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    Tennessee Warbler? Nashville, TN 26 Sept 21

    Feeling more certain on this one. Just seeking confirmation. And since I probably havent said it enough this Warbler migration season, I really appreciate you guys and your help. Like, a ton.
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    Warbling or Philadelphia Vireo? Or Tennessee Warbler? Nashville, TN 26 Sept 21

    Seeing the obvious white eyebrow, dark eye stripe, white undereye, looks to have yellow throat and yellow sides. Constrast considering typical IDs of Warbling and Philadelphia: Has the yellow throat of Philadelphia (contrast with the white throat of Warbling) but the yellow sides of Warbling...
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    Another Warbler: Nashville Warbler? Clarksville, TN 24 Sept 21

    Been looking through Sibleys and Stokes for about the last hour, heres what I have come up with: Looks to have a dark (gray) head all around, down to the neck. Yellow chest and down the sides. Gray belly and undertail coverts. I believe I can see a white eyering in pic 3 also. Only thing thats...
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    Tennessee Warbler? Or Nashville Warbler? Nashville, TN 19 Sept 21

    Admittedly tough photos to analyze, but sadly with the weather today, these may be the most detailed photos I have from the day. I am seeing dark or yellow on top, yellow chest, white undersides. Possibly dark eyebrow or eye streak. If no actual eyestreak, leaning to winter male Nashville...
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    Warbler of some kind, Nashville, TN 18 Sept

    Not sure on this guy at all.
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    Blackburnian Warbler? Nashville, TN 18 Sept 21

    Feeling fairly certain abut this one. Initial thought was Magnolia (theres so many around) but it doesnt have the same tail pattern. Also, has more of a dark Auricular, kind of standing out. Please let me know if im correct on this! This would be a lifer for me
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    Black Terns? Nashville, TN 6 Sept

    Flyover of a few Terns. Many sightings in the last month or so of some Black Terns. This was a pair.
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    Warblers, Vireos, and such; Nashville, TN 6 Sept 21

    These are always so tricky, especially during this time of year when migration is going on #1 im thinking Warbling Vireo. White breast and yellow on sides, white eyebrow. #2 im thinking 1st winter American Redstart (adult American Redstarts in the area) #3-6 im leaning towards White-eyed...
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    Magnolia Warbler? Nashville, TN 5 Sept

    Are these all Magnolia Warblers? Was about 4 or 5 of them in a few bushes and trees. Unsure if I caught all of them. These were the best shots I could get. Last one is I think no doubt a Magnolia
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    Empids; Nashville, TN 3 Sept 21

    Constantly unsure of Empids, they all look so incredibly alike in the guides. The first 5 in this series are the same bird. Thin but obvious dual wing bars, small compact body, sitting sort of leaned forward. Long tail with dip in the middle. What I dont see at all is an eyering. Fairly long...
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    Shorebird seen at a lake in Central TN, 3 Sept 21

    Curious on this one. Wasnt expecting it to be here, then it just flew in and pecked around for a while. Had a bobbing tail while it was feeding.
  12. H

    Mallard? Nashville, TN 1 Sept 21

    Amongst a group of Mallards, but the coloration looked off. Also tend to be other species in the area, at a small peninsula on a lake. Couldn't quite match it in the Sibley or Stokes guides. Help appreciated.
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    Flycatcher in Middle Tennessee 6/16 Nashville, TN

    Seen back in June. Initially thought just a normal Acadian, or even the smaller Least. But closer examination, it looks a little larger than either of those. And with the vest im seeing, thinking possibly Olive-sided?
  14. H

    Southern Georgia Accipeter?

    Seen in southern GA in mid-July this year. Im thinking Coopers, based on the breast pattern, but i believe Immature based on no dark coloration on head. Can anyone give some input please?
  15. H

    Prairie Warbler? Nashville, TN, today

    Almost sure of this ID, but just wanting to ask. The first 3 photos are of the definite Prairie Warbler that was seen in the exact same area a few minutes later. The last 3 I am not so certain of. Maybe its a juvenile? Or maybe a completely different species? I am at a standstill with them. And...
  16. H

    Juvenile Bald Eagle? Nashville, TN today

    Seen soaring only for about 2 mins, a few hundred feet up. severely cropped photo. With the naked eye I thought just another Black Vulture. But looking at the photo, im pretty sure its a Juvi Bald Eagle. Ive seen an adult in this area as well in the recent past
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    Hooded Merganser? Possible Hybrid?

    Seen at Rockland Recreational Area, Old Hickory Lake, Nashville, TN. There have been reports for the last few weeks of a Hooded Merganser at this location. A few weeks back I got a horribly backlit photo of what looked to be a Hooded Merganser, but couldn't confirm it for sure, so never...
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    Red-breasted Grosbeak? Natchez Trace Parkway, Tennessee

    Beak looks quite thick. red breasted colors.......or maybe its just the lighting?
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    Duck Island Unit, TN: Help please!

    First real encounter with multiple species of sandipers, plovers, etc. Proving to be difficult for me. I am going to break this into a few separate posts on the same thread. Firstly are what I believe to be Spotted Sandpipers. The pronounced white wing bar, clear line between brown wing and...
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    Juvenile Prothonotary Warbler, Nashville TN?

    Taken yesterday, 26 June 21, in a lakeside marshy area in Nashville, TN It made NO call or song at all. With the weird combination of gray and yellow, plus it still, to me, looks a little "fluffy", im thinking juvenile Prothonotary Warbler. In these photos, the tail almost looks blue? but maybe...
  21. H

    Orchard Oriole?

    Taken 26 June 21, Nashville, TN, along a large lake I believe I have identified this bird from these difficult photos, but I wanted to put up the question here in case there's something I didnt catch in the guides. Has right Breeding range, right colorations, just tough to see wing bars...
  22. H

    Another potential Flycatcher ID issue

    For the record, before posting, I took a lot more time looking through my Sibley and Stokes field guides. I have found many that seem to come close (Gray, Willow, Acadian, potentially Least, maybe even Eastern Wood Pewee) but the main thing that keeps throwing off any of those IDs is the full...
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    Alder Flycatcher?

    Been looking through photos and I believe this is the correct ID of this bird, however eBird says it is unreported in my area. It was taken on Fort Campbell, KY, NW of Nashville. Having a look at some range maps, it looks like its completely possible that it could be in this area during breeding...
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    Birding in and near Nashville, TN

    Plenty of areas around Nashville to do some birding, but starting this thread right in my back yard. The normal stuff for me is mostly House Sparrows and Northern Cardinals, with the occasional House Finch, Carolina Chickadee, and today the first Tufted Titmouse I've seen on the feeder. A few...
  25. H


    I have some photos of birds from one of my deployments in Afghanistan from around 2010. Location of all but the Kingfisher was near Sharana in the Paktika Province. Kingfisher was in Jalalabad in the Nangarhar Province. I just discovered them as I was looking through some old photos and didn't...