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  1. Borjam

    Question about razorbill and guillemot populations

    I live in Getxo (Northern Spain, Bilbao Port) and it's been four or five years since we saw any razorbills here. The last time I saw some there was a group of five. Two weeks ago I got word of the sighting of one, turns out I found also a group of four. And last Saturday we saw some groups...
  2. Borjam

    Spares for a Nikon Monarch 5 8x42?

    Hello, I have an old pair of Monarch 5 8x42 that developed a fault in the eyecups. (I mentioned it in an old thread). The problem is, I have passed them on to a friend and he has lost one of the rubber eyecups. Is it possible to obtain a spare anywhere? I would like to replace both eyecup...
  3. Borjam

    Yet more curious house sparrow behavior

    This happened to me last Saturday. I was about to enter a building but I stopped because I was speaking on the phone. I heard some chirping and, turning around, I saw a sparrow fledgling coming towards me and making some begging sounds. About 2 m behind was its mother, rather nervous (I would...
  4. Borjam

    80 gannets this morning (Getxo, Biscay, Spain)

    Migration well on the move :) I saw 80 gannets this morning, about 5 miles away from shore. Some were alone, others in
  5. Borjam

    The new TSN-883 neoprene case

    I purchased a TSN-883 this week. I chose the limited "anniversary edition" not so much because of the exclusivity thing (although I find the black body much more beautiful) but because I thought the neoprene case was a good idea :) However, it has a design flaw. It's really tight, which makes...
  6. Borjam

    Proposal: PMR446 walkie talkie usage

    I guess most have seen those reasonably prices walkie talkies, called PMR446, usually sold in pairs. Actually all of them are compatible, there is no need to use the unit with its pair (although some may wrongly believe that) and in Europe these units don't need any license. In the USA there is...
  7. Borjam

    iZotope RX elements on sale

    I imagine many people here will be interested. iZotope has a sale on some of their software products, notably the basic audio restoration system (RX Elements) which includes a spectral editor and several repair tools that can help bring a bit more life to our recordings...
  8. Borjam

    Cross species "argument"?

    Hi, Yesterday I recorded an Eurasian wren and an Eurasian blackcap and I was surprised by the blackcap behavior. It looked like it reacted to the wren's song. The wren was perching nearby and it was clearly heard (not very well in my recording because I was using a shotgun microphone aimed at...
  9. Borjam

    Bolue wetland, Getxo (Spain)

    I've been recording lately. After all it's a 10 minute walk from home. Enjoy! https://www.xeno-canto.org/contributor/EGWKSGQDJK Both praise and criticism will be welcome of course ;)
  10. Borjam

    Sound Devices and Zoom: affordable high end recorders

    Seems this hasn't been noticed here before, so there we go. Turns out that both Zoom and Sound Devices are now selling high performance recorders at prices well below $1000. That was unheard of Sound Devices before. It seems that everything begun with Zoom stepping up their game and releasing...
  11. Borjam

    Trying the Rode Blimp

    As anyone who has tried surely knows, wind -even the slightest breeze- and microphones don't play well together. Even a little wind can ruin a recording beyond any hope. Microphones usually include a sponge protection that can be effective in some indoor situations (like an air conditioning...
  12. Borjam

    Celestron Regal M2 65 and Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark IV

    Hi :) I have been using the Celestron with the Celestron zoom for several years now and I am really happy with the bang for the buck. But the Celestron zoom loses too much contrast and a bit of detail when pushing it beyond roughly 40x (the 64 mm scope with the zoom goes from 16x to 48x). I...
  13. Borjam

    Manfrotto Befree live

    (I posted this on the photography/digiscoping area by mistake. As my main use case involves a scope, I am copying my post here.) I've purchased a Manfrotto Befree Live, received it today. In a single word: WOW! I own a MT190XPRO3 with a MVH500AH head and the Befree is not as stable as the...
  14. Borjam

    Monarch 5 eyecup failure

    Hi, Fortunately it happened during my last day in the Straits/La Janda/Los Lances, but my eyecups (both, surprisingly) got very stiff. One of them was so heavily stuck, it unscrewed when I tried to deploy it. I was operating the eyecups a lot, sometimes using the binoculars with sunglasses...
  15. Borjam

    Isard - little known manufacturer of gloves

    Hi :) I just got a couple of pair of gloves, and I am sure others will appreciate a micro-review. Of course I have no relationship at all with the manufacturer, apart from being a user of their gloves for more than 20 years. Isard is a small Spanish maker of gloves, they also make gloves, and...
  16. Borjam

    Advantages of an exit pupil larger than the actual one?

    Hi I had been considering them for some time, and yesterday I bit the bullet after seeing them in Amazon at a great price . Got a Nikon Monarch 5 8x56. I hope they will help when I go watching critters almost at night. I am 45 and I am sure my pupils don't reach 7 mm (and I haven't bothered...
  17. Borjam

    Bolue (Getxo, Spain). The family grows

    Born this season in my pocket wetland :) Pardon the joe job of a photo. iPhone behind the binoculars.
  18. Borjam

    Vantablack is the new black

    New material, made of carbon nanotubes, created by a British nanotech company. It is claimed and, according to the CNN report, actually measured a light absorption of between 95 % and 98 %. Seems like perfect to cover the inside our optical "tubes", the perfect reflection killer...
  19. Borjam

    Lowepro Event Messenger 150

    Just purchased this bag yesterday. I was looking for a parctical solution for walks carrying my binoculars and a camera (a superzoom). I used a small backpack before but you can be really clumsy retrieving stuff from it. This bag does it very well. The superzoom camera (Lumix FZ200) and the...
  20. Borjam

    News from Spain campaign against poisoning

    A bond of 800,000 euro has been imposed to the main suspect of the poisoning of six iberian imperial eagles. Also, a judge from Cadiz determines a bond of near 34,000 euros for the death of two red kites among others. SEO/Birdlife, as part of its "Life+ VeneNO" is one of the plaintiffs in these...
  21. Borjam

    Lowepro Scope Travel 200AW

    I have just purchased one, the smallest of the "Scope" family from Lowepro. http://store.lowepro.com/scope-travel-200-aw It's a bit tight depending on what you want to carry, but a bigger bag always means more stuff, which means more weight :) So I tried to keep it under control. The bag...
  22. Borjam

    "El Hombre y la Tierra" series online

    (I replied on another thread mentioning this, but I think this deserves its own thread here) The Spanish public Television (RTVE) has made available on the web the famous documentary series El Hombre y la Tierra, shot in the 1970's. Its aithor, Dr. Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente is still sorely...
  23. Borjam

    Iberian imperial eagle nest

    Live from CabaƱeros (Spain). Operative during the day. For now the eagles are fixing the nest, but the microphone also offers a wonderful sound background. http://www.seo.org/webcam-aguila-imperial-ave/
  24. Borjam

    Greetings from Spain

    Hi :) I live in Algorta, North of Bilbao. Novice bird watcher. Also, pondering to try recording birds and nature sounds. I'm experienced on recording other kinds of animals (jazz musicians) ;)