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  1. Alexjh1

    Tern sp. off Coquet Island

    I was just up in Amble last weekend on a bit of a last minute spur of the moment trip, and unfortunately there were no more places on the trip so I didn't get a chance to view the roseate's up close, so instead we had a walk along the beach parralel to the island, and did manage to pick out some...
  2. Alexjh1

    Wood Warblers near Keswick?

    I'm going to be in Keswick for a couple of nights from the 6th of June, and I'm hoping to see one of my most overdue bogey birds: Wood Warbler. The last two times I've been in the Lakes it was a bit too early in the year for them, so I was just wondering whether anyone had any good spots for...
  3. Alexjh1

    Dark Billed Tern, Summer Leys, Northants

    I was out at Summer Leys this afternoon and happened to see a tern than caught my attention - a much darker beak than all the others around and thought I better get some expert thoughts as my tern ID skills are a bit rusty these days! So, here is the bird next to a typical Common Tern for...
  4. Alexjh1

    Unusual Sparrow-like Bird, UK

    I just got tagged into a post on my local Facebook group about a bird that has "been feeding in the garden for the last two weeks", and when this usually happens I'm expecting something a little quirky, but not entirely out the usual, but drawing a blank on this one! That's a big old...
  5. Alexjh1

    Sandpiper at Snettisham?

    Yesterday, I went over to Snettisham to try and pick up the Western Sandpiper and Roseate tern - unfortunately the heavens opened so it wasn't exactly the sort of afternoon I had planned, however, on the way back to the car I did spot one small bird that stood out amoung the dunlin, but as I've...
  6. Alexjh1

    Thornham Finches II

    I went on another attempt to Thornham Harbour yesterday in an attempt to see some twite - nice day of birding, but I didn't find any interesting finch flocks until the sun was starting to set, hence bad grainy photographs. A local gentleman did mention there were twite there, but though I did...
  7. Alexjh1

    Hawk and Finches - Thornham, Norfolk

    Morning I dropped over to Thornham Harbour in Norfolk yesterday to try and see some Twite, but the light wasn't great so didn't get any views I was happy with in the field, but a couple of maybes, so thought I'd get some thoughts? Also had a hawk turn up - I assume a sparrowhawk as it always...
  8. Alexjh1

    Seabirds, Trevose Head - Cornwall - July 2019

    Back in July I was in Cornwall and was did quite a few mornings on Trevose Head trying to seawatch for skuas and rarer shearwaters. The winds were fairly decent, and on some days I had some fairly ludicrous numbers of manxes, but didn't really pick out much at the time, despite them definitely...
  9. Alexjh1

    Seabird at Herne Bay, Kent

    On Monday I was walking from Birchington-on-Sea to Herne Bay and trying to pick up anything interesting out at sea, and this bird was a bit puzzling. I'd mostly seen the regular gull species and a smattering of gannets, but this bird passed on by late on. It was very dark, not juvenile gannety...
  10. Alexjh1

    Warbler and Small Wader, Cornwall

    This is really just a case of double checking my work - saw these two at different points of the end of last week around Trevose Head in Cornwall. I'm pretty sure they are both familiar species to me (willow warbler and sanderling respectively) but as they seemed to be in different plumages than...
  11. Alexjh1

    Welbeck Raptor Viewpoint - Second Visit

    Decided to give Welbeck another go for raptors, and while again nothing came close enough to ID beyond Red Kite or Common Buzzard, a few very distant but potentially interesting raptors did appear. I do appreciate that these are very shabby photos, and may not all be identifiable. But thanks...
  12. Alexjh1

    Welbeck Raptor Viewpoint, Possible Honey Buzzard and Goshawk?

