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  1. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Names of famous naturalists

    Hi everybodyyyy Can you give me any names of naturalists from past centuries (20th, 19th), French, English, American, German, European, etc..., who contributed and proposed their own system of classification of birds. These authors may, of course, have described new taxa in their work. I can...
  2. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Identity of Dampier's Petrel

    Hi all. I I need your help to solve this mystery When the Petrel was described for the first time by Dampier in his "A Voyage to New Holland" (1703), he given this description : "The Petrel is a bird not much unlike a swallow, but smaller, and with a shorter tail, 'Til all over black, except...
  3. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Gondwana rainforests bird taxa

    Mitchell K.J., Hugall A.F., Heiniger H., Joseph L. & Oliver P.M. (2021). Disparate origins for endemic bird taxa from the ‘Gondwana Rainforests’ of Central Eastern Australia. Biol. J. Linn. Soc. XX, 1–17...
  4. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Phylogeny of Passeridae

    Päckert M., Hering J., Belkacem A.A., Sun Y.H., Hille S., Lkhagvasuren D., Islam S. & Martens J. (2021). A revised multilocus phylogeny of Old World sparrows (Aves: Passeridae). Vertebrate Zoology, 71: 353-366. Abstract The Old World sparrows include some of the best-studied passerine species...
  5. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Potential new species of Berrypecker (Melanocharis, Melanocharitidae)

    The Berrypeckers, or Piquebaies in French (😏), are members of the unknown papuan family Melanocharitidae, one of the first lineage under the infra-order Passerida. In fact, I just found this : https://datadryad.org/stash/dataset/doi%253A10.5061%252Fdryad.fbg79cnsv Future new species ...
  6. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Acanthisitta chloris granti

    Withers S.J., Parsons S., Hauber M.E., Kendrick A. & Lavery S.D. (2021). Genetic divergence between isolated populations of the North Island New Zealand Rifleman (Acanthisitta chloris granti) implicates ancient biogeographic impacts rather than recent habitat fragmentation. Ecology and...
  7. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Species limits and taxonomy in birds

    Kevin Winkler & Pamela C. Rasmussen (2021). Species limits and taxonomy in birds. Ornithology, ukab017 https://academic.oup.com/auk/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1093/ornithology/ukab017/6217336?redirectedFrom=fulltext Abstract Despite the acknowledged importance of defining avian species...
  8. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    What's this Dove ? S. decaocto or roseogrisea ? in France

    Hi All I shooted this dove that I found different from these congeners. I thought it was the African Collared-Dove (Streptopelia roseogrisea) because of its small size and its color, but after reflection, I have a doubt, it could only be the Eurasian Collared-Dove. Can someone confirm or not...
  9. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Feraequornithes, new clade

    Sangster G. & Mayr G. (2021). Feraequornithes: a name for the clade formed by Procellariiformes, Sphenisciformes, Ciconiiformes, Suliformes and Pelecaniformes (Aves). Vertebrate Zoology, 71: 49-53. https://vertebrate-zoology.arphahub.com/article/61728/ Abstract Recent genomic data sets have...
  10. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Bulletin British Ornithologist's Club

    The full issue of the new volume of the Bull. Brit. Orn. Club is now available at : https://bioone.org/journals/bulletin-of-the-british-ornithologists-club/volume-140/issue-3/bboc.v140i3.2020.a11/Full-Issue/10.25226/bboc.v140i3.2020.a11.full
  11. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Diversification Himalayan passerine birds

    Martin Päckert, Adrien Favre, Jan Schnitzler, Jochen Martens, Yue‐Hua Sun, Dieter Thomas Tietze, Frank Hailer, Ingo Michalak, Patrick Strutzenberger “Into and Out of” the Qinghai‐Tibet Plateau and the Himalayas: Centers of origin and diversification across five clades of Eurasian montane and...
  12. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Bowerbirds phylogenomic

    Per G P Ericson, Martin Irestedt, Johan A A Nylander, Les Christidis, Leo Joseph, Yanhua Qu Parallel Evolution of Bower-Building Behavior in Two Groups of Bowerbirds Suggested by Phylogenomics. Systematic Biology...
  13. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Pteroglossus beauharnaisii

