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  1. Joern Lehmhus

    Big poo in Aberdeen

    I think this is from a goose species...
  2. Joern Lehmhus

    Large dead bird ☹️

    Pattern and direction of wing coverts are wrong for Common Pheasant, but these markings also do not seem to fit to a juvenile larger gull in my opinion? Black bill would be wrong at least for a living great bittern ... any more photos even if they do not look very different?
  3. Joern Lehmhus

    Which redstart? Southern Sweden

    I think common for first photo - I see red on breast . not sure for 2nd
  4. Joern Lehmhus

    Hybrid or Leucistic Canada Goose?

    irregular white patches on a pure Canada goose, not a hybrid, I think. It is blackbilled and the black neck sock seems to be sharply bordered towards the breast , also proportions of bill, head neck and body are like in the other Canada geese in the photo. All this is speaking against a hybrid...
  5. Joern Lehmhus

    Japanese live bird cam request id help

    agree, meadow bunting
  6. Joern Lehmhus

    Possible Gadwall/Mallard Hybrid? And a couple of questions...

    normal male gadwall also to me. Bill coloration in males changes towards summer. the female on the photo with the male mallard and the male gadwall is also a clear mallard, not a gadwall! see shape and pattern of tertials and bill shape (though bill coloration in this case may resemble...
  7. Joern Lehmhus

    A Great Egret with stout bill? China

    Comparing the branches with leaves (especially the not focuse done in the foreground) and the twigs in the nest in the first photo with the other photos it becomes clear this is the same nest in all photos, only ther ewas a shift of position of the photgrapher between the first and the...
  8. Joern Lehmhus

    Duck at Titchwell, UK

    Just seeing this as I haven´t visited Bird Forum for a while due to workload, but I also think pochard here due to size and extention of pale area on bill
  9. Joern Lehmhus

    Mystery duck - any ideas please? Warwickshire UK

    Helen, this is a definite ID . Head pattern is highly characteristic in this cross; and the hybrids appearance is confirmed by several captive bred birds with known parentage, even though there are not many photos found in the web currently (a few years ago that was different)
  10. Joern Lehmhus

    Strange bird on Mallorca, Spain

    agree on T. pityocampa, not pinivora on P. halepensis on Mallorca-wasn´t thinking
  11. Joern Lehmhus

    Mystery duck - any ideas please? Warwickshire UK

    Ringed teal x Wood duck (Callonetta leucophrys x Aix sponsa) Compare to a bird from Germany :
  12. Joern Lehmhus

    Strange bird on Mallorca, Spain

    The nest seems to be from pine processionary moth Thaumathopoea pinivora
  13. Joern Lehmhus

    Duck hybrid, 29.4.2022, Austria.

    Yes, Tufted duck x Common pochard
  14. Joern Lehmhus

    Is this a red kite? Northwest Turkey.

    As Tom has said and pointed out in details, there are those characteristics that fit for the vast majority of birds. But there are some birds which just seem to fall in between and may cause discussion for individual birds. As far as I understand, there are some more eastern black kites that...
  15. Joern Lehmhus

    Ducks, Toronto

    Agree on common merganser due to body shape and plain black and white coloration without the sccapular pattern of common goldeneye.
  16. Joern Lehmhus

    North Devon Duck

    saying intersex means here an intersex -plumaged bird- not nenessarily a true interex. in general such interesex plumaged birds seem to be females with a hormonal problem (low on estrogenes)
  17. Joern Lehmhus

    North Devon Duck

    I agree with intersex teal. they look quuite confuseing when you see such a bird first time. The rather broad flank barring does also occur in some other intersexes, for example Northern pintail intersexes, but is more rare in mallard intersexes
  18. Joern Lehmhus

    Domestic Mallard hybrid, 27.03.22 Juist, Germany

    I forgot to say - I have seen this type with the patterned speculum only in female birds so far...
  19. Joern Lehmhus

    Domestic Mallard hybrid, 27.03.22 Juist, Germany

    Mallard with domestic duck genes. I don´t think this and many others are true domestic ducks, as they are in build and size just like standard mallards. Most true domestics have some differences in shape and/or size. There are also breeds which are very close to mallard, for example this one...
  20. Joern Lehmhus

    not a tree sparrow - Norfolk, UK

    Indeed, that is a Tree sparrow x house sparrow hybrid !
  21. Joern Lehmhus

    Large gull, Braunschweig, Germany, 3 April 2022

    Interesting, thanks Lou. I was mainly confused because it was slightly darker than all surroundig large gulls- but the difference wasn´t large. And it certainly doesn´t seem very dark on these photos...
  22. Joern Lehmhus

    Female Anas crecca with unusual blue speculum? South Romania, April 2022

    Just the angle of light. It is a female A. crecca. Under specific conditions an Anas crecca speculum can appear quite blue, but in most conditions it is clearly green.
  23. Joern Lehmhus

    Large gull, Braunschweig, Germany, 3 April 2022

    Stood out by very slightly darker grey on mantle from all other large gulls at the site (Herrig, Caspian, and undefined birds). Which species?
  24. Joern Lehmhus

    Trying to identify (Buzzard)

    1. as already said clearly red kite with that deeply forked tail pale grey head and pale windows in the hand 2. as already said , second bird is a dark common bussard with that wing shape and coloration