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  1. jmepler

    ID help, South Padre Island, TX,USA

    Both Laughing Gulls to me, and the shorebirds are Willet.
  2. jmepler

    Bird Song Near Whitewater Junction, Vermont, USA

    Both Merlin and BirdNET (app and online) identify this as Hooded Warbler. It is not a song variation that I am familiar with though. There is a distant Common Yellowthroat midway through the first recording.
  3. jmepler

    Michigan, USA, June 16

    Gray Catbird
  4. jmepler

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Two new birds yesterday in New Jersey, Garganey in Manasquan, and Gray Kingbird in Cape May.
  5. jmepler

    Flycatchers Colonel Samuel Smith Park Ontario

    The best way to identify flycatchers is to learn their songs, particularly when it comes to Willow and Alder Flycatchers.
  6. jmepler

    Austin Texas USA Cardinal?

    My first impression was Painted Bunting. From this angle there would no green visible, and there does seem to be a hint of blue on the head in the picture.
  7. jmepler

    Alder Flycatcher Colonel Samuel Smith Park Ontario

    There are both Willow and Alder Flycatchers at that location. I would not make a positive differentiation between them without hearing them singing. But, this bird looks more like a Least Flycatcher to me.
  8. jmepler

    ID(by call) for owl species in Rhode Island?

    It is a Barred Owl.
  9. jmepler

    Pigeons...Apparently Not Often Found in CitiesšŸ¤£

    Are you possibly entering your sightings as just "Rock Pigeon"? That would be the wild version of the bird. Most eBird filters are set to show that as rare. You should be using "Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)" for your sightings.
  10. jmepler

    Moving a killdeer nest?

    Are you aware that it is illegal to disturb their nest? Incubation period for Killdeer is 20 - 28 days. Do you know how long the nest has been there? Maybe the hydroseeding could be delayed for a week or two. If not, can you mark where the nest is and work around it?
  11. jmepler

    HELP: Can I move/remove a mud nest being built by swallows?

    I am assuming that they are Barn Swallows. It is nearly impossible to remove a Barn Swallow nest without destroying it. So, no, you won't be able to relocate it. If they aren't too far along in their building, you may be able to encourage them to build elsewhere with the addition of a nest...
  12. jmepler

    Egg Intruder?

    Welcome to birdforum. The odd egg is from a Brown-headed Cowbird. The cowbird is a nest parasite. It is possible that the cowbird had previously laid another egg in the nest and the robins recognized the egg as not theirs. If they removed the cowbird egg, it may have resulted in the cowbird...
  13. jmepler

    Gray Hawk in Maine?

    Hi Chuck, welcome to birdforum. Take a look at the male Northern Harrier. They are gray, and have a white rump patch. Another option would be an adult Cooper's Hawk. They would have a gray upper side. In breeding season they will flare their white undertail coverts giving you the...
  14. jmepler

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    61 lifers on a trip to the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Some of the highlights: Sprague's Pipit Hook-billed Kite Tropical Parula Botteri's Sparrow Cassin's Sparrow Aplomado Falcon Elf Owl Audubon's Oriole White-tailed Hawk
  15. jmepler

    Scoters at Sandwich, Cape Cod

    All three scoter species have been seen in the area recently. Surf Scoter may be slightly more common, but not enough to eliminate the others from consideration.
  16. jmepler

    Weird looking mystery bird

    I agree that Common Raven best fits these images. It does appear that the bird is carrying something in its beak. Maybe that is what is throwing you off?
  17. jmepler

    request id please Algonquin bird cam

    Female Evening Grosbeaks.
  18. jmepler

    Fishing line disposal tubes

    Does anyone have any experience with maintaining fishing line disposal tubes such as these? My concern is that small birds, Carolina Wrens in particular, could become trapped while exploring this "cavity" looking for insects. I have seen some with doors of different types, but nothing seemed...
  19. jmepler

    Cell Phone for Birding Recommendations

    Glad you are having success similar to mine. My G7 Power is two and a half years old now, and still going strong. I still only need to charge it every three or four days.
  20. jmepler

    Rubber Ferrules for Velbon

    Yeah, I don't think that they were even half that much when I bought them last. Probably a supply chain issue.
  21. jmepler

    Rubber Ferrules for Velbon

    Depending on the diameter of your tripod legs, you may be able to use these as a replacement. They are from Manfrotto, but that shouldn't matter as long as the diameter is the same. I have never lost a foot, despite birding heavily in muddy river habitat. I find the spikes more stable on most...
  22. jmepler

    Western Montana, August, Willet?

    Greater Yellowlegs
  23. jmepler

    warbler in Dominican Republic to id.

    Did you just submit this sighting? If so, being considered a rare bird for the area, it will need to be verified by the local eBird reviewer. It shouldn't be a problem with the photo. I assume that you submitted the photo with the eBird checklist.