    Normand David, Rick Wright, Andy Elliott, Thiago V. V. Costa Reasserting the valid name of the Curl-crested Aracari (Aves, RAMPHASTIDAE): Pteroglossus beauharnaisii Wagler, 1831 Abstract https://www.biotaxa.org/bzn/article/view/61107 http://dx.doi.org/10.21805/bzn.v77.a022 As demonstrated by...
  14. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Sundaic passerine

    Here a very interesting paper Subir B. Shakya, M. Irham, Matthew L. Brady, Tri Haryoko, Yuli S. Fitriana, Oscar Johnson, Mustafa Abdul Rahman, Nickson Joseph Robi, Robert G. Moyle, Dewi M. Prawiradilaga & Frederick H. Sheldon (2020) Observations on the relationships of some Sundaic passerine...
  15. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Chrysocorythus estherae new subspecies

    A possible new subspecies of Mountain Serin (Chrysocorythus estherae) Is the subspecies of Mountain Serin Chrysocorythus estherae from Lore Lindu National Park, northern Central Sulawesi province, Indonesia, an undescribed taxon? BirdingAsia. Numéro : 30. Pages : 54-59...
  16. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Cyornis flycatcher

    Chyi Yin Gwee, James A Eaton, Kritika M Garg, Per Alström, Sebastianus (Bas) Van Balen, Robert O Hutchinson, Dewi M Prawiradilaga, Manh Hung Le & Frank E Rheindt. (2019). Cryptic diversity in Cyornis (Aves: Muscicapidae) jungle-flycatchers flagged by simple bioacoustic approaches...
  17. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Australian extinct giant raptors

    Michael knap, Jessica E . Thomas, James Haile, Stefan Prost, Simon Y.W.Ho, Nicolas Dussex, Sophia Cameron-Christie, Olga Kardailsky, Ross Barnet, Michael Bunce, M.Thomas P. Gilbert, R.Paul Scofield. Mitogenomic evidence of close relationships between New Zealand’s extinct giant raptors and...
  18. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Type locality of Birds

    Hi I create this topic because I need your precious help pleeease, it's a question of life or death. My checklist of Birds of the world is in ''re-progress'' (rewriting), which is renamed, soberly and humbly, ''Conspectum Ornithologicum" :smoke: (pompous title, isn't it ?). Needless to say...
  19. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Dendroplex is no more

    Synonymization of the genus nomen Dendroplex Swainson, 1827 and description of a new genus of woodcreeper (Aves: Passeriformes: Dendrocolaptidae) with remarks on Articles 67.5 and 70.3 of the Code MARCOS A. RAPOSO, ALAIN DUBOIS, GUY M. KIRWAN, CLAYDSON PINTO DE ASSIS, ELIZABETH HÖFLING, RENATA...
  20. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Senior synonyms in Passeriformes

    Senior synonyms for three Neotropical birds described by Louis Vieillot based on Félix de Azara (Passeriformes: Thraupidae, Tyrannidae, Tityridae) PAUL SMITH, J. FERNANDO PACHECO, GLAYSON ARIEL BENCKE, ALEXANDRE ALEIXO Abstract The nomenclatural history of three species described by Vieillot...
  21. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    The real type species of Pomarea

    I have a doubt about this sentence from Andersen & al (2014, phylogeny of Monarchidae) : According to them, the type species is one of the species mentioned above. But this source says that Muscicapa nigra Sparrman, 1786 (= Pomarea nigra) is the type species (which is embedded in the...
  22. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Chaco Nothura

    Taxonomic status of Paraguay’s only endemic bird, the Chaco Nothura Nothura chacoensis (Aves: Tinamidae) FLOYD E. HAYES, OSCAR RODRÍGUEZ, ERIKA R. THALMAN, EMILY A. CASTELLANOS, JOHN STERLING Abstract The Chaco Nothura Nothura chacoensis Conover is endemic to the Chaco of western Paraguay...
  23. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    Physeta vs Herpetotheres

    Sorry for this useless thread but I can't find the original falconid topic I need some clarification please In his analyse, Vieillot (1816) introduced the name Physeta with Falco sufflator Gmelin as type species. The next year, here he created the genus Herpetotheres for Falco cachinnans...
  24. Jim LeNomenclatoriste

    New genus and species of Gymnophthalmidae

    Hi everybody Recently, Zootaxa published an article on a possible new genus of family Gymnophthalmidae.Does anyone have more info about this discovery, please?Thanks!