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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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  1. J

    Best tripod options, used/new, <$300?

    Aotus, you are going to be a happy bunny! I have had mine (GT2531) for quite a while and cannot fault it. Although it is a fairly light tripod it makes many heavier models (from other makers) look like a joke and I hope you live long enough to wear it out. I admit to being a Gitzo fanboy (have...
  2. J

    Full frame lens for canon 5d

    The Canon 200mm F2.8L is a great lens and not too pricey - especially for a used one. Having said that 200mm on a Full Frame will make subjects appear much smaller than you are used to with your 50D and 18-200, so also look into the Canon 300mm F4 L IS. Note Turn off the IS on this lens it works...
  3. J

    Canon 300mm f/2.8 with 2 extenders

    I use my Canon 300 F2.8 L IS (Mk1) with both the 1.4 and 2 x Mk3 extenders on a 7D2 and 1DX - they work very well! Naturally extenders do take a toll in low light and AF performance, but on this lens, it is not too much - so long as the light is reasonable they are quite happy together. As to...
  4. J

    Spotting scopes + Gitzo Series 1 tripods?

    I suggested the Gt3530LS because it is the best that I have used, and I have tried quite a few! Your point about the GT3541 makes a lot of sense when collapsed length is a consideration. For scope use, where mobility is a concern, I do not recommend the newer Gitzo models. They are heavier...
  5. J

    Spotting scopes + Gitzo Series 1 tripods?

    A Gitzo 1 series mountaineer will be better than the majority of what other birders use. I do get a bit puzzled when I see people using top of the range scopes on "El Cheapo" tripods. They tend to get a little confused when they get better viewing out of my rather old Kowa on a decent tripod. I...
  6. J

    Spotting scopes + Gitzo Series 1 tripods?

    I do have a Gitzo Series 1 tripod - but it is a traveller, a Mountaineer would be better. Realistically though I find my 2 series mountaineer (GT2531) nice and light but not very good for scope use. I find scopes to be far more demanding of tripods than even the longest, current, Canon/Nikon...
  7. J

    new tripod

    As Jring says it is hard to find a good tripod new at sensible money - I have but I am a spawney get! I have also had one or two, ridiculously good purchases second hand. I use Gitzo tripods because I have found them to be the best (in Europe) and they are cheaper than the Chinese copies. Be...
  8. J

    new tripod

    Just my 2p, but I would wait (save) and get something better than your current budget allows. I use your scope's predecessor - namely a TSN4. I occasionally use it on a Gitzo GT2531 (not really up to the job but light) or a Gitzo GT4542LS - much better but could be better still. I find scopes...
  9. J

    Benro TMA27C Carbon Fibre

    I would look at something bigger. I find scopes much more difficult to support/stabilise than Camera lenses. Given that my primary lens is the longest that Canon currently make I use a Gitzo 4 series Systematic - and it is great! However it is only adequate for my old 77mm Kowa scope. I would...
  10. J

    Vortex gt pro

    Well, for higher magnifications (beyond 10-15X) I would pass on this tripod. Whilst my 4 series Gitzo Systematic is more than I need for my Canon 800mm camera lens (the longest they currently make) it is about adequate for my old 77mm Kowa spotting scope. Scopes are FAR more demanding on...
  11. J

    Older Kowa TSN-3 performance?

    Happy new toy!
  12. J

    Travel tripod with fluid head - advice/recommendations sought

    Two friends of mine have these tripods, one brand new and the other was used from FleaBay. The "used" one looked brand new and cost £90 3/4 years ago - it always pays to look! Incidentally £400 is more than I paid for any of my Gitzo tripods new or used. You need to hunt about.
  13. J

    Travel tripod with fluid head - advice/recommendations sought

    I primarily use long (as long as they make) camera lenses on my tripods, yet I find my scopes more difficult to support securely. If I am travelling, even my Canon 800mm can be hand held - but that is simply not happening with a scope! Normally I would suggest a 3 or 4 series Gitzo Systematic...
  14. J

    100-400 mk11

    I have both the 100-400 Mk2 and 300 F2.8 L IS Mk1 and the 300 is the better lens IMO. Having said that the 300 is heavier, fatter and is a fixed 300. The 100-400 Mk2 is lighter, more versatile, closer focusing and a very nice lens. It is very much down to your personal needs. My 100-400 Mk2...
  15. J

    Older Kowa TSN-3 performance?

    As "jring" says my main eyepiece is the Opticron SDL V2 - which works pretty well. I also use an Opticron HR series eyepiece (with insulating tape wrapped around it and stuffed the the back of my Kowa!) it works well too - maybe a bit better - but it is not a zoom.
  16. J

    Older Kowa TSN-3 performance?

    I use the TSN 4 (straight version of yours) and it performs very well. Not quite up to today's alpha scopes but still very good and well worth holding on to.
  17. J

    Monopod advice please

    As a minimum I would suggest the Sirui L10/L20, they work well. Ideally I would suggest the RRS MH01/02 or the Kirk MPA-2 but they are not cheap!
  18. J

    What are Canon doing

    Getting Patents in first to hinder their competition. Nearly all big companies do it.
  19. J

    Recommendation please.

    For what it's worth I find my 16-35 F4 L IS works well with my 7D2 but the focal range is a bit limited - very nice lens though!
  20. J

    Tripod for Nikon ED82 ?

    The Manfrotto 701 HDV (though no longer made) is a pretty good head - well I like mine;)
  21. J

    Recommendation please.

    Full frame then a 24-70, ideally the Canon F2.8 V2. APSC then perhaps a 15-85 or 17-55 F2.8? Don't forget to try out the Canon 16-35 F4 L IS too!
  22. J


    I don't think that is the case but I have read that AF will be slower. If you have lenses such as a 500 then do plenty of research and try out the gear before you decide.
  23. J

    Kowa 883 v Swarovski ATS80

    As far as weight is concerned then the tripod that I mentioned offers no advantage - it is a heavy beast, maybe even a little heavier than an 055. However the centre column is removable and can be replaced with a "top plate". This makes it lighter and even more rigid. Unfortunately Gitzo top...
  24. J

    Kowa 883 v Swarovski ATS80

    Sorry I didn't see these posts earlier, I realise that you have already made a decision but have a look at this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gitzo-G1329-Mountaineer-Carbon-Fibre-Tripod-G1325-G1318/254255442361?hash=item3b32ce29b9:g:vcgAAOSwHShc-M0t I mention it because I used to have one...
  25. J

    TSN-2 improved image quality above 40x?

    "jring" makes a good point. I use a Kowa TSN4 with the Opticron SDL V2 and whist it works very well it is not at it's very best at higher magnifications. Certainly more than usable but without the Prominar element on your scope you may be disappointed. There is a thread (link below) on...