    Finally got round to heading to Welbeck Raptor Viewpoint today and after watching lots of common buzzards for the majority of the trip, had two very interesting birds turn up in the last hour before I had to leave. 1) This bird circled in at quite a distance, but was very slight feeling...
  13. Alexjh1

    Pond Heron, Cambodia

    Another Pond Heron sp. from Prek Toal February, and I appreciate the answer may well again be "you can't really tell". Looking through at this one though, it seems to have extensive pale buff sections on the face which would be streaked or going red in a non-breeding Chinese PH and would fit...
  14. Alexjh1

    Philosophical Question: Rescued Animals and Listing

    So I don't really think there is a right answer to this, so this is just seeing what other people make of this particular conundrum and where exactly the lines lie: (Note, this is not about a bird in this case, but the theory would still apply so putting it in this section where more people...
  15. Alexjh1

    North England Birds, Late Spring/Early Summer

    Over the last few weeks I've been pondering doing a long weekend trip a little later in the year to try and clear up a bunch of the remaining species I need in the UK, probably by bike and rail to take advantage of me having my railcard back for one last year. The eventual headliner would be...
  16. Alexjh1

    Your Most Cosmopolitan Species?

    Just a random little thought I was having the other day; what species have people seen in the most countries? Since I've been birding as an adult, I've visited 7 countries for long enough to do birding. Out of those, I think: Barn Swallow, Feral Pigeon, Little Egret, Grey Heron and Great White...
  17. Alexjh1

    Cambodia/Singapore - Feb 2019 - Adjutants, Pond Herons, Wader, ?

    Just done a last pass on my photos for my trip, and a few extra shots came up that I wanted to see if could be identified. Thanks in advance for any help! 1: Three adjutants from Prek Toal in Cambodia - I'm assuming all lesser but I'm struggling to find out what the best identifiers for...
  18. Alexjh1

    Bats for ID, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    As an aside from what was a fairly heavily birdy trip, did stumble on some bats on my recent visit to Cambodia - these little guys were inside Angkor Wat itself and I was wondering if they can be plausibly identified? Thanks for any help!
  19. Alexjh1

    Singapore and Cambodia, February 2019

    Over this last year I've been trying to put together a big trip for my 30th birthday; at various times it ended up being targeted at Chile, India, the US and Georgia but essentially things ended up not coming together in time to actually do it, but eventually we managed to force this trip...
  20. Alexjh1

    Painted/Milky/Hybrid Stork? Prek Toal, Cambodia

    If people really love storks, I cannot highly recommend Prek Toal enough, we literally saw thousands of them the morning we are there. The distinct downside of this from a birders perspective is when the sky is filled with large birds, you can only look at so many at once and so on the day we...
  21. Alexjh1

    Oriental Honey Buzzard, Singapore?

    I was just reading up on Oriental Honey Buzzard a bit following my trip to Singapore, and just realised I didn't feel 100% confident in my ID of one, so just thought I'd get it checked out. I was this individual over Bishan park, and just seems to be a bit more slender winged and of a darker...
  22. Alexjh1

    Cambodia Feb 2019 + Singapore, Pt. 5

    Just finished a second pass through my photos and picked up a lot fewer missed extras than usual. Just the three (including two in one photo), plus two further pictures from the Singapore trip that bookended it. Thanks again in advance for any help! 1 - Florican Grasslands, Cambodia: A prinia...
  23. Alexjh1

    Cambodia Feb 2019, Pt. 4 - Florican Grasslands / Phnom Krom

    This was my big dedicated guided bird-day and saw tons of new lifers, the issue however has become that they were coming so thick and fast at times that a bunch of the smaller, browner things particularly just haven't stuck with me ID wise. 1. I believe I was told this was a Plain Prinia 2. I...
  24. Alexjh1

    Cambodia Feb 2019, Pt. 3 - Prek Toal Reserve

    Had a really great day around Prek Toal, and the majority of species there are big, charismatic and very easy to identify due to sheer scale. I did pick up a few smaller ones though too: 1: Another generic looking brown bird - bulbul of some sort? 2: A small bittern - I think yellow? 3: A...
  25. Alexjh1

    Cambodia Feb 2019, Pt. 2 - Siem Reap

    I also got a small selection of birds around Siem Reap where we were staying. Most were fairly obviously, but a few less so: 1. A warbler seen from my hotel window 2. A different warbler seen from my hotel window. 3. A rather generic looking brown bird in a small grassy waste area outside my...