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  1. J

    Using Kowa 8,5x44 with spectacles..?!

    Now I have the urge to go home and dent all the windows!
  2. J

    Can crows recognize individual cats?

    According to Sibley's wonderful book, What It's like to be a Bird, "Crows are able to recognize us by our faces, and they associate each person with good or bad experiences." so meows sense to me that crows would recognize individual cats, esp siamese cats. they're unforgetable.
  3. J

    Did changing to a lighter 32mm over 42mm bino really make that much difference?

    i used nikon premier 8x32 (about 660g) glasses for about 15 years and replaced them with kowa genesis 8.5x44 (940g). i used both binoculars side by side for a couple of weeks, and liked the detail, colors, and sharper views more from the kowa, so sold the nikons. a lot of the time i'm under...
  4. J

    glacier national park in mid-may?

    much appreciate advice -- would there be a lot to see in the way of birds in glacier national park early to middle may? my thought is to bicycle from west glacier on the going to the sun road as far as conditions permit, and also on the other roads in the west glacier area also as conditions...
  5. J

    Comment by 'Jeff51' in media 'Roller'

    among the most beautiful pictures i've seen.
  6. J

    Kowa USA service

    in the last six months i've bought two pair of kowa genesis 8.5x44 binoculars and a tsn 883 scope. i bought the binoculars in good part because i'd heard such great things about the scope and then i bought the scope because i love the detail and color i get in the binoculars. the binoculars...
  7. J

    When a mail order bino goes back to the retailer- where does it go after that?

    I bought two pair of kowa genesis 8.5x44 from cameraland in ny six months ago, both over the phone. the first pair was open box, considerably less than the new price. I asked the salesman what made them open box. he told me someone had looked through them and preferred a different binocular...
  8. J

    eyepiece for zeiss Diascope 85 T* FL LT 3.3"/85mm Spotting Scope?

    many many thanks for these very helpful replies. I'll pass on this one, because the investment in the eyepiece to test the scope sounds like a chancy one. thanks for sharing the knowledge and expertise, Jeff
  9. J

    eyepiece for zeiss Diascope 85 T* FL LT 3.3"/85mm Spotting Scope?

    hi, have the chance to buy a Diascope 85 T* locally at a good price in good condition. it's the older, pre-2010 version I think, and it's just the scope -- it doesn't have an eyepiece. much appreciate advice on a good eyepiece for that scope, 20-60 wide angle zoom if possible. also much...
  10. Great blue heron sunning wings

    Great blue heron sunning wings

  11. J

    detents on extending kowa tsn 883 eyepiece?

    Hi AP, that was exactly the problem and solution. works great now. many thanks for your help on this too, Jeff
  12. J

    detents on extending kowa tsn 883 eyepiece?

    hi, I thought the eyepiece on my tsn 883 scope extended with detent stops, but when I try to extend out the eyepiece housing (I don't wear glasses) the eyepiece unscrews. are there detents, and if so, how does get them to work? (there's nothing about detents in the short manual for the...
  13. J

    leveling head for tripod with scope?

    Hi Joachim, much appreciate this last comment in particular, and all the others above too on the (absence of) need for a leveling head, which I've returned to the vendor. and with that last comment in mind I've been a lot more careful in assuring stability of tripod before I put the scope on...
  14. J

    leveling head for tripod with scope?

    thanks for this too -- should have added I'll use scope only for general observation and won't be taking pictures or videos.
  15. J

    leveling head for tripod with scope?

    hi, when I ordered my scope/tripod, the sales person suggested I also get a leveling head, so that even if the length of the tripod legs on uneven ground wasn't right, with the leveling head, I could still get the scope level without a lot of finicky leg adjustment. advice much appreciated on...
  16. J

    mounting head quick release plate onto base of scope?

    thanks AP - the exact fix and much appreciated, jeff
  17. J

    mounting head quick release plate onto base of scope?

    hi, much appreciate help on first time mounting kowa tsn 883 scope to quick release plate of Swarovski compact cth tripod head. tripod head quick release plate has 3/8" screw, which seems too big to screw into scope base. the kowa literature says scope base will take either 1/4 or 3/8" screw...
  18. J

    will Swarovski cth compact head/quick release plate work with kowa tsn-883 scope?

    hi, I've ordered a Swarovski cth compact head to use with the Kowa TSN-883 scope I ordered. I chose that head because of the Arca-style quick release plate it comes with. having never tried to set up a scope/tripod system before, hoping for advice on whether that head -- specifically, the...
  19. J

    spotting scope and bicycling on rough paths?

    many thanks for very helpful replies. I use ortlieb panniers too, including the motorcycle style bags for my recumbent, and the scope will easily fit and I can pad the bottom. I knew I'd have scope and binocular envy on this site but the bicycle envy is unexpected. Werner, that's a really...
  20. J

    spotting scope and bicycling on rough paths?

    Hi, thinking of getting a spotting scope, which I'd get around in a pannier on a bicycle often traveling really bad paths (forest service roads, old logging roads, canal towpaths). my thought was to cushion the scope in the pannier with some foam, but realizing they're precision instruments...
  21. J

    Nyack Harness Review (and Kowa Genesis 8.5x44 impressions)

    When I got my gnu, bigger, Kowa Genesis 8.5x44 binoculars, I decided to also replace the harnesses I’d been using with my (somewhat) lighter 8x32 Nikon premiers for the last 20 years. Replace and upgrade – the made in Montana Nyack harness is the best I’ve ever used. The straps at 1.5 inches...
  22. J

    cape may in late September?

    thanks Robert! would warblers still be passing through in later September? would the numbers and varieties be much reduced? for raptors, thinking of hawk mountain in October.
  23. J

    cape may in late September?

    is late September a good time to see fall migration in cape may? I realize migration takes place over a many month period, so I wonder whether to see birds in numbers earlier, or later, might be better? there's nothing specific I want to see -- I'm just getting started -- but timing of trip...
  24. J

    cleaning lenses with distilled water?

    the advice I got with my nikon premiers almost 20 years ago was to gently pour distilled water over the lenses, to get rid of dust and debris, then dry with lens paper, and then gently clean with lens paper and lens cleaner. no idea if that was good or bad advice but that's what I did. the...
  25. J

    what do astigmatism and coma look like in real use?

    an online posting explains astigmatism in binoculars as, when looking at a cross, either the vertical or horizontal lines will be in focus at a given time, but not both. I've never tested that explanation and probably won't. but considering the rating for astigmatism of the binocular I got is...