    Unknown from Las Vegas, NV Floyd Lamb Park

    I was out at Floyd Lamb Park trying to get a couple more photos of the Burrowing Owls out there and saw this fella in the tree. He stayed there for a while and I was able to get this shot.