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  1. Vyom B. Vyas

    Birds ID's (seen on the Nicky line, Hemel Hempstead, England)

    First, one seems about right for a Song Thrush, and judging by the second photo, I would favor Common Chiffchaff over Willow as I believe Willow would have more saturated yellowish body rather than the duller one seen in this.
  2. Blue-tailed Bee-eater

    Blue-tailed Bee-eater

  3. Vyom B. Vyas

    Slender-billed gull? Baghdad, Jan 19

    Thanks, @Vyomkesh for the tag. Agree with the above, both birds in the OP are Slender-billed Gulls. The one in the front is a bit more mature in an age when compared with the individual in the bg.
  4. Vyom B. Vyas

    Pipit ID from Pakistan

    Red-throated Pipit, Nice find
  5. Vyom B. Vyas

    Need to Id these swallows arrive here post monsoons

    What about the wings, I am looking at a few ebird photos of House Martins, Dusky as well as Streak which I consider as another opinion for this flock as a whole or most of the birds. For Common, shouldn't the wing be a bit broader ideally, not a clear cut thing but an ideal case in most birds?
  6. Vyom B. Vyas

    Please Id these swallows / Martins

    Here's a weird tailed bird as well https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/190998711
  7. Vyom B. Vyas

    Need to Id these swallows arrive here post monsoons

    They can definitely vary, I have seen pale individuals as well and fork tails in them are not uncommon too.
  8. Vyom B. Vyas

    Marsh Harrier, Hong Kong

    A good candidate for Eastern Marsh Harrier (presumably male bird)
  9. Vyom B. Vyas

    Please Id this bird

    Blyth's Reed Warbler is a definitive candidate
  10. Vyom B. Vyas

    Please Id these swallows / Martins

    From what I can observe, large flock + pale white underneath + minimal brownish streaks on throat and hint of red on the head, I am going with Streak-throated Swallow
  11. Vyom B. Vyas

    Please Id this warbler

    Hume's Warbler, the crown stripe is indicative of a bird in fresh plumage
  12. Vyom B. Vyas

    Need to Id these swallows arrive here post monsoons

    Dusky Crag Martin by location, Asian House would be way off range and a mega rarity there
  13. Vyom B. Vyas

    Please Id this bird

    juvenile indeed
  14. Vyom B. Vyas

    Need to confirm the id of this Accipiter

    Eurasian Sparrowhawk as mentioned
  15. Vyom B. Vyas

    Please Id these warblers?

    Should be a Common Chiffchaff, larger head proportion, the longer bill as well with a bit of plain yellow base (seen in Chiffchaffs a lot opposed to the common idea of them having black bill completely) and basically overall giss.
  16. Vyom B. Vyas

    Raptor from Thailand

    Oriental Honey Buzzard, pigeon-like small head, broad wings, cleaner underwing, pale iris (indicative of a female mostly in a sub-adult stage), and broad trailing to wings as well.
  17. Vyom B. Vyas

    pipit for id blyths? north goa november 2018

    Blyth's Pipit as experts have mentioned
  18. Vyom B. Vyas

    Scops Owl for ID - Kolkata, India, Oct 2021

    Tough one eh... Although I would say to thoroughly go through Oriental and the myriad morphs it has first before even considering Eurasian as an option, but here since there are even pointers for Eurasian as well as Oriental, this is ought to get confusing. So to clear my mind as of now I can...
  19. Vyom B. Vyas

    ID Help please, clicked at Senchal WLS, West Bengal, India after a rain shower

    Aberrant Bush Warbler is correct, too much dark overalls for Tickell's
  20. Vyom B. Vyas

    SW Florida, USA - warbler(s)

    Agree with Cape May Warbler
  21. Vyom B. Vyas

    Plovers - central Sweden 27 September

    Agree with Gray Plovers, the finer streakings can be helpful in separating from Golden Plovers.
  22. Vyom B. Vyas

    Some Flycatcher? New Delhi, India

    Purple Sunbird male in eclipse plumage.
  23. Vyom B. Vyas

    ID Bittern? India

    Striated Heron for sure. Dark green-blue tinge on the body in the first photo and distinctive pale edges on the upper wing coverts.