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  1. MontanaOspreyCam


    hmmmm.....I wasn't really thinking pheasant....more like a grouse to me. What about a Spruce grouse?? The reasons I don't think it is a Ruffed Grouse (although they are common in my area) is that it looked larger in body, the crest looked small and was barely showing and the neck seemed to...
  2. MontanaOspreyCam


    I just took these pictures in my back yard (8/13/11 around noon) near Missoula Montana (in the Rockies). I first thought it was a Ruffed Grouse when the dogs started barking at her (don't worry, they are fenced in)....but after looking closer at it I am not so sure anymore. These pictures are...
  3. MontanaOspreyCam

    New HD Camera

    We have decided to change the live feed on the MontanaOspreyCam website. After the Canada Goose successfully nested on the platform, the Osprey did not return to nest, but built a new nest. There is a new live HD camera from one of our other bird sites. Anyone want to guess what bird we are...
  4. MontanaOspreyCam

    Montana Osprey Cam is back!

    We have decided to change the live feed on the osprey cam website because the osprey did not return. We plan to leave the camera on the nest so we can get them next year, but the live feed on the website has been changed to one of our other bird cameras. Anyone want to take a guess what we are...
  5. MontanaOspreyCam

    Camera trap delights

    First calf Here is our first Elk calf of the season!
  6. MontanaOspreyCam

    Montana Osprey Cam is back!

    The osprey has been checking out the nest this morning!!! :-) He looks to be doing an odd dance, but I think he might be checking out the vantage points and defending the nest. The male goose was probably beating him up a lot to keep him from the nest before so he is still a little...
  7. MontanaOspreyCam

    blue tit nest abandoned - action?

    I'd leave it. I have a similar thing happen with chickadees every year. I think they go on vacation for a week after all the stress of building the nest.....they almost always return though. Good Luck!
  8. MontanaOspreyCam

    Montana Osprey Cam is back!

    The goose is gone!! She left the remaining eggs and we removed them after she abandoned them. Keep your fingers crossed for the return of the ospreys!!!!
  9. MontanaOspreyCam

    New humming bird station I made

    ahhh....that makes sense. Thanks!
  10. MontanaOspreyCam

    New humming bird station I made

    Looks great! What is the square cloth thing??
  11. MontanaOspreyCam

    Anahuac, Texas ID Confirmation

    I'll take some wild guesses, but I live in Montana and don't see very many shore birds... :-) #2 looks like and Ibis #3 looks like a curlew #4 & #5 look like a virginia rail Great pictures!
  12. MontanaOspreyCam

    Think I'm making rookie mistakes, help?

    I agree....don't move the nest box. Moving the feeders into another tree is a good idea though. The chickadees will go crazy trying to defend the area around the nestbox and it only makes it harder for them if you are attracting other birds with food. Also, once the baby chickadees are born...
  13. MontanaOspreyCam

    Montana Osprey Cam is back!

    she sure is!! I think the rest of the eggs might be duds :-C
  14. MontanaOspreyCam

    Doing the Hummingbird Happy Dance!!

    Finally saw my first hummingbird of the season!!!! A female Calliope at the feeder! This is a whole week later than last year and the food in the feeder has been sitting there for 5 days! Going to have to make some fresh stuff and fill the other feeders....the sugar season begins! B (:B (:B...
  15. MontanaOspreyCam

    1st -- Calliope

    YES!! Just had my first of the season at the feeder and it was a female Calliope!!! The sugar season begins :-)
  16. MontanaOspreyCam

    First post here

    beautiful shot!! welcome to the forum :-)
  17. MontanaOspreyCam

    Just registered

    welcome to the forum! :-)
  18. MontanaOspreyCam

    Your Top 5 Birdsongs

    Good question!! 1. Sora - definitely my favorite.....just love it. 2. Swainson's Thrush 3. Ruby-crowned Kinglet - only at the beginning of the summer though....by the end of the summer I hear it so much I hate it :-) 4. Sandhill Crane - not sure if that is a song or maybe a mating call?? 5...
  19. MontanaOspreyCam

    Identification please

    lol...yes they do. That pole is 55-60 feet up. Poor little goslings must have made a good bounce when they jumped out!!! :-O
  20. MontanaOspreyCam

    Camera trap delights

    I work as a wildlife biologist in Montana and have the luxury of using quite a few automatic upload trail cameras (BuckEyes) that upload to a free public website. I do all of the labeling so you can sort through the pictures by camera or by species. There are thousands of photos and video...
  21. MontanaOspreyCam

    Can I look inside my nestbox once the birds start moving in?

    It isn't the best idea. They will sometimes build more than one nest and decide later which one to keep, so you could scare them away if they feel predators (you) are near the nest. Also, it is a good way of getting pecked in the eye. You never know if they are in there and if you peek in...
  22. MontanaOspreyCam

    Indigo Bunting? Northwest PA - USA

    I think they are both buntings....a grosbeak has red wing bars that I don't see in either picture. Also, the bicolored, thinner bill is more bunting to me than grosbeak. Hope that helps! :-)
  23. MontanaOspreyCam

    1st -- Calliope

    so jealous.....May 1st usually brings my first hummingbird to the porch but it has been snowing here still and none have arrived :-( Today was gorgeous and high 50s so I put the food out, but none have been seen... Congrats on your little one!! :-)
  24. MontanaOspreyCam

    Identification please

    Unfortunately I am not the expert you were hoping to come along....but I do live in Montana and probably get similar hummers in my area of the rockies. It is really hard to tell with the females, but my two guesses would be a Calliope or a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. The Rufous that someone...