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  1. Gill Osborne

    Gill Osborne's 2021 List

    Well here we go again :) 2020 was a bit of a quiet year (and not just because of the virus) as I started a new job which took up a lot of time. Things have settled down now and I have a much better work/life balance so my aims for this year are to hit 200 birds as well as get out exploring...
  2. Gill Osborne

    Gill Osborne's 2020 List

    Here we go again - New Year, New List! :t: I'm aiming for 175 this year and am determined to not miss out on any silly 'easy' stuff as I did in 2019. Stuff like Jay....Guillemot....Puffin....Kittiwake!!! :eek!: I live barely 4 miles from the coast!!!! Anyway, on with 2020 and Bring On Those...
  3. Gill Osborne

    Gill Osborne's 2019 List

    My birding life has been a bit rubbish for the past three years or so as longer working hours and the allotment took up the vast majority of my time :-C This past year has been pretty stressful and I think it all just got to the point where I felt I was constantly trying to chase my tail. In...
  4. Gill Osborne

    Gill Osborne's 2017 List

    2016 turned out to be the worst year yet for my birding....simply because work and the allotment took up so much of my spare time. It was very frustrating at times (well ok, most of the time!!!) so I determined to make this year a much more wildlife-themed one. I realised last autumn, around...
  5. Gill Osborne

    Tree Damage, Essex, UK

    A friend on another forum posted these pics and it's got us stumped. Myself and a member in Berlin think, possibly, Wild Boar but someone else reckons deer. Original poster lives in Harlow, Essex and has seen Muntjac in the woods when walking her dog.
  6. Gill Osborne

    Gill Osborne's 2015 List

    Not a bad day despite the increasingly bad weather - by 1pm that wind was getting seriously strong and making the scope hard to use :smoke: A possibly Slavonian Grebe at Stag Rocks has not been included as I didn't get a good enough view due to the buffeting I was getting....not a rare species...
  7. Gill Osborne

    Some sort of vetch?

    Just coming into flower today, 18th April in wooded stretch next to Newton Pool Nature Reserve, Northumberland. Groups of trees back onto dunes and beach at Low Newton.
  8. Gill Osborne

    A Failed Bookworm!

    Yesterday I found a 1908 copy of Gilbert White's Natural History of Selborne in Oxfam for just £2.99 :t: I'm SO ashamed to admit I have just turned 46 and have never read it so one of this year's resolutions is to get a few natural history 'classics' read. I was just browsing my shelves...
  9. Gill Osborne

    Gill Osborne's 2014 List

    Wednesday 1st January Alnwick Quiet day compared to usual January 1st's :smoke: 1: Black-headed Gull 2: Woodpigeon 3: Common Gull 4: Jackdaw 5: Feral Pigeon 6: Starling 7: Collared Dove 8: Wren 9: Blackbird 10: House Sparrow
  10. Gill Osborne

    Early Morning Birding

    My husband Neil works nightshift and has often spoken of the joys of seeing the sun come up in the summer months. So last night at 10pm, after a few glasses of port, he came up with the 'fabulous' idea of us both getting up at 3am to get out early to see the sun come up :eek!: I managed to...
  11. Gill Osborne

    April 2013 Weather

    Not a bad day today: started off grey but mild (ie not minus temperatures ;) ) then the sun came out and it's been a mix of both, cloud and sun, since then. 4c. Couldn't nod off last night and was still awake at 2.30am. Woke up at 6.30 so got up to feed cats then went back to bed....only...
  12. Gill Osborne

    Singing Blackbirds, UK

    I woke up this morning at just after 5am and heard our local Song Thrush singing away outside as he has been doing since 16th February. Rather bizarrely though I haven't heard ANY blackbirds singing apart from the first ones tuning up over the weekend of 16th & 17th February when it was a...
  13. Gill Osborne

    March 2013 Weather

    Yesterday and today have been VERY springlike :t: Today it even reached the giddy tropical heights of 15.5C :eek!: Very sunny in te morning and early afternoon but clouding over by 5pm. Temperature now at 6.20pm is 10.1C :t:
  14. Gill Osborne

    Gill Osborne's 2013 List

    Bit of a slow start as had to wait for Neil to get up at 10am :smoke: He was on nightshift last night, got home at 6.30am and wanted a couple of hours' kip before coming out with me....very frustrating for me as I just want to get outside!!! Luckily though my desk looks out over trees and...
  15. Gill Osborne

    January 2013 Weather

    Happy New Year Everyone xxx o:) Glorious sunny morning with not a cloud in the clear blue sky. Quite a gusty wind and thermometer currently showing 4C. Just waiting for Neil to get up at 10am (he was working last night so sleeping for a couple of hours) and he's then coming with me as I...
  16. Gill Osborne

    So...what did you miss in 2012?

    Anyone brave enough to admit to missing some really easy birds in 2012? I'll tell you mine if you promise not to laugh too much! ;) :-O In my defence I was stuck in a job that often had me working six/seven days a week for weeks at a time so I didn't get out as much as I would have...
  17. Gill Osborne

    November 2012 Weather

    Oops - couple of days late! :smoke: Today ~ 3rd ~ started off frosty, a few light showers mid-morning and then became a lovely sunny day as the aftenoon progressed. Felt frosty as I walked home from work at 5pm! Forecast is for -2 tonight so I'm not moving far from the fire :-O
  18. Gill Osborne

    September 2012 Weather

    Got the month right this time! ;) :-O Rather cloudy day with the occasional sunny spells and still very warm. Evening sunny but wind picking up and quite gusty now. 17.2C at 7.30pm.
  19. Gill Osborne

    My first apple pie!

    Ok, I know it's not wildlife but I'm just SOOOooo excited at actually achieving this that I just HAD to share it with someone :-O Neil and I have been together since October 1997 so coming up to 15 years. In all that time I have promised Neil that I would cook him an apple pie as the ones...
  20. Gill Osborne

    June Weather 2012

    It's been a mix of lovely sunshine and grey chilly overcast conditions this past couple of days. Today, Sunday 3rd, has been quite pleasant. Slightly cloudy with only occasional sunny spells breaking through but a nice temperature (ie not sweltering hot!) of 11C :t: Bit of a stiff breeze...
  21. Gill Osborne

    Gill Osborne's 2012 List

    Sunday, 1st January Alnwick Rain overnight clearing to leave a sunny day with clear blue skies and strong SW wind. Very mild at 8C. With Neil on dayshift instead of nights he has the car during daylight hours so, until next week, my birding will be restricted to On Foot :king: At work...
  22. Gill Osborne

    New Book by William Cooper

    Just seen this new bird art book on Amazon :t: Capturing The Essence by William T. Cooper :king: Quite a few copies on sale on Amazon - I've ordered mine ;) :t: http://books.google.com/books?id=vZf_KyZwX6gC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false
  23. Gill Osborne

    Weather for August

    Gosh....cannot believe it is August ALREADY!!!! :eek!: Isn't this year just flying by! :smoke: Today's weather was just HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! :-C Left to go to work at 8.55am and as I left the flat I was ENVELOPED in what can only be described as a warm wet towel of heat *yuck!!!* I couldn't...
  24. Gill Osborne

    Half Price membership to Butterfly Conservation

    Butterfly Conservation are offering half price membership until the end of July :t: http://www.butterfly-conservation.org/
  25. Gill Osborne

    Anyone else having problems with Wildscape magazine?

    Or is it just me? :smoke: I subscribed to Wildscape last April *2010* and received my first copy no problem - Vol 10; Issue 1 with the Robert Bateman tiger on the cover. But since then I've had nothing!!! I sent an email to the magazine on Friday 19th November and got an email back...