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  1. Bryon Wright

    Bad adaptor?

    Hi all, is this possibly the worse adaptor to buy? Cannot download picture!
  2. Bryon Wright

    external microphone

    Hi all, has anybody successfully used an external mike on a smartphone? Also has anybody enjoyed recording sounds on a Nokia 1020?
  3. Bryon Wright

    Owl feather, Sydney.

    Hi all, would be grateful if somebody with the new book on owl- feathers can confirm this as powerful owl and perhaps number the primary feather.
  4. Bryon Wright

    Cuckoo id. needed.

    Hi all, can anyone confirm this poor recording, as that of Sunda Cuckoo, lepidus? The energetic delivery of the song might initially sound uncharacteristic.
  5. Bryon Wright

    Flower id

    Hi all, could some kind person put a name to these flowers, they could be feral! North Lincs, UK.
  6. Bryon Wright

    Binocular id

    Hi can any expert date a pair of Hertel and Reuss, 8x50, binoculars?
  7. Bryon Wright

    orchid id

    Hi can anyone id this Lincolnshire orchid.
  8. Bryon Wright

    snail lincolnshire

    Hi. Can anyone ID this?
  9. Bryon Wright


    Hi all can anyone identify this flower in Lincolnshire?
  10. Bryon Wright

    Hairy-nosed Otter

    Hi everybody, Noticed a recent web picture of this species as a road casualty. Burton and Pearson (1987) state, this otter is still widespread and abundant over most of its range. Thought this species was considered nearly extinct up until recently. Has anybody else ever seen them in Borneo?
  11. Bryon Wright


    This clever idea deserves supporting. Just bought Lack's, Ecological Isolation, Thorpe's, Bird Song and the Burton\ Pearson, Rare Mammals, for a penny each plus a small handling charge. Noticed some cheap Poyser and NN for sale for a few pounds. No catch here and a brilliant idea. If they...
  12. Bryon Wright

    Slipper orchid Id.

    Have tried this one before without success. Is it possible that this is a commercial breeder's escape with no specific identity? Anything is possible in the highlands of Malaysia. May have have casually observed similar to these in Sichuan.
  13. Bryon Wright

    Slipper orchid, montane Malaysia.

    Hi, in the highlands of the Peninsula it is difficult to ascertain the dividing line between escaped plants and indigenous plants. Does anybody recognize this orchid?
  14. Bryon Wright

    Queensland, curlew.

    Hi, think this is just an exceptionally long-billed curlew. Wonder what others think.
  15. Bryon Wright

    Marsh Orchid, UK.

    Hi, can anyone confirm this as a Marsh Orchid?
  16. Bryon Wright

    Montane orchid, Malaysia.

    Hi can anyone say anything about this supposedly rare orchid?
  17. Bryon Wright

    Rainforest, Malaysia.

    Hi, can anybody name this?
  18. Bryon Wright

    Eyebrowed Thrush, Malaysia.

    Hi, anybody willing to try and age and sex this thrush. Looks like an adult male but perhaps it could be a first winter.
  19. Bryon Wright

    Hawkmoth, Malaysia.

    Hi, can anyone identify this moth, thanks?
  20. Bryon Wright

    Tawny Owl, May UK.

    Hi, an unfortunate road casualty. Wonder if anybody can age and sex this Tawny Owl. Enclose a Tunnicliffe, female owl for comparison. Being a scientific illustrator, he used a silver pendant on a chain to sex his birds prior to making a measured drawing. The two types of chain swing sexed the...
  21. Bryon Wright

    Orchid id

    Hi, wonder if an expert can confirm this is a late flowering , early purple orchis and not an hybrid. It is difficult for the average person to grow or transplant wild orchids, so how common is it for these orchids to spontaneously sprout from the compost in pots? Also what is the mechanism...
  22. Bryon Wright

    Flower id

    Hi, this flower seems to grow feral from Doncaster to Queensland? Is it a semi domesticated escape?
  23. Bryon Wright

    insect Penang.

    Hi, is it possible to give a full species name for this insect hovering over passion flowers?
  24. Bryon Wright

    flowering tree, Singapore.

    Hi, does anybody know if this a feral or a truly wild tree. Girls seem to use the flowers for cosmetics.
  25. Bryon Wright

    hawk moth , Malaysian submontane?

    Hi, does anybody have a scientific